Friday, July 28, 2006

Some amazing facts........

I promise not to go off this time. I just saw on TV that BP and Exxon are both making profits of over a thousand dollars a SECOND each on the news this morning. Can you imagine that kind of money? I Can't. Can't even dream about it.

The RIAA affiliates stand to make over 4 billion dollars profit this year, barring another castatrophy like a slump in the economy. Again, that's profit. Nowhere near the BP and Exxon profits, but not too damn shabby. And that's not including the millions they are making by suing their own customers. Nice coin RIAA, make sure Lars gets that second yacht he so desperately needs.

Well, why the fuck are we getting so uptight over free shit? Why are nice friendly folks just trying to pass on their knowledge of obscure bands you probably would have never heard unless they let you running for cover? Because it's not good enough, right? It has to be perfect so, God forbid we don't have to (warning, dirty word to follow) BUY this stuff right? Couldn't we tape damn near perfect copies off our favorite radio stations? Oops, I forgot. Clear channel with the tightest playlists in the world control most of what you hear on the airwaves. If it ain't P Diddy (or whatever he's calling himself this hour), Madonna, that grey haired goof from American Idol or the latest boy band forget it, you don't need to hear it. So that's not the whole answer is it?

And here we have netterrorists who think they are helping the RIAA to get rid of bad people. Actually all they are doing is closing the gap once again, to the way it was before the internet. Hey, if you didn't hear it on WWTF then you didn't know it existed right? Unless you knew a cool record store guy or had a cool college station that played whatever they wanted too (lots of times they played albums all the way through SHOCK!!!! HORROR!!!!) .

Yes, there are blogs out there that love to pop the latest albums up before you can get them anywhere else. But if a person likes the album, chances are they are gonna go buy the "real thing" as soon as it comes out. If the person doesn't, what has the artist lost? Nothing because the sale wasn't going to be made anyway.

Oh, but they have listening posts at Wal-Mart to let you hear it before you buy it. But no one can make a good informed choice by that. I think the biggest scam is NOT to let you hear it a few times before you buy it. Would you buy a car without a test drive. Bad comparison, I know, but I'm pissed right now so let it go. Know what I think? The powers that be are afraid to let you hear there crappy product. Ford probably cringed when folks test drove their Pinto's too.

I am getting way off the topic that I wanted to discuss here. Blogs are being torn down over silliness right now and either it has to stop or blogowners are gonna say the hell with it and give up. Wanna see what I'm talking about, look in my comments two posts before this one. I don't give a shit and I know it's part of the game, but it's getting worse than that. Innocent people who just want to turn you on to some real good music are packing it in and saying "Fuck it, I don't need this bullshit". Quit biting the hand that shares with you before it's too late.

There have been some heavy casualties in this war, R.I.P. Chris Goes Rock, Mondo Daddykin, Groovy Fab blog and Forum, Spychedelic, and others. Who's next?

We need to get together as a team and fight this bullshit. Hey then maybe as a team we can take on Exxon and BP and the RIAA and Clear Channel and every other fucking multi-national conglomerate that is fucking up this piss-poor excuse for a world right now.

Hope this means something.........................

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Frijid Pink's first 2 plus a couple more

A few more albums for you all. I'm really tired tonight so I won't bore you with my usual blather about them. Suffice it to say, I think they are good or I wouldn't have ripped them. I have more coming either tomorrow or Friday.

Frijid Pink - same (1st LP) 1970. This is the Repertoire CD reissue with 2 bonus tracks.

Frijid Pink - Defrosted. The 2nd LP. CD reissue as above with 4 bonus tracks.

By request, here is the Grass Roots Greatest Hits Vol.1. I bought this CD for a buck because I love the song Temptation Eyes and it turned out I liked several others too.

I actually had this ripped and uploaded for the last update, but I forgot to put it up here. Great album by the Electric Prunes called Underground. It is not the Collector's Choice version. That was the best looking cover I could find.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Here's some more stuff for ya!

Was kind of bored today so I decided to upload a bunch stuff and stick it up here for everyone's listening pleasure. Enjoy. All but Alrune Rod and Atomic Rooster are ripped from vinyl, but most are taken from extremely clean albums and sound great. All ripped at 256 except Circus Maximus ripped at 320.

Fever Tree - Another Time Another Place. Californian hard rock/psych released on the Uni label. Some great somes here, Fever, Death Is The Dancer and I've Never Seen Evergreen spring to mind as favorites.

Sweet first album from Jerry Jeff Walker and his 60's psych band Circus Maximus. Nice stinging fuzz guitar on some cuts and others are more laid back and introspective. Good stuff on both ends of the spectrum, but my fave cut is the closer, Wind, a mellow cut, but yet has lots going on in the grooves. Nice vocal dynamics on the track People's Games. Released in '67 on the Vanguard label, which released a lot of great psych between '67 and '70.

Found this in a thrift store a year or so ago and was pleasantly surprised. Released in 1970 on the Liberty label, it is a trippy LP, folky at times, and hard at times, with a 16 year old vocalist named Lydia Miller who is almost a dead ringer for Janis Joplin in the song Understand (which she also wrote). She does other styles here too. Some songs on this album also features male-female counterpont vocals along with long instrumental passages. Stoned Cowboy is a great song also. Whatever happened to these guys? Highly talented band that disappeared after this one slab o' wax.

Great prog from these guys who need no introduction to anyone who is a fan of hard prog. This is ripped from the out of print One Way CD, and is their 1972 LP Made in England. Fantastic album. Not really a bad track in the bunch from this great band led by keyboard wiz Vincent Crane.

I saw a live album from 1974 by Alrune Rod on another blog and decided to stick the debut LP from 1969 up here for those who liked it. Interesting stuff from these Norweigan proggers. I had mistakenly called them Italian progressive and a reader pointed out my error.

Couldn't find a picture of this one, but it's some decent sunshine pop/psych from Procession. Released in 1969 on the Smash label. A spotty LP but worth it for the opener You-Me, Take Time and Mind Magician, but some of the tracks get uncomfortably close to lounge on this often too laid back album. Nice one for a lazy Sunday afternoon, I guess.

Friday, July 14, 2006

More vinyl rips (except one)

Barclay James Harvest and Other Short Stories from 1972. Yes it is short for a prog album. In my opinion a spottier album as a whole but some really good individual tracks, such as Someone That You Know and After the Day which are my faves (Blue John's Blues is no slouch either). This
one was ripped from vinyl and was another of my early rips so forgive me.

Bethlehem Asylum's Commit Yourself from 1971. The following are my personal notes I made as I ripped this from vinyl a few years back----Cool jazzy prog on Child of the Mountain and Sea Rider, some other tracks are folky. The album gets a bit Zappaesque on a few tracks especially the last 3. Not essential, but worthy.

Sorry couldn't find the cover anywhere, but BA have a decent website that you can access (still no covers, but some cool info). The website address on the photo.

Ripped from vinyl.

Kim Mitchell pretty much was Max Webster. This is a great solo album I got on a trip to Toronto back in '99. Good rockin' stuff ripped from CD.

Jade Warrior's Released from 1971. Another in a long line of great Vertigo albums. This album has in all in my opinion, quiet parts, loud rockin' jams, folky stuff, Eyes of Blue has fantastic ripping guitarwork, Minnamota's Dream sounds like a power trio type jam. Really only one sour spot with me, and that is the extended piece Barazinbar, which the rhythm sounds like a ripoff of Traffic's Glad, and it drones on and on and on and on. Other than that a masterpiece. Sadly ripped from worse for wear vinyl, but it was the best I could find.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Rest in Peace Syd

Syd Barrett passed on at 60 Friday the 7th of July. Today the news is spreading over the waves that are the internet. It's a very sad day for me, but I can't help but feel Syd left a long time ago. I have a lot of great memories of times shared with Syd, although he wasn't really with me, I felt his spirit was beside me, somehow, laughing at my foolish bahavior or toasting me when something went my way. Syd has long been a hero of mine, not for all the right reasons, but that hardly matters now, as he and I both wised up later(and some might say after it was too late for both of us).

Syd epitomised the 60's London psych scene to me, with his never ending paisley shirts, his knowing smirk that said, "I know more than you ever will", a silly kid grin, childlike yet wise beyond his years, all at the same time.

I was just a kid when Syd was in his twilight, but I still feel I travelled a bit with him, on voyages that neither of us knew the true destination, but neither cared as getting there was all the fun. I never met Syd, but felt I knew him and often wished that he could have known me. We would have had a few laughs, I imagine, as we were often on the same wavelength.

Shine on you crazy diamond.

A few months ago I posted a song. A single song that I felt summed up Syd's innocence and his talent all at the same time. It is from his Opel album, an album of leftovers that was released in the late seventies, and so as my tribute to the truths he spoke and sang, I put the link here again. It is the perfect summation of Syd, and one of my favorite gifts from him. Thanks, Syd, wherever you are!

Friday, July 07, 2006

Thee Image and Greenslade

After Blues Image, Iron Butterfly and short stints in other bands Mike Pinera formed Thee Image with Duane Hitchings (ex-Cactus) and Donny Vosburgh. It too was short lived with two albums coming within 9 months of each other in 1975 on the prog heavy Manticore label and then, poof, they were gone. Nice melodic (proggy at times) pop songs with Pinera's usual penchant for the dreamy etherial flower power type lyrics. A power trio they weren't, but, nice music to get you through a dark stormy night. Image for the great cover of the 1st album was supplied by 6070blogspot. Thanks!!! Nice big pics of the almost amateurish second album cover to make up for it.

 (1st, ripped at 320k from vinyl) (last, ripped as above)

Greenslade' s 1st (from 1973) is a progfest from the start, with Feathered Friends leaping out of the gates on a great note. I listened to about half of this album before I realised there were no guitars on it. The band were a UK prog supergroup of sorts with Dave Greenslade (keyboards) and Tony Reeves (bass) coming from Colosseum, Andrew McCulloch(drums) coming from Fields (also an alumni of King Crimson and Manfred Mann), and Dave Lawson (the mighty vocalist), coming from Episode Six. The line up doesn't change much for 1975's Time/Tide, but the one new member does change the sound a bit. Tony Reeves was replaced by Martin Briley and the bass sounds are much different (Reeves played the snakey overdriven sound like Chris Squire of Yes, Briley has more of a contemporary style, less fuzzy, but still plays a dominant part of the overall sound)

The songs on Time/Tide have more of an accesible pop influence on some but not all of the tracks. In case you don't have it, I also have their Bedside Manners Are Extra LP posted somewhere in the archives.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Everybody knows Bill. Drummer for Yes on (arguably) their most popular LP, Fragile, drummer for King Crimson, drummer for lots of others too. And solo star? Not really, but he has made a few. And some are better than others. This one is Feels Good To Me from 1978. It felt good to put this up here so if it feels good to download it, go ahead and then decide it feels good for you to listen to. Let me know, okay? Ripped at 320kbps.

This is an album I've had for years, by Morgan Fisher, called Nova Solis. It was released in 1972 and is quite an interesting little LP. Keyboard heavy prog with space rock leanings. My copy was an Italian import, and while pretty much beat to shit, doesn't sound too bad.

This is D. Beaver's 1973 Combinations. Not really a prog album, but there are some proggy moments here and there. I'd call it pop prog for lack of a better term. It reminds of Todd Rundgren in places, a bit like the Babys in spots. It has some very nice vocal harmonies and great hummable songs. Best thing about it: got it at a thrift store for a whopping quarter. And for me that makes it even better. Seriously though, if you like obscure 70's rock, give this a try, it's really good stuff

Lots more coming. Soon. Very soon.

Happy 4th of July

Feelin' bluesy today, don't have the blues, just wanted to listen to them. These blues are of the hardrock/blues (and in the case of Split, there is a hint of psych in them thar grooves). These are the Groundhogs 1971 and 1972 LPs Split and Hogwash, two of my favorites from them.

And here is the first Horslips LP by request, Happy To Meet, Sorry To Part. This is my 2nd favorite album by the 'lips, the first being The Tain, but since I saw that posted somewhere (don't ask me where, I have the memory of something that has no memory). This one was ripped from LP, and for some reason, my splitter keeps having faults, probably because I am overhauling the harddrive on this computer right now. So it's one file and the song titles are as follows: 1.Happy To Meet 2.Hall of Mirrors 3.the Clergy's Lamentation 4.An Bratack Ban 5.The Shamrock Shore 6.Flower Among Them All 7.Bim Istigh Agol 8.Furniture 9.Ace & Deuce 10.Dance To Yer Daddy 11.High Reel 12.Scalloway Ripoff 13.the Musical Priest 14.Sorry To Part


And as promised some Carmen Maki & Oz sent by Bruce:

Best of:

2nd LP (pictured below) :


Just a note. now updated with that Prunes set and a nice 2005 Stones show from a friend.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Iron Butterfly

Here's an Iron Butterfly thang I got in a tape trade years ago that is kind of interesting, it's called Promos & Rarities. I debated over which blog I should put this on, since it is a bootleg of sorts, but since it's studio stuff, I decided on this one.

This is a pretty cool item, of varying sound quality, that includes radio interviews, the rare Ban commercial, unreleased tracks and other stuff.