Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Skyhooks & Fargo

I'm postin' 'em as I rip 'em folks. Got this in a thrift store way back in the 80's mixed in with a bunch a progressive albums and I took a chance.

I wasn't overly ecstatic with it, but a guy moved into my apartment complex from Austrailia and told me these guys were gods to many there. So I figured, what the hell, give it another chance. And I did.

Still no sparks flying or anything but as songs started to stick with me and as I payed more attention to the tongue in cheek lyrics, I realised these guys had something!!! I consider this album to be a worthy 70's glam/hard rock album and many of the tunes tucked within have gone onto car-tapes and compilations, especially "the Other Side" and "Horror Movie" which is a hard rocker worthy of Halloween comps.
Check out the lyrics for the songs "You Just Lie Me Coz I'm Good In Bed" and "Smartarse Songwriters". I guarantee at least a smile.

This one isn't gonna knock you off your feet (or out of your chair) unless 70's glam does such things, but it's worthy of at least a few listens.


Here's another. I got this done faster than expected because it is really short. Typical RCA Victor length from around this time (1969) at aproximately 23 minutes.

But this folk-rock duo pack a lot into it. That duo is Dean Wilden and Tony Decker from Salt Lake City, Utah; with added guitar and bass by Rick Cunha and Terry Paul of Hearts & Flowers, one of the first (if not the first) country rock groups. But this short record goes beyond the limitations of folk music with a nice bit of psychedelic flourish, much like Chad & Jeremy's two excursions into that tiny genre (the Ark & Of Cabbages & Kings). In fact this album reminds me a lot of the Cabbages and Kings album with its musical imagery and I would have no problem placing a bet that if you liked that album, this would be very enjoyable also! This copy is ripped from my vinyl at 320k and split into individual tracks. Recommended stuff!!!

http://depositfiles.com/files/350031 or


Hope you enjoy. Should have more tomorrow!!!

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Cross Country's 1973 self titled LP

Cross Country are a bit like Crosby Stills Nash & Young, at least in the tight harmonies and rural folky hippie rock they produce. Nice laid back sip on iced tea and smoke some herb type o' stuff. Every now and then they do give rocking out a shot so it's not all mellow. This was released in 1973 on Atco records and is their only LP. As all the songs kind of run into each other, it is a one track file and is recorded from vinyl (CD was released in Japan but I don't like it 36 dollars worth!!). This is my first attempt with a file host other than rapidshare and the upload took twice as long. Any feedback on the download(s) would help me to decide if this is the way I'll be going. Thanks in advance.


1)Today 2)Just A Thought 3)Cross Country
4)In the Midnight Hour 5)Things With Wings
6)Extended Wings 7)Tastes So Good To Me
8)A Fall Song 9)Choir Boy 10)A Ball Song
11)A Smile Song




Saturday, October 28, 2006

Howdy folks

Cor is working on the E Costello stuff. I got an email earlier. I will add them here when he emails back with them.

I should be back up and posting Tuesday or Wednesday latest.

Just as an FYI all the links PW sent are toast too except the Beck.

As the late great Sinatra would've said "Thaaaaatttttssss liiiiiiife"


And away we go:








Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Maybe if I do this

my blog will reappear. Lets see!!!

Sunday, October 22, 2006


I have done all I am going to do. It's too ridiculous. I have a few more posts to fix over at the live blog and I'm done with this noise. I will have also decided after favorable feedback from the skypilot to switch over to megaupload as soon as possible. If I get enough points to renew either rapidshare account I will do so. I can't promise anything with those accounts except they will be expiring on the 26th so the .de side now deletes after 10 days of no download, which rapidshare.com now says 45 days so I would suggest grabbing the ".de" stuff first if there is anything you still need.

Roger Glover - Butterfly Ball


Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I am really busy right now and unable to wrangle up a post of my own until probably Thursday. But Cor and PW have sent some interesting links I though I would share with everyone.











And from PW

Jeff Beck & His Playboy Band - Crazy Legs (320k)

Bob Dylan - Bootleg Vol.7: No Direction Home Soundtrack




Johnny Cash - Christmas With Johnny Cash


Journey - Generations (2005) 320k



Thursday, October 12, 2006

A mixed bag of goodies for the weekend!!!!

Here's a boatload of various cool stuff. From garage rock to hard rock and everything in-between I think I've got it covered. First off, here's a great one from the NC6. In fact, the only album that is really of the garage genre from these guys as most of their other albums are more sunshine pop/bubblegummy type stuff.


One from vinyl here. This is Kracker's LP La Familia. The one I have has a box cover made to resemble a cigar box. Inside that cigar box is a mixed bag of hard rock, blues rock, latin rock, and good ol rock and roll. There are no bad tracks here at all, I really like this one!!!


Another one from vinyl, and this is one file (no track separation). It's the Weight with their '69 psychy One Man's Queen Is Another Man's Sweathog. Is that an ugly cover or what? Maybe where Jo Jo Gunne got the idea for their Jumpin' the Gunne LP.


I debated on sticking this up here and guess what...... why not? It's the first solo album from Roger Taylor, drummer for Queen, and in my opinion it's better than anything his band was releasing at the time. It's classic rock, maybe with a tinge of new wave, but done tastefully so as not to overpower a decent batch of songs.
Roger wasn't a bad singer! The album opener No Violins and the 50's influenced Let's Get Crazy are recommended.


A great LP from '69!! Keef Hartley Band's Halfbreed.


And for a bit of folky comic relief, here's the Moral Eels Eat the Holy Modal Rounders.


An underrated LP from Joe Cocker. This was released in 1976. Joe was in pretty bad shape around this time, but he shows he still has what it takes in the vocal department.


And last but not least from me, here is Eno's first solo album and also my favorite Here Come the Warm Jets. Baby's On Fire still freaks me out a bit and Robert Fripp's solo on it gives me chills. I've always liked Driving Me Backwards, Blank Frank and the 50's inspired Cindy Tells Me also. The latter kinda reminds me of a Robert Calvert song but the title escapes me.


I hope everyone enjoys all these, and if you do, please find it in your heart to go over to my other blog (www.liveandotherwise.blogspot.com) and give my ads at the top of the page a click or two. La familia and I would really appreciate it. I may even get and update done over there in the next day or so.

And just in case those above aren't something that you want, Cor who is quickly becoming a regular contributor here has sent even more great stuff. Thanks Cor, I really appreciate it!!!











Monday, October 09, 2006

Another Neil, one of my goofy vinyl posts and a good read

Another one from Cor!! This one is so hard to find, and at 320k no less!!! I love this album and as I played "Wonderin'", the great hilarious video (although by todays standards considered amateur at best) that Neil made started playing in my mind. Not typical Neil, but in my opinion very essential Neil. Thanks again Cor!


Also for you folk(s) who poo poo my "shoddy and inferior" (you know who you are!!!) vinyl rips don't download this fairly obscure Standells album from 1981. It was a nice overview of the group done on the mainly local and dance oriented AVI label that went belly-up not too long after this was released. I don't think a Vol.2 was ever released and if it was it's rare as hell. This is called An Anthology of Legendary Recordings Vol.1. (at 320k). It covers not only the garage stuff, but the harder to find psych stuff and the very late classic rockin' stuff.


And finally, to those holier than thou people who say bloggers are killing album sales and causing the artists to lose money here is a very informative article I ran across by accident a few years back and I thought it was a timely piece to give a link to here. If you've already read it pass the link along to a friend. It's a real eye opener. Janis is kind of in the same boat as the majority of the artists I post here and her article shows that artists that haven't had hits in many years need the kind of exposure we (bloggers & p2p) give them. Exposure is one of the best ways to get these bands message to the people.


Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Here's another one I have been promising to post for a while now. This is Coven's LP Witchcraft (Destroys Minds & Reaps Souls) and it proclaims it is the first recorded black mass. Don't know if that's true, one, because I don't keep up on black masses, two, because I think either Anton LeVay or Alister Crowley released an LP of one earlier but I am unsure (see reason one again). This is 9 tracks of medium heavy, sometimes bluesy rock with a singer that sounds like an aggressive Grace Slick. The 10th track is the 13 minute spoken mass. It's a bit spooky but not as intimidating as the cover would lead one to believe. I tried to upload this to rapidshare a one file (I thought they were allowing files over 100meg and I did upload some the other day) but it wouldn't let me so I put tracks 1-5 in the first and 6-10 in the second (the mass is in the 2nd). You don't need both so if you want to try it out the first file is the shortest.

Tracks are tagged and ripped from vinyl at 320k.



May get some more up tonight or tomorrow.

Over at the live blog:

Pat Travers Band - Reading Festival 1980
Runaways - Cleveland Agora 7-19-76

Sunday, October 01, 2006

New D.G. link and more to come

Here is a new link Cor sent for Diamond Girl.


Yet another one from Cor!! In his email he mentioned this is his favorite album by them. No Smoke Without Fire from Wishbone Ash.

And another vinyl rip. This is a strange little (about 30 minutes) record I have been threatening to stick up here for quite a while now. It is the Tingling Mother's Circus. The album is A Circus of the Mind. I categorize it as exploito psych, but some may call it sunshine pop with a little extra zing, or maybe even bubblegum. Any way you slice it, it's still a trippy album, with lots of blips and boings and other groovy sound effects layered on top of the run of the mill 60's pop tunes. Covers include theBeeGees (Mining Disaster), Beatles (Yellow Submarine), and even the Statler Brothers (Flowers on the Wall). It was produced and played on by a certain Elliot Randall, but other than that is all pseudonyms.