Sunday, May 27, 2007

Return to the Tune Age

Well, thanks everyone for your understanding and respect (at least most of you anyways) while I went off on a tangent. My apologies for taking so long to get back to the music, but here is some stuff for ya. Not a huge amount of stuff, but some stuff, nonetheless. For starters, here is Stan Webb & Chicken Shack's 1973 LP Unlucky Boy.

And next up the only Nutz LP I haven't yet posted. This is their Live One from '77. Very cool stuff too!

Jim Dandy & the boys are still slogging it out after all these years and here is an album of their's that fell through the cracks. I don't much about it, because most people don't seem to care much about these guys anymore. They can still rock and this album from 2001 that is extrememly hard to find proves it.

And finally a very nice psych LP from 1969. This is the Paper Garden's sole LP, released on the Musicor label which jumped on the psych bandwagon too late to matter (this and Rebbeca & the Sunnybrook Farmers where the extent of it, I believe). But this one is highly sought after and routinely goes for 80 dollars plus. And it's probably worth it too.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Hi again,

I hope I didn't scare everyone away with my previous post. I just felt I should say something about the state of things as I am perceiving them. I am going to get a music post up in the next day or so but I have been so wrapped up in current world events and amazed at how blind so many people seem to be to it or just don't seem to care.

I have decided to continue any posts on subjects not music related on a separate blog so those that seem to happy with the state of the world will not be offended by my remarks.

Eventually, when I gather my thoughts together I will start that blog, so check my profile and it will pop up sometime soon.


Friday, May 18, 2007

One of those "every once in a while" rants......

For those of you who just hang around for the music, I just posted a few new ones so go on below and grab 'em.

I am not gonna go off on deleter assholes or anything like that, I've just been reading a lot stuff the past few days that has gotten me to thinking about the state of the world and the absolute mess we are in.

What terrifies me most is that things are getting worse daily, weekly and monthly and no one seems to want to stop any of it. Where are all the people crying out about the injustices in the world. Have we all become sheep? Why does everyone seem to be willing to let the government take our lives over and not let out a whimper.

Watch the following and see if it doesn't unnerve you a bit. It is a parody of sorts but it is a chilling prediction of things to come. And if you think it can't happen here, listen to the Frank Zappa song with that title or any number of his early Mothers songs and see he was a bit more prophetic than he seemed 15 or 20 years ago.

What scares me is how the world is getting scarfed up at an alarming rate by a few individual companies whose main objective seems to be to rule this world. There used to be laws to keep this sort of thing from happening. Now all of these DMRC and IPPA laws are being legislated as a smoke screen to keep the agencies that should be watchdogging multi-national corporations busy watchdogging internet file sharers and people using pirated software. Don't worry about our country becoming the Fourth Reich, the Social Republic of WalMart, or the Eisner States of America, for Christ sake Johnny is downloading the new Madonna single. Never mind the fact Johnny can't afford that CD because he already works for us for subhuman slave wages, never mind the fact that record companies phased out real singles 15 years because no one was buying the rest of her horrid fucking album, and never mind that he can go to any library in America and "borrow" and rip the damn file in the privacy of his own home. He is on "our" internet and now he must pay dearly. Prison for Christsakes, or a portion of his subhuman slave wage check for the rest of his life here on "our" earth.

Move out the mass murderers, move out the child rapists, move out the terrorists, because we need prison space for internet pirates.

What is next folks? When two or three major companies own 90% of the world who do you think is going to make the decisions? Nobodies like you and me or the 5 major shareholders of WalMart whose combined salaries beat the combined total of everyone who works for them? And don't forget they are the world's biggest employer. What does that tell you? And stop and think as you buy that 4 pack of shit tickets for 79 cents less than the mom and pop store (if you are lucky enough to still have those, if not they were the guys down the street that actually cared to get to know you and your family) that is just a few dollars away from sticking that huge red going out of business sign in their front window, am I somehow partly responsible for killing the dream? Remember when the middle class ruled? Remember when you were a kid and your dad who worked for General Motors made a house payment, a car payment, payed all the other bills and still had enough left over to take you to the ballgame or maybe enough time to hang out and play ball in the front yard because he didn't have to work 3 jobs to survive under the conditions WE have sat back and let happen. Remember when moms could stay home and care for your needs? Could this be a direct cause of why our world has become so impersonal and cold, because mom has to work and cannot nurture the children into loving caring human beings. Why does a house that sold for 10,000 dollars in the 60's now sell for 100,000? Why does a car that sold for 2400 in the 60s now cost 25,000? Does the guy that made 3.00 an hour in the sixties actually make 30.00 an hour now? For the most part I doubt it. But I do know that CEO that made 25,000 a year in the 60s probably makes 2,000,000 (or more) now. Does that tell you anything about why prices are so high? It should. I could go on and on about this, and reasons why everyone should stop this madness and start caring about human beings once more. Start making a differnece in people's lives and quit worrying about weather their paycheck is 3 billion or 4 billion this year. Start paying people a decent wage so that crime and alcoholism rates go down. Stop profiting off the misery of others and start showing some compasion before it's too late. To lift a passage from FZ the prophet again, if there is a hell, it surely waits for these multi death corporations, oil barrons, politicians who cater to big business and not the needs of it's people, slave labor cartels, record companies who profit from their own consumers who can't afford to buy everything they push like dope, and heaven, if it exists will be an empty paradise where the tired and downtrodden have the last laugh. Or maybe what we exist in now is that hell we have to deal with for eternities to come.

All I'm trying to say it, get educated if you aren't already. Dig around, seek the truth. It's out there, you just have to sniff it out. It's buried behind all the yellow smiley faces, it's buried behind the Snow White and Mickey Mouse costumes, it lurks underneath every shining facade "they" can try "their" best to mask it with. Look around and you may be surprised to see that once you find it in the deep recesses "they" try to hide, it's right out there in the open for all to see. You just missed it the first time around. Maybe we all just need to pay more attention.

Here are some places to start: (if you read nothing else read this!!!)

And no I don't agree with all Moore's viewpoints (I am a moderate, and also I think he is a hypocrite to some extent) so as I mentioned above don't let one huge "Corporation" have the last word:

And do your own searches! There is so much information that SHOULD scare and shock you. Even if you are lucky enough to be one of the richest one precent of the world. But of course if you were you probably wouldn't be on a little ol blog like this looking for free stuff would you? But always remeber approximately 90 percent of the world who aren't already considered impoverished are only one paycheck away from being so. And part of the other 10 percent are 2 paychecks away. That scares the living shit outta me.

But I think it's time we wake up and smell the tapioca. I hate coffee.

And I'd love to hear your thoughts on my little rant, weather they are positive or negative.

Thanks in advance, and thanks for reading if you did so.

More Milky Way Revelations

Here's another great Lighthouse LP for you fans of the compilation I posted a few travels ago. This is probably their best album, One Fine Morning from 1971. Nice kick back and enjoy life type stuff here, positive and uplifting, and it just doesn't matter that the world is fucked up, because Lighthouse is on......

Yet another repost by request. Can't remember when I posted it, but it wasn't that long ago, and the reason I posted it then is the same as now. It's just a great psych excursion. Here's the Fredric with Phases and Faces.

Now for some hard prog. Got this not too long ago and was amazed by it. I can't believe this stuff was happening in 1974 (of course in 1974 my mind was being blown by Black Sabbath and Deep Purple and I had no clue about anything that wasn't on the radio, even though radio was much better then........). This is Pinnacle with Cyborg Assassin.
Since the Mops went over fairly well, I decided to post some more mindwrecking Jap-psych. This being Speed Glue & Shinki's 1971 album Eve. When the Japanese decide to take on a trend they either take it to new dimesions or totally warp the hell out of it, and I must say it is never less than intriguing. But this, friends, is fairly astonishing stuff. As Shinki would probably tell you "Pray Rowed" (sorry, had to do it)!!!

Some garage stuff up next, this being an LP I actually had uploaded for that megasuperoverkill post I did last time out, and the cover disappearedso I did the same with the link. Found a new cover so here's the link. This is the 2nd and last Leaves LP from 1967 (or early 8 maybe). The band was falling apart as the album was being constructed so some of the ideas here seem a bit half-baked or ill-constructed. The finished product is basically a mish mash of garage rock-folky type stuff and straight pop (abeit with psychy overtones, it was 1967 as this was being put together). But there are a few diamonds in the rough here and all in all it's not a bad rekkid, and generally a fun trip, especially with the forgiving hindsight of the band's dilema. Reished on One Way back in the mid 90's here in the States, this one is sadly out of print and growing rarer.

Rhino Handmade finally made the Fugs Reprise albums available to the CD market a year or two ago in a pricey boxset (now no longer available, I'm told)that had every note Tuli and crew tooted for the label. Nice for those folks with mucho dinero. For po' folks such as myself, who dig the Fugs, but not enough to go without groceries for week to own their CDs, here is a rip of my favorite (studio) Reprise album, 1968's Belle Of Avenue A. There are two camps of Fugs fans, those who thrive on the early ESP recordings, rough and amateurish minimalist readings, and those who like the more expertly recorded (both musically and technically) later stuff. I fall into the later camp and this one is just a great listen, and while it's not as risque and out of control as the early stuff, the fidelity more than makes up for it. And the band STILL had plenty on their minds.

Continuing with the seemingly popular West Coast psych I've been upping at a rate of about 1 elpee to a post, here is SanFrancisco's Day Blindness. Released in 1969, it is their sole platter, and is another great example of the style of tuneage that was seemingly created on a daily or weekly basis in the warm bay breeze of Frisco round these times. These guys were friends of the Dead and the music has more than a subtle hint of Deadhead vibe throughout, but still manages some originality and good ideas throughout.

That's all for this time out. Enjoy.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Well I kind of went a bit nuts here........

.....I started to do a few requests and ended up going apeshit. So without further adieu, adon't and ahalfassdo, I bring you a megasuperpost that should have something for everybody. So if you like what I put up here please go over to the liveandotherwise blog and show me a bit of like by clicking on a few ads over there. I really could use the dough. Gas is ridiculous these days and I work at a gas station.

First up, since the other Babe Ruth I posted went over fairly well, here is yet another. From 1975 it's Stealin' Home.

And for some prog done German style you could do worse than these guys. Kaputter Hamster's self titled 1973 LP.

Some southern styled hard rock from 1979 is represented here by Two Guns with their lone LP called Balls Out. And Balls Out it is. Good stuff.

Here's some more West Coast pop-sike. From Frisco it's the Serpent Power's lone LP that was released on Vanguard in 1967. Heavy Dead, Airplane, (and especially) Country Joe & the Fish vibe on this one. My faves tend to be the two instrumentals and of course there is the seemingly manditory novelty drug reference song here, thankfully it's only 30 seconds long. This one is surprisingly good, and grows on you with repeated listenings.

Some pre-Sensational Alex Harvey Band hard boogie rock with Zal and the boys . Here's Tear Gas' 1970 LP (I think '69 overseas) Piggy Go Getter. This should be played loud (and often).

A repost by request. If you got this the last time I posted it and dug it, you may want to grab this, it's at 320kbps, but the tracks aren't separated. But it sounds so much better than the old rip I had.

Another request, this time for some (more) pop-sike. This is the Peanut Butter Conspiracy's third LP For Children of All Ages.

Yet another If LP, this one is an unusually long tile for these guys. I guess they got tired of the 1, 2, 3 Chicago style of album titles. And they are quite the comedians when they wanna be. Could that title be any more tongue in cheek?

Some Italian bluesy psych-hard-rock recorded in 1969, but not released til 1990 according to the website which I could only read little bits of. Great rippin' fuzz guitar and an ep length make this a good place to start with these guys. This is Il Balletto di Bronzo - Il Re Del Castillo

Next up is a great one from Creepy John Thomas. Bluesy hard rock from 1970 with Brother Bat Bone. Think maybe I should stop now?

Nah, I'm on a roll here. Yet another request (and sorry about this sorry cover) here is the Dirty Blues Band's 1969 LP Stone Dirt. The music? It's Dirty Blues for God's sake!!

Frijid Pink's were kind of missing in action when they released this 1975 LP, All Pink Inside to little or no fanfare. But it isn't really that far off from their earlier stuff, maybe a bit more mainstream. But still worthy of a little ear time.

Can't forget the folk fans, although this is kinda psych folk. But it does involve Richard and Mimi Farina and is a great listen. From 1969 it's a Message From Birmingham Sunday.

For the hard rock fans out there this the first of a couple I have posted for your enjoyment. This was originally posted at the great 6070rock blog about a year ago and I got a request for it, so I checked and the link was dead, so I took the liberty of reripping it. So here is Hydra's 1975 LP Land of Money.

And the second of of the hard rock, here's one I can't say enough great things about. Either released in 1973 or 1978 originally (the CD says '78) depending on who's site you go to. It definetly sounds more '73 style to me. The rewiews all point to Black Sabbath as the reference point, but I tend to think more along the lines of the first two Blue Oyster Cult albums as this is ominous sounding but not quite heavy or dirgelike enough to really compare with Sabbath. But it's fantastic stuff nonetheless and I love this one and have been playing it endlessly the past few days.

And finally, finally, here is the 1973 LP Substratum from Country Lane. I think Garcola originally had this on 8 Days, but I re-ripped it as a request for somebody.

Look for a post over at the liveandotherwise blog very soon, I've been slacking a bit over there, but Kit has been more than making up for my neglect. Great stuff over there, and click those ads (I know---shut up already about that).