Monday, January 29, 2007

All the rest are at the other place.......

All the rest of Tor-Erik's links are now posted over at the

There is plenty to keep you busy over there, but as promised and delayed twice now, I will get to work on the requests.

It may be tomorrow or Wednesday until I get them up, downloading all this cool stuff has taken some time. But todays stuff include most if not all of the Babys LPs, most if not all of the Santers LPs, lotsa NWOBHM, and more more more.

I am also trying to figure out a way to post some items I need to sale, but I haven't come up with a way yet. I just want to sell them cheap because I am going to be moving soon (next month or two) and due to my back problems I no longer want to lug all this stuff around, and also I don't want to deal with ebay, gemm or musicstack. Does anyone have any ideas on what I could do? If you do by all means email me or leave a comment. I will need to use the paypal payment system (God help me) to do it (it's my mother's account--same one the donations are going to) so any help would be most appreciated.

I have to work the next 4 days so although I will be checking in and getting the requests done. My posts will be thin until the weekend.

And although I did so over at the other blog and several times in emails, I again thank Tor-Erik for going above and beyond with the amazing array of tuneage he has sent my (and your) way.


Saturday, January 27, 2007

Ready for more?

How fun it is to have a dilema such as this. Which blog to post what on, with somewhere around 75 albums to go roughly. Well, here is a small selection for here, with a ton going over at live and otherwise tonight too. These are more of the Tor-Erik collection and some really amazing stuff to boot as well as surprises.

But first, if you have time do a friend of the blog a favor, and go to the Rockdoctor's blog
and see if you can't tell us what the name of this song is. It's been driving a friend crazy for years. It sounds really familiar but no one so far can place it.

And away we go (and STILL more to come!!):

Here's Trigger's lone LP from 1978. Good album oriented rock with some proggy touches.

And here is a really good one, Trevor Rabin's Wolf LP from the early 80's. He was a member of Yes for a while and is a brilliant guitarist.

And here's another great AOR record. This is the self titled LP from Treasure.

The first of two LPs from Balance. Great stuff . Proggy rock that is worth checking out. Members included Peppy Castro from the Blues Magoos and Bob Kulick from any number of bands mainly Kiss briefly (as was his brother Bruce for a number of years) and Alice Cooper's band.

And two from Widowmaker (UK). Highly recommended stuff from these guys.

Widowmaker (UK) - Widowmaker

Too Late To Cry

And last for now, but not least, two very good albums from late 70's band Trillion. Their self titled debut and the 2nd and I think final LP Clear Approach. I've had both of these in the past and can say they are both excellent. The 2nd is my fave of the two. Sorry could not find covers for these!

Trillion - 1st.

Trillion - Clear Approach

And I want to thank everyone for clicking those ads over at the other blog. As always the family and I appreciate it very much. And within the next half hour or so you will find a bunch of April Wine, Dan Reed and much much more there. And up next (tomorrow) even more from Tor-Erik, and I will attempt to get those requests taken care of as much as is possible.

Friday, January 26, 2007

More stuff from Tor Erik

This guy sounds like Daryl Hall. I'm ashamed to admit, I've never heard his stuff before but I have now and I'm glad I have. Not bad at all if you like post 80's Hall & Oates. Zappacosta's Quick...Don't Ask Any Questions.

After Ian Hunter and Mick Ralphs left "the Hoople" Mott continued on with 2 more albums of decent hard rock. Nobody seemed to care but these are definetly worth a listen. The albums Drive On from '75 and Shouting and Pointing from '76.

Shouting and Pointing

Drive On--

Here's the cover for Drive On.

I believe I have these ladies to thank for my first adolescent fantasies. The ultimate bad girls, the Runaways. This is their first from 1976. Most everyone knows this already but Joan Jett and Lita Ford both started out in this band. Not everyone knows that Vicki Blue, a later member of the band shot a great documentary about the band called "Edgeplay" that has been released on video and is a must see if you are even remotely interested in these lovely ladies.

Here's the cover featuring Cherie Currie, an early point of contention in the band as the other members were none too happy about being left out. I think it's a great cover myself.

And for the southern rock fans, this is a very underated band that should have been huge. Raging Slab were around for around 10 years, first with an indie punk label (Buy Our Records), then they moved to RCA where they released this self titled LP in 1990, then moved to Rick Rubin's Def American label where they scored a minor hit with "Take A Hold" from their first Def American LP, and recorded at least two others before riding off into that sunset we call oblivion. Where are these guys (and girl) now? If you like hard southern boogie, you can't do much better than this one! Check out "Joyride". Excellent song, and that pretty little filly on the cover is responsible for that rippin' slide guitar heard throughout this raging slab of an album.

And here's a band that started out more in a progressive vein but as the 70's wore on found AOR to be more to their liking. America didn't seem to care at all until they released a little dittie called My Girl in 1981 that was a brilliant slice of classic power pop. After that they disappeared here in the states, but remained big in Canada. This is the best of their stuff according to the cover, but there were some glaring omissions although "My Girl" and several other good power pop/AOR goodies can be found on this one.

Here's a few more that don't have covers (but there are more with covers to come later):

Desmond Child & Rouge - 1st. 1978.

I have a big problem with this guy. He ruined many great bands with his sappy cliched songs, Aerosmith for one, but this album was an early attempt at stardom on his own. It shows a lot of the reasons he failed, but also brings back memories as he made early videos for some of these songs that were shown on Midnight Special and Don Kirshner's Rock Concert and those songs are like visits to time long gone that I wish would return. Some folks say he is an AOR god. I beg to differ.

Toronto - Girls Night Out
Toronto and Holly Woods - Assault and Flattery

Canadian hard rock with a pop bend to it. Had a very minor rock radio hit with "Your Dady Don't Know" in the early 80's. If you like Spider (the South African transplanted to US band, not the UK NWOBHM band) or Pat Benetar's harder stuff, try this. If Lee Aaron's more your cup--check the Live and Otherwise blog later. Assault & Flattery Girls Night Out

Pandora's Box - The Original Sin (Jim Steinman).

Great early AOR from the Meat Loaf / Bonnie Tyler (oh God!!!!!) collaborator.

King's X - Acoustic Groove - Live Westwood One 1991

A highly underated band, and one that has never released a bad album, but has never gotten much recognition for all of the good ones. The one that did attract a bit of attention for the band, Faith Hope and Love (1990) was the least satisfying of all as they briefly adapted a Lenny Kravitz style and all but forgot their smoking hard rock/metal and boogie-funk fests. They retified that on the albums that followed and were rewarded with an undeserved return to obscurity to all but those of us who knew. The guitarist, Ty Tabor has released several good solo LPs and Doug Pinnick, bassist and vocalist, has guested with several groups in the studio and on tours. Those in the know about these guys rave on endlessly (like myself!!). Here's a short set from the acoustic groove radio show released during their brief stint of radio popularity in early '91.

More to come including damn near the whole Micael Des Barres catalog, including Silverhead, Detective; Several Blackfoot albums; every album released by the Babys and much more.

And I will begin working on all those requests as early as tomorrow (but probably Sunday).

A 'megaupload" from a new Viking friend!!!

I got an email from a very nice person asking if I would like to post some files he had uploaded. I said of course, I always welcome contributions to the blog and to my surprise he responded with a ton of great stuff!!! Some of It will be posted both here and some at live and otherwise as there is a lot of NWOBHM and other metal, along with some great obscure AOR and stuff from his homeland that I am unfamiliar with (but soon will be!!). There are some I have posted before but since mine have all probably disaapeared due to being on I am reposting them. Here is the first batch of goodies and there will be more added later tonight both here and over at the other blog. Thanks Tor-Erik for a great bunch of music!!

This is one I had posted a long time ago and is a great live show from the Godz. This is the late 70's Godz not the ESP avant garde psych band from the 60's. As I said with my upload, this has the majority of the self titled album (posted below) but the live feel of the songs is looser and in a way more satisfying than the studio versions.

Here is Randy Jackson's China Rain's great Bed of Nails LP. Randy was the lead singer/guitarist of Zebra a great proggy hard rock band that I have posted at least one album from in the past. If you like Zebra, give this a shot, it's very similar and very good stuff!!

And another I had posted before, this is the great Too Wild To Tame from the Boyzz, my copy was a vinyl rip and this one is much better. Produced by Sandy Pearlman who produced Blue Oyster Cult and the Clash among others, this is great hard biker rock.

Here as mentioned above is the self titled 1978 LP by the Godz, just good ol midwestern hard rock.

Believe me this is just the beginning of a bunch of stuff. The tip of the iceberg so to speak. So check back often both here and the other blog and you will be pleasantly surprised at some of the great albums that will be popping up.

And click those ads over at live and otherwise dammit, I'm friggin' broke!!! I don't get paid for three more weeks---ouch!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Well it's about time huh??????

It's time for some Raw Material. These are the two studio albums released in 1970 and 1971 by request. Vintage prog and quite good. Time Is to my ears is the better of the two but both offer many delights to all ears who love great early progressive rock.

Found this gif to the left on a site, and decided to put it up here. The pic of the guy playing the flute is the cover I'm familiar with. There are other cover pics in the rars for both LPs. 1st

And here's a tiny cover for Time Is. The rar file has better ones. Time Is

And more prog from Popul Vuh (or Popul Ace as the congregation called itself as an offshoot---there's a story to go with that, but I don't wanna go into it), this one is from '75 and is called Stolen From Time. It was stolen from P2P a long time ago. Interesting if sometimes new agey stuff, I call it good background music, but then isn't all music just a background for the soundtrack of life?

And for some heavier fare, here is one of my favorite early Scorpions LP, with the stratocaster master Uli Jon Roth. He is a definite disciple of Hendrix and if you like 70s hard rock give this a shot, this is nothing like the Scorpions of the 80's. The slower songs even give off an air of progressive rock at times and the heavy ones, although they sound slightly dated now due to Roth's Hendrixisms (I'm filing for a copyright on that word) are truly original in execution. I figure Scorpions were kind of on their own plane at this time, not really having a lot of blueprints to follow. At first listen some of these songs may sound a bit out of tune but they really grow on you with repeated listening and they develop quite well.

And yeah, I know I said I was going to start putting stuff like this over at the other blog, it just seemed to fit better here. This is most popular album from the Ozark Mountain Daredevils from 1974, It'll Shine When It Shines. It contains both their most well known song "Jackie Blue" which was a hit in early '75 and my personal favorite E.E. Lawson which upon first listen, seems like a novelty song due to the wannabe Jim Dandy style vocal delivery, but stands up to repeated lsitenings well. The album shows the two facets of the band well, their rocking soulful side which earned them most of their popularity, and their stone (or stoned)
country side which I felt was more honest, at least they sound more comfortable with it. Good stuff by request from long ago.

Back with more soon. And if you have requests I still haven't gotten to yet, please either leave me a comment or email me again, my son accidentally deleted my list. And new ones are welcome too!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Happy birthday to me...........................

Well as the old clock hits midnight I turn the dreaded (for me) age of 40. And I also start a new job tomorrow. It's gonna be a real interesting day. I have to train for three days and I've got the rest of the week off to forget all I learn, so I will probably have time to do a little better post later this week. But on the upside I sit here doing what I like to do, working on my blog. That makes me happy. So away we go..........

First one for today was a problem. I got it from a guy I trade with and it was listed as the self titled LP by a band called Outside Looking In. I couldn't place it, but I couldn't find any info on a band called "Outside Looking In". I found a few close matches, but nothing. And with the help of some of the fine folks that come here I found out it was actually this one. What's really embarassing is I've had the damn album for years. See why I don't wanna be 40, if my memory is this bad now, what the hell is gonna happen in ten years? Twenty? Ahhhhhhhhhh!!! I don't even wanna think about it. But anyways here is the Tangerine Zoo's 1968 LP Outside Looking In. God help me!

Here's the fairly obscure LP by White Witch's frontman, Ron Goedert called Breaking All the Rules. Pretty good stuff but a bit different that the stuff he did with the Witch. Of course the times had changed from the early 70's, production values had improved drastically so quite possibly this could be what an updated version of WW would sound like, who knows. But by all means if you liked the White Witch stuff this a least deserves a listen .

And from the request line from a while back here's Q65's great psych LP from 1968 entitled Afghanistan. This is the reissue with bonus tracks. They call this Nederbeat I hear. In any case, good Dutch psych.

And finally for tonight, Terry Reid's 1973 LP River. David Lindley (Kaliedoscope US, Jackson Browne & solo) adds some great instrumentation to this album on 5 of the 7 tracks, but my favorites on this one are the two more introspective cuts with Reid and his guitar that close the album.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

A repost and a favorite

Here is the Nutz album, from I believe 1977. I posted it before but it was a vinyl rip and if memory serves correct (a 50/50 proposition at best) it was just the sides of the albums without splits. Well here I did all the work and split the tracks and reuploaded it for your enjoyment and by request. Kit has posted some post-Nutz in this blog previously also.

And as I have been slacking off on my personal favorites for a while, I was listening to this today and said, ah what the hell, I'll stick it up. This album is sort of a transitional one for Clinton & crew. He hasn't gone full on funk yet, there is still plenty of the psychy hard rock of old, and plenty of rockin' jams. Killer riffs abound from Eddie Hazel and the album is just loaded with killer hooks that drag you in. Every time I listen to Standing on the Verge of Getting It On, I walk around half the day singing and humming the songs, and the death threats for doing so don't even affect me. My personal favorite track is the pseudo-novelty song "Jimmy's Got a Little Bit of Bitch In Him" and in a way it's typical of what is so great about this album. The Eddie Hazel wah-wahed out riff, the humor, and the unstoppable groove that wavers betweeen what was and what was to come from this excellent band. Magnificent!!!

Now walk, don't run over to and grab a great slab of MC5 demos and a Peel sessions from 1974 featuring Brian Eno and the Winkies.And give those ads a click or two.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Another request and the lowdown on the "other blog"

From 1974 here's Caravan's LP Caravan & the New Symphonia. I forget who requested this, but I know who sent it to me, and to the that person who wishes to remain anon, thank you!!

Good stuff from the 'van!!

Covers and info in the rar too!

As is getting to be normal practice, I forgot the last track in the rar. Don't be mad at me, just grab it below.

And now, before the last post of NWOBHM (keep reading) you'll ever see here, a tiny anouncement
as to some big changes over at the live and otherwise. My witty quip has been I knew I stuck that otherwise there for a reason, and it just took awaile to find the reason.

I have decided to use as a more varied blog to cover styles other than the prog and psych which I intend to keep serving up here. As a result any live psych and prog will now be found here and any other genres of live will still be at the live and otherwise blog, along with all metal, NWOBHM and otherwise and anything I feel like putting over there. And Bigfoot Kit has graciously accepted an invitation to become a co-admin over there and all future NWOBHM and everything else (including more live stuff as it gets ripped) will be there.

And now I give you "the final TIme Traveller NWOBHM post" from Bigfoot Kit.

ALVERNA GUNN Demo (1982) (3 Tracks) NWOBHM @ 224kbps

HANDSOME BEASTS - BBC Session (1981) (4 Tracks) NWOBHM @ 192kbps


Various : Undressed - An Unmasked Tribute To KISS (2003) @ 192kbps

From now on there will be plenty of these over at the Live and Otherwise blog so please check it out there!!

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Some good prog and blues for your Monday cruise

For you lucky stiffs who get to rise up early and hit the road, here's some progressive gems and one blues wailer for those of you who wish you didn't have too. And for those who prefer theirs a bit stronger some more NWOBHM from Bigfoot Kit to blow out your speakers with! I'm trying a different style layout today to see if blogger will behave any better than it has been lately so for today at least, the tiny blurbs I compose will be showing up under the pics instead of beside them (or at least I think. Guess we'll all see when I hit that magic publish button.

The Illusion's third LP from 1970, If It's So. By request of course.

And by coincidence, here is the 3rd If LP, also from 1970. Love that cover, music ain't bad either.

And this isn't by request, but it's a favorite of mine, and probably could become a favorite of yours too if you give it a chance. It's Beyond Expression by the group Finch. This Finch is Dutch, I also know of a Finch from Aussieland and another from the UK. These gentlemen deliver some excellent instrumentals (not a word on this one!!) that will dazzle and amaze you. Twists and turns abound and just when you think you know where they are going, they hit you with a change up and go in a different direction. Side one of this 197g LP is taken up by one track, and it's 20 minutes long and still never ceases to amaze me. Especially the guitarist, Joop. He sounds kind of like an Akkerman discipile and he can absolutely tear it up when given a chance to strech out as he is in this song. Really when you think about not too many guys were playing mind baffling runs like these in year of '76. Not that the rest of the band are slouches on their respective instruments but he is a highlight for me. At times this is gonna remind you of that Yes/Gentle Giant style of prog, but they never settle into one mold for very long and constantly pull an original move out of it. Give this a shot, disappointment will not be a result.

And here's that blues LP I mentioned above. I got 2 or 3 requests for these guys, two for this one specifically (I'll try to dig out more when time arises). This is about as real as the blues gets, no psych excusions like the Groundhogs or even the Mac, no boogie and hard rock stuff like Savoy Brown. These guys play it straight and play it well, and Rod Piazza wanted it that way. Recommended for the blues harp that would make both Paul Butterfield and Magic Dick, two fine players themselves take notice at one time or another, I think this is some of the blues harp playing available. If you got the blues, Grease this up and play it loud.

And for those of you who prefer something a bit heavier to curtail those Monday morning doldrums. Here's another slew of brillaint obscure NWOBHM for you all from Kit. I turn it over to him.

Le Griff - Fast Bikes EP 1983

If you like this , i've also got their "You're Killing Me" EP and "Breaking Strain" LP, if you're interested!

OXYM - Music Power 7" (1980)

Don't know much about Oxym, except that they were lumped in (rightly ot wrongly) with the occult flavoured NWOBHM bands like Witchfynde, Demon etc.

RAGE - Bootliggers 7" (1981)

Rage were comprised of former members of the band NUTZ, remember them? They were pretty good too. Love this song, it was featured on "Metal For Muthas" when they were still going by the NUTZ monicker, but this is a totally different version.

BLEAK HOUSE - Lions In Winter EP (1982)

The 2nd and final ep from the mighty mighty Bleak House, you'll love this, great songs, great playing, the whole package, they should have been huge!

AGONY BAG - Rabies Is A Killer 7" (1979)

An odd one this, ex-Black Widow members form shock rock act just in time to get lumped in with the NWOBHM! Bizarre!!!

Thanks Kit and see you all soon. Or maybe I should say you'll all see me soon. If you dig any of this stuff and feel like it go over to other my blog and give a click on those ads at the top. Still could use it and and watch for an update of some sort really soon over there. It may surprise you.


Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The first post for 2007!!

Happy new year all!!! Things are looking up here at the old casa de travellero and I hope, no, I'm sure that this is the first of many posts in 2007.

I have been getting so many requests (and that's not a complaint, keep 'em coming) and so many good people have been sending me files I am losing track of it all. But I figure soon things will slow down and I'll get caught up. So today is all requests except for some real cool NWOBHM (I gotta come up with an abbrieviation for that abbrieviation!!) from Bigfoot Kit (and he assures me there is more to come!!). And some folks sent some cool downloads in the comments of last post, so if you haven't checked those out, you may want too!

Sometimes the requests are filled quick, as this one here. The Appletree Theatre's LP Playback. This is a fun trip (literally) that has a bit of the exploito quality, but the songs are a bit on the bubblegum side. But don't let that deter you because there is plenty fuzzed out guitar and far out weirdness to keep it from getting too Fruitgummy. This is a Verve/Forecast release not a Buddah. So you can be assured it rises above the sugar pop the latter was (in)famous for.

Cool poop and definetly worth a lobe knock as Lord Buckley might say.

Here's a great Alex Harvey LP. I would say it's sensational but he wouldn't call his band that until a bit later. I believe this is from '69 and if I'm wrong correct me nicely!!!

Sometimes the requests take a little longer to fill as this from way back in fall of last year, but I had a hell of a time finding it, in fact, it was by accident that I found it at all. It was unlisted on an old disc of programs I had, as I was trying to reload some printer drivers and it happened to be there. I did check this one but I suspect it was downloaded from P2P so if there are any errors I missed (I listened while running around the house doing other stuff) I apologise. But I don't think I did miss anything. So without any further mouthus-runamuckus, here is a fantastic piece of psychedelia called the Human Zoo.

And here are some more great metal EPs from Kit, the Starfighters probably being the most well-known. If you like Bon Scott era AC/DC (because one of the lesser known Young relatives is in this band) it is highly recommended. I am going to dig out the full 1st LP asap and get it posted but I believe this has non-LP stuff so grab it too. The other two are of the obscure variety. As always, thanks Kit!!

SOLDIER - Sheralee 7'' (1982)

STARFIGHTERS - Alley Cat Blues EP (1981)

ZORRO - 'arrods Don't Sell 'em EP (1979)

See ya soon!!!