Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I moved and hopefully everything will get back to normal

I had to get out of the house I was living in as everything went wrong. The furnace when kapoot, the roof sprung a major leak and the water main broke. Shit happens I suppose. I finally (just an hour or so ago) got my internet back so I will be uploading some new stuff very soon. For the folks who ordered albums from me, I apologize for the delay and will get them all mailed out as soon as I can (next few days) and thanks for your patience. A few have already been mailed.

Here's a couple leftovers from that megapost I made a few weeks ago that I forgot to post.

TRAIN - Costumed Cuties (U.S. hard psych from 1970)


WICKED LADY - Blow Your Mind (amazing hard stuff circa '72)


MOre coming soon, and thanks to all who are still checking the site out after such a lengthy delay.