Sunday, December 31, 2006

The last post for this year!!!

Wow, This year has just flown by. I started this blog in February and since then, so many things have happened, so many things have changed, and I've met so many very cool people it's been amazing. Well for today I have put together what I hope will have a bit of something for everybody who visits here. Plus I have decided to indulge my own whims and firstly post my resolutions for the new year, secondly my top ten list of most wanted music (at this moment--could change at any time) and also to again thank each and everyone of the fine people who have made doing this blog a bunch of fun. I hope we're all still here next year at this time and I'm spewing off at the mouth again just like now!!

On the personal front, things may soon take a turn for the better, I may have a job in the works. Nothing to great, but let's just say my blogger name may change to Zoot Allures, because I may "Wind Up Working In A Gas Station" for about half of what I made before. But it's better than being broke. Still any denations and/or clicks on those ads are a big help, and I won't know for sure until mid-January unless something else pops up before then.
So without anymore delay--my new years resolutions for 2007.

1. To stop trying to "culture" my friends by playing obscure Finnish prog in the middle of parties.
2. To stop mailing back postage paid Business Reply Mail envelopes empty just to piss the senders off.
3. To stop sending nasty letters to rap artists anonymously telling them how little talent they have.
4. To start sending nasty letters to new punk bands anonymously telling them how little talent they have and that they deserve to get a swift rectum jolt from Paul Simeon's jackboot.
5. To not run outside at 3 am in various states of (un)dress to see if when I yell "Belsen was a gasser" at the top of my lungs it will echo like it does on the album.
6. To stop eating pop tarts without toasting them. They are so much better warm.
7. To stop using curse words so fucking much.
8. To stop blaming global corporations for all the ailments of the world and to find who the hell is responsible for the other .005 percent.
9. To stop saying "How can it get any worse?" because everytime I do I get shown.
10. To try to become a better person than I can ever be, set goals that are unattainable and then beat myself up over the fact I can't do anything I set out to do.
11. To reach out and touch somebody's hand and make this world a better place, if I can (although I doubt touching a hand is gonna do a goddamn thing).
12. To try and actually listen to all of this great music I've been downloading.


And now my Top Ten Most Wanted For 2007 so far in alphabetical order:

1.the Blades of Grass - Blades of Grass are Not For Smoking (1967 Jubilee)
2.Fish Eyed Lens - same (90 Rockedelic)
3.Foul Dogs - No. 1 (66 Rhythm Sound)
4.Left End - same (10" private pressed 4 song EP, not Spoiled Rotten)
5.Joint Effort - Cannabis (72 Amphion Seashorse)
6.Milkwood - How's the Weather? (pre Cars Ben Orr and Ric Ocasek) (73 Paramount)
7.Nazca Line - Outer Space Connection
8.Peace & Quiet - same (70 Kinetic)
9.Porcelain Bearmeat - Free Love Free Sex Free Music (71 Dill Pickle)
10.1619 Bad Ass Band - same (2 different Lps with this name, both may be the same)

If anyone can help with these PLEASE, get in touch!!!
And now for the music, first a bunch of stuff from me, then a bunch of Kiss tribute albums from Bigfoot Kit.

First up, McKenna Mendelson Mainline's 1969 LP Stink. Go to the comments section to read a cool mini-bio on this, my new years partying (consisting of watching a Seinfeld marathon on TBS) got in the way of my writing anything useful or correct about this.

And here's one I've had a bunch people ask for and I finally got ahold of it. From 1974 it's Hustler's High Street LP. Nice hard rock. I have the 2nd LP posted here but I don't know if it's still a working link. If not and somebody needs it, let me know and I'll dig it up and repost it.

More prog, this time from 1973 with Badger's One Live Badger.

By request this is Stretch's Elastique. From 1975 this is hard rock with a bit of funkiness, but not too much as to overpower what is good ol' mid seventies rock n roll. Good obscure stuff.

Also by request, Tysondog's Beware of the Dog from 1984. More cool NWOBHM and as an added bonus the second link is their Shoot To Kill 4 Song EP.

the EP:

And yet another request this is the '77 EP Roy Loney, one of the founding members of Flamin' Groovies. If you like them, chances are you'll like this!

Sorry for this picture, I got it off of Lynn Carey's website, and it's about the only picture I could find of her & Neil Merryweather's 1971 LP Vacuum Cleaner. This is really great stuff, and if you wanna see more interesting stuff from Neil and Lynn, check out the cover of their next project, Mama Lion, which has Lynn doing something with a lion cub on the controversial front cover. But musically this is sooo much better than that.

Well hope you liked my part of the last update of the year. And now for Bigfoot Kit's . He has uploaded several Kiss tributes for all to enjoy. Thanks BFk.

KAOL (Kiss Army OnLine): A WORLD WITHOUT HEROES - Various Artists (2000)

COVERED WITH KISSES - An Evansville Tribute To Kiss (2004)


KISS DEUTSCHLAND - A Tribute To Kiss (1999)


Gods of Thunder - A Norweigian Tribute To Kiss



GRITALO FUERTE - An Argentinian Tribute To KISS


Art included where i could & txt files in all.

Thanks Kit, thanks everyone else, happy new year to all and almost forgot, there is an update over at the liveandtoherwise too. I'm on fire ba-beee.

Click on over and check it out, there is a new contributor helping out and he sent some nice stuff!!!

Thursday, December 28, 2006

It's over, it's over it's oooooovvvvveeeerrrrr!!!!!

Christmas is over thanks be the power of time. I wanna you thank you 2 kind donators for your generous gifts at a tough time to be giving. Especially to me, some some shmuck who runs a little blog. The family and I appreciate it. And thanks to those who took the time to go click an ad or two over at my other neglected blog (I should have a bit more time to get some cool stuff over there at the beginning of the new year. Rippin' that stuff takes forever. And it's tedious at best. Much more fun to rip tunes from albums and relive old (and new) favorites. I got few emails lately with some pretty obscure requests (tryin' to stump me or what?) so some of these I lifted a few quotes from lysergia and other sites to better describe what you are getting yourself into by downloading a couple of these. I will get some more familiar stuff up next time but if you are in a post Christmas sense of adventure here's the shit. And away we go.......

Algarnas Tradgard's 1972 LP. The simply titled Framtiden Ar Ett Svavande Skepp - Forankrat I Fortiden.

ÄLGARNAS TRÄDGÅRD are a seminal, 6-piece Swedish combo who made one album in 1972, a cult classic and masterpiece of psychedelia that could have come straight out of the 'Kraut' school of Space Rock. After the release of their album, they kept on playing live for a while, even recording a full album's worth of new material in 1973-74. But it wasn't until 2001 that this material was mixed and released, on a cd entitled "Delayed".
(Note from me--very avant garde, mixes several genres, and spacerock is a small part, world music, harder psych, Saucerfull Floydian era would be the spacerock element I think, also some folk sounding stuff and a bit of almost new age atmospheres. Very mixed bag)

Wanna know more? Check out the following link:

Wanna hear it? Check the follwing link:

Closest thing to normal I'm posting today. By request, it's the OST to Wild in the Streets. Score was composed by Les Baxter, the exotica king but I think somebody dosed him, cuz this is pretty far out shit. Also includes the great garage anthem Shape of Things To Come by the non-existant Max Frost and the Troopers. Anyways, movie is about a young hip guy named Max Frost who gets elected president, has all the people over 40 shipped off to quasi-concentration camps and then loses his mind and comes to his senses all in less than a hour and a half. Richard Pryor played a role as a black militant based (I guess) on Malcolm X. One of those American International pictures B movies released after the beach fad wore thin and the biker revolution was just beginning.

Next on the agenda, the weird, freaked out Crash Coffin. Probably the weirdest guy in Ohio at the time of this release (1970 or 1973 depending on who you believe. Anyways, the blurb I downloaded from popsike will fill you in better.

Here's the self titled album by Crash Coffin, on the Columbus, Ohio Mus-I-Col label, CC69A, from, I think, 1973. This is a wild record…mixing straight ahead rock, folky psych tunes, one absolute monster heavy psych tune ("Alone Together") and a few goofy novelty tunes. Coffin is one far out guy! Very rare LP. Last copy I saw on eBay went for over $250. for those who don’t know the story, the "real" covers for the album were destroyed in an accident, so the LP was put in a plain white jacket with a "Mus-I-Col" logo. Coffin himself decorated most of the covers, but after a while got tired of it and the last batch were sent out like this one, with the plain white cover. I don’t know which version is rarer.

Here's the bee side.

Cool garage stuff from the Savages, again, I will post a blurb from another source to describe this one. No I won't because it's gone and I ain't lookin' it up again. Here's what I remember. Bermuda band that recorded this one off LP and disappeared into the haze. Mainly raw covers of the days biggies but a few originals that really show some promise. Cool stuff if you dig obscenely rare garage rock. The file has some covers that are bigger but in worse condition than these to the left (or whereever blogger decides they will be be when I click save).

And not to forget all the NWOBHM fans here's Tysondog's 1986 opus loudus Crimes of Insanity. Another one a bit late in the game, but I dig and you will too. And Bigfoot Kit sent some more that are posted below.


Dawnwatcher Records
DWS 001

Sticky Records
SRR 0017

Other Records

Thanks Kit!!

Friday, December 22, 2006

Well here it is and only 3 days before Christmas

I truly agonized over doing this, but after a drawn out meeting at work today, I was basically pink slipped. I cannot perform the duties of my job and they had to let me go. Really I'm surprised they put up with all the days off, and working from home as long as they did. But my doctors keep dicking me around and because it didn't happen at work and because I am basically an independant contractor hired at will and because of this that and a whole bunch of other things.....I have stooped to where I said I would never go and stuck a damn donation button up here (actually it's down the links). Now, first off, nobody who comes to this site owes me a damn thing. I do this because I love doing it as I said the other day, and I have no intention of stopping (if fact looks like I'm gonna have a bunch more free time, yippee, too bad over half is spent in pain). I put it here because if you have an extra dime or quarter at the end of the week, maybe you could drop it in my (hypothetical) change jar. I know times are tough, if these were salad days it wouldn't hurt so much to ask and I probably wouldn't be in this situation in the first place. So I hope know one considers me a whore for doing this. I spoke to several friends who come here often about it and I got proverbial thumbs up from them, but of course they know my situation in more concrete terms then most people. I just don't want anyone to think I am trying to finace a new summer home by doing this. Just trying anything to keep the one I'm renting now. And if you feel I'm asking too much, I sympathise and realise that some of you may be in the same position as myself. (maybe some of you could go click my ads on my other blog, that always helps too). But I do promise as soon as this ordeal is over with (and it better be soon dammit) I will remove that thing and if any of you ever in the same dire straits I'm in at this time, I will return the favor.

Also, lastly, I have decided to sell quite a few of my CDs tapes and records. If anyone would be interested drop me an email and I will send you a list of some cool stuff for cheap!

Thanks for reading and now on to the music (and there is a bunch today)!!!!

Didn't do much research on this one but it's good hard rock. Recorded circa '71 and released on Rockadelic in '94 (and that already sells for some bucks). Killer hard rock from Stone Garden by request.

Another cool hard rock LP from the Juan de la Cruz band.A heavy Filpino band this one is their second and according to their site the title translates to Our Music. This one was one of my favorites of theirs (all are worth a listen).

And for Aveek and anyone else who had a problem with track 5 here it is:

Requested in the comments and I just happened to have it handy. This the the self titled LP from Hardwater, from 1968. In a layed back West Coast style and produced by this dude some of you may have heard of named David Axelrod the band featured ex-members of the Astronauts (the surf band!@!!) but sounds nothing like them. Nice psych from this midwestern band.

And yet another request. Someone asked for some more Budgie(is this turning into a hard rock blog or what?!?!?). From 1974 here's the In For the Kill LP it has the original version of Crash Course in Brain Surgery (covered by that Metallica crew) and the title track smokes. Some lighter fare slows this one down bit (literally and figurativly) but still a good one and the rockin' stuff smokes.

And another that got more than a couple votes on my impromptu poll the other day. Here's Cubby Coda and the Brownsville Station with Yeah! from I believe '73. This one is a mixed bag going from hard rockers to R&B flavored stompers (B.S> were never really mellow) Saw these guys way past their hitmaking days in a small bar playing for about 30 people and they put on a show like they were headlining Madison Square Garden for 30,000. Cub was rock N Roll. Cub lived it and loved it, wrote about it, ate it drank it and smoked it.
We need more guys like the Cubmaster.He's probably doing a solo on top of the pearly gates as I write this.

Well, looks like we've got the back cover too.

And by popular demand the NWOBHM continues. This one I leave to the jury (you guys). It's Thunderstick's debut EP Feel Like Rock N Roll from '83. Thunderstick was in the Bruce Bruce version of Samson as well as an early incarnation of Iron Maidenbut this is abit lighter fare than most NWOBHM. For one thing the singer is female (which if you've ever heard Holy Moses doesn't necessarily mean a thing) but this is more hard rock than outright metal. But the songs are well crafted, the guitars are cranked up and it really does rock. I had this when it first came out and who knows where it ended up, but I inquired with Kit to see if he may have it, he didn't (he did some send some great goodies though see below!!)but hooked me up with some info, which I used to check with some folks I trade with and one of them came through! Memories, like the pages of my mind........

My cover disappeared but here is the Terry Knight and the Pack LP with Don & Mark from Grand Funk. Detroit soul rock from '66!!

And now from Bigfoot Kit here are some more goodies including the Billion $ Babies set!!!

Billion Dollar Babies "Complete Battle Axe"

CD1 (Original Album)

CD2 (Original Demos)

CD3 (1stLive Show - Flint Michigan 1977)

CRACK THE SKY - The End (1983)

JOHN PALUMBO - Blowing Up Detroit (1984)

Thanks again Kit, I appreciate it!!!

And thanks to all who have been hangin' out and helpin' out over the course of the last 10 months (give or take a few days). Couldn't have done it without ya!! Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and all that stuff. I'll be back soon with many more goodies.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Even have one of theose days....

...when nothing goes right. Yesterday was one, my internet connection kept shutting down and most of these files have been uploaded at least 2 times. Add deposit files less than enticing upload speeds and it spells a recipe for a whole new kind of frustration. Anyways, finally, here are some cool tunes to hum along too, just imagine it's Sunday and it will be alright.

First up, the second highest vote getter in my little unofficial poll. It's the 1969 Uni album from Smoke (the U.S. band not the U.K. psych band that did My Friend Jack), who look like a bike gang that formed a band, and sound like one to. Nothing against biker gangs (I'm not suicidal). But this is greasy, oiley music to get yer hands dirty too. Bluesy hard rock, often kinda sloppy and quite a cool album to boot. The 18 minute plus M.C. Boogie says it all. Although a CD is pictured next to my witticisms there, I don't think this is in print on CD right now and I know this rip is from vinyl. But it rocks and that's all that matters.

And for Bigfoot Kit who has been quite the patient soul waiting for me to get this right, this slice of heaven went through hell getting here. Ripped not once but twice, uploaded not once but three times (I had my doubts if it wanted to be here!!) but finally here is the first solo album from ex-Kansas and sometime Proto Kaw man, Kerry Livgren called Seeds of Change. Livgren wanted to get away from the mystical to concentrate more on his spiritual side, his Christianity. Which on this album presents me with a conundrum (but no complaint). The second song, my favorite, has a guest singer, Ronnie James Dio, and Dio means Satan (Spanish slang term, I know now it also means God in Latin thanks to an email so maybe my theolgical theory is poot), as well as quite a few lyrics which are questionable from a Christian point of view. The title is Mask of the Deceiver so I wonder if Kerry got Dio to sing the song portraying Satan or what. I am far from theologian so I just though I'd put the thought in your mind for you to play around with. The rest of the album could pass for a good pre-Steve Morse period Kansas LP and if you like them you will surely like this. Originally released on Kirshner in 1980, the CD was released on Renaissance Records in 1996 and as far as I know is now out of print.

What a shocker!! I had never even heard of this before and I guy I trade with sent it too me with a bunch of rare stuff Thursday. Aveek from India requests it on Saturday and I haven't even listened to it yet. So it sparked my interest so I kicked back for a bit and listened. Absolutely amazing stuff!!!!! (I Can't put enough exclaimations behind it!!) This gets listed as hard prog but I think it's just stunningly good hard rock that blew my fuckin' doors off. Just killer from start to finish and not a bad track in the bunch. The first song is actually kinda folky but even it has a killer hook and after that the band kicks into riffin' and never looks back. Only downside, ripped at 160 from a less than perfect source, but this deserves a listen sooooooo much I had to put it up here. I give this one of my highest recommendations and if ANYONE has a better copy of this please please PLEASE send it my way. And thanks Aveek for calling my attention to it. It's now in heavy rotation in the Time Traveller jukebox.

And here's proof you can surprise a jaded old fart like me. The top vote getter in my little improptu survey. If you'd have ask me to bet on any one of the albums I listed as choices this would have been the longshot by a longshot (yeah, that's right!). But damn this is a fine record from the first post- Michael Schenker line up (the first of many). The band was in utter turmoil, Pete Way was about to leave (if he wasn't really already gone), Phil Moog said he sometimes couldn't keep track of daily happenings, and out of this choas came this twisted album of genius. The Writer kicks off the album in rockin' style and
form not seen since the Lights Out daze. Coulda done without the horns (or the synths that sound like 'em) and after this album, keyboards took over a bit too much for my liking. Nothing wrong with that in some bands but these guys were supposed to be metal for God's sake. But this one is great except for Terri which sounds like a bad Myles Goodwin/April Wine outtake and the kinda lame cover of Eddie Cochran's Somethin' Else. Everytime I hear that drum intro to Doing It All For You I think Rock Candy is about to start for a second. Sorry bout the low bitrate on this one.

Here's that Twisted Ace 45. NWOBHM on the UK Heavy Metal label (home of Witchfinder General & Split Beaver), A-side is boogie rocker with twin lead guitar and lotsa riffage, b-side is a heavier track that is more representative of the NWOBHM style. Not bad at all.

And here's some stuff Kit sent to share and I forgot to post it. Twice. Yeah, I am a dumbass, but that's my world sometimes, I forget tracks, I forget posts, hell sometimes I even forget to finish

Strife's 1975 album, "Rush". Proggy hard rock from the uk. This is their 1st album. The main guy was Gordon Rowley who went on to form Nightwing who you might remember from the early '80's. Interesting album. Unusual.
Here's the link:
STRIFE - "Rush" (1975)

Crack The Sky : Photoflamingo (1981)

Crack The Sky : World In Motion 1 (1982)

Until next time, see ya!

Saturday, December 16, 2006

As the year draws nearer to closing.....

......I've been kind of reflective lately, maybe it's the drugs I have to take, maybe it's the time of year, maybe it's my age (I'll be 40 very soon). I know that may sound young to some of you but I'm feeling very old lately. I've always sort of made it a personal policy not to let politics(although I do go on a rant now and again on things that I feel strongly about) or my personal life bleed into this blog, which is supposed to be fun. And yes, it still is a shitload of fun for me. It is actually theraputic for me to do this, it is a joy to hear that so many good people out there share some of the same favorites I do. I appreciate the fact that maybe I made someone happy just by sharing something that means a lot to me. Weather or not it is immoral for me to do so, I want to continue to do so. And I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for the support and encouragement to keep going. I've made several friends since starting this thing back in late February and even though it real time it's only a baby, in blog time it's outlived several of it's original inspirations and as long as you guys (and gals if you're out there) keep comin' back I'll keep throwin' this crap up for you to enjoy. But I want to try to keep it fresh and exciting, and am always open to new ideas and concepts. Feedback is always welcome, constructive criticism included, as long it's friendly. Thanks for reading and I will be shedding light upon why I write this as time goes on. Trust me it's not cryptic or anything. But for now, let me quote a band my kids love and I can actually tolerate, Smashmouth, and say "Fuck it let's rock!!!"

More ash, more ash, the folks sayeth in thine inbox and they have spoken. Several requests for this one and so, here it is
the almighty Ash with their 1977 headline. I like this album a lot but I still have that soft spot for the Turner brothers version of the band, no disrespect to Laurie who was a fine addition to the band. This is probably my favorite from this period. Period.

Sorry 'bout this sorry cover pic, but then again, it ain't no Roger Dean cover we're dealing with by a long shot. But the enthusiastic response for the other album made me go ahead and rip this one for today. More of the same and just as good as the other, here is the strangely titled In Spite of Harry's Toenail. Glad they didn't put a picture of that on the cover. But it's a great album In Spite of Gnidrolog's Title.

And yes, I've put this up before but it was inferior product dammit, and I love this pre-Alice Cooper 45 and this is the best sounding version I've heard of it. Wish they'd spruce the Nazz (Coop's not Rundgren's) 45 this way. Ah, if wishes were the lead singer of Lacuna Coil, I'd ride.........oops thinking in print again.

An old friend sent two 45's to me and said, try these on for NWOBHM size and I decided to. Maybe Kit can shed some light onto these (and I haven't forgotten that SOC album, Kit, it's coming next!!!). The first is by a band called Slander Thread and the next (no sleeve to be found) is by a band called Prowler. Both rock so if you want some metal, give 'em a shot.

Slander Thread - I See the Light EP

Prowler - Alcatraz/So Lonely

I already have a couple albums on the "fer sure" list for my next update, but I would like some help, so which of these would you like to see posted next? And don't just one or two of give me answers, tell me what you want!!!

Brownsville Station - Yeah!
UFO - Mechanix
Finch - Beyond Expression (not the Aussie Finch, but a prog band)
Budgie - In For the Kill
Hunger - Strictly From Hunger
Smoke - Carry On Your Idea (not the UK psych, but a US band on Uni from '69)
Terry Knight & the Pack - same (pre-Grand Funk)
XIT - Silent Warrior

or none of these and pick a write in.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

More requests and more other stuff

Wow, the old visitor counter is past 400,000!!! Either a lot of folks have stopped by or a few of you have stopped by way too many times. Either way, thanks for checking out my little corner of blogdom. Today is all requests (at least from me, there is another Urchin sent from Desultory at the end).

A late one for this style of music (1971) this one sounds like kind of Doorsy (early Doors) but more backwoods style psych and the album goes for megabucks. Pretty good stuff if you dig the rural psych genre.

And here's some covers I forgot to put in the rar

If you like Gentle Giant you'll like these guys. Lotsa Ian Anderson style flute tooting over some GGish melodies. One I find myself digging out quite a bit because it's a really strong album!

This is the first Hawkwind album I ever bought myself when i was about 12 years old. My favorite song on here is Kings of Speed and now that I know what a speedfreak Lemmy confessed to being the song takes on a whole new meaning. But there is not a bad track on this album from 1975 which features a bonus track, the original version of Motorhead, the song that foretold Lemmy wasn't going to stand still in space rock land much longer.

And again covers, sorry......

And from Desultory here is another batch o tunes from Urchin. This was sent to me by Bigfoot Kit with Desultory's permission and thanks to both.

Urchin - The Friday Rock Show Session with Tommy Vance on BBC Radio 1 Recorded late 1977
(i'm not sure if the date is 100% accurate, i don't think the show started 'til late '78/early '79)
Also, bands only usually did 3 or 4 songs per session, so this may actually be two seperate sessions.
Whatever, it rocks mightily and is rare as hens teeth, what more can you ask for?
01. See Right Through You
02. Walkin' Out Over You
03. Someday
04. Walked Another Way
05. Call Me Out
06. Show Me

no pw

And also added two new sites to the links, one a Krautrock site and the other a Live365 radio station. Check 'em out if you have time

Monday, December 11, 2006

Apparently I just need to slow down and pay attention

And of course I couldn't just make a post with another track I forgot so here are a couple new things and Bigfoot Kit sent some albums that have been on my wish list for awhile to replace my beat to death originals.

First up here is missing track 6 from the Group Therapy album. Sorry again!

Here is an old 45 I was absolutely blown away by. If you like the hard Strawberry Alarm Clock stuff give this a try, these guys kinda sound like 'em but have some moves of their own. This pic over here is just something I found, it probably has nothing to do with this band. If you search around on the net there isn't a whole lot about them (they do have a page or two), but this single is circa 1967-8 and is great heavy psych and rarity in the fact that both sides are excellent.

And the other day when I was babbling on about songs I listened to as a kid and didn't really know what they were about, I casually mentioned these guys and I got an email asking if I had the album, which I do. So here in all of it's cannibalistic glory is Timothy plus all the other stuff they recorded (it's the Collectables CD). I read a great essay about how the song came to be by it's creator Rupert Holmes (yeah the Pina Colada song guy). The original goal was basically to get a song past the censors. And Timothy turned out to be the result. I still love it but since I know the story it's a bit creepy. Maybe it's even more intriguing because of it.

And from Kit, here's the aforementioned Crack the Sky LPs. I love these guys!!!

Crack The Sky - same (1st)

Crack The Sky - Animal Notes (1976)

Crack The Sky - Safety In Numbers (1978)

Full cd artwork & txt files in each rar. Thanks Kit, I am havin' a ball listening to these!!!!

Saturday, December 09, 2006

More Music More Music More Music More Music

I've posted these cats b-4, and gotten a good response, so here is my personal fave, Shredder. Cool hard rockin' mixed with the usual introspective hippy type ballads and it makes for a first rate mish mash of good ol' rock and roll.

Kinda psychy, kinda poppy and these guys do a few too many covers (not so much as on their first LP) but they do have a bit of originality and it shows as the covers aren't always your by the numbers ripoffs. I have the first but beat is a kind word to describe the condition so until the right one comes along enjoy this great period piece from Group Therapy. It's somewhere around 37 minutes long.

I was ripping this little gem the other day and I'll be damned if someone didn't request something by these biker-rock types. Crude and rude and 50 different different kinds of fun. Boogie hard rock from Simon Stokes who is still kicking around (at least last time I checked anyway, I recently got a CD of the man dueting with none other than Timothy Leary and one of him solo, and he was only gotten cruder with age). If you like no frills hard biker rock from the mid 70's give it a shot.

Here's the back, if it's readable your eyes are better than mine.

I'm not totallysure but I think I posted it before, but this is a much nicer rip at 256 and still my favorite Bloodrock LP. I remember listening to D.O.A. on my aunt's stereo back when that gruesome song was actually a hit and not realising what it was all about (did the same with Timothy by the Buoys). Hell, I was 5 folks. Cannabalism and plane crashes never even crossed my mind. All I ever thought was they were just cool songs and I still laugh when I think about asking what a mawhasue was when I first heard Bennie and the Jets. Ah, to be young again!

Got a request for some Demon and some Tygers of Pan Tang so here is the '87 LP from Demon (yeah late in the game but it's still a fantastic LP).

And here is the album nicknamed by many sell out from the those Tygers of Pan Tang. Great cover though. I personally like this album but it didn't happen overnight and when it came out I damn near threw it like a frizbee. I was already upset with Def Leppard for Pyromania after the brilliance that was High N Dry (Pete Willis was 20 times the guitarist Phil Collen ever was, but maybe , in hindsight, he did the right thing getting out when he did, Lep was cursed) and then TOPT comes out with what sounded at the time like a clone. But on further investigation and again, the years passing by, this one ain't so bad after all. Really the only clunker to my ears these days is that opening track that sounds like a record company ploy to make some moola. Just skip that one and you have a fairly rockin' affair here. Let's just say it's much better than Hysteria.

And now more brillant stuff from Big Foot Kit, another Strapps and several more NWOBHM singles including another Urchin.

STRAPPS - Secret Damage (1977)

with txt files and full custom cd artwork.

URCHIN - Black Leather Fantasy (1977)

more Iron Maiden related tomfoolery.

PARALEX - White Lightning EP (1980)

A rifftastic classic.

DEALER - Better Things To Do (1983)

As always thanks Kit!!!

And thanks to all have been visiting my other blog and clicking those ads. It really helps and my family and myself out.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

What? Me, Screw Up? + Strapps to make up for it

Yeah, it ain't the first time and it won't be the last time, that much I'm sure of. The good folks here brought it to my attention that I fucked up again. This time I accidentally inserted a wrong song in the rar. The song on the Potliquor LP labeled "Cheers" is actually "New Orleans Ladies" by Lousiana LeRoux, a song I ripped for Skypilot as a request. So you can either download the correct song from deposit files here at 192k or in the comments to the last post a nice person upped it on rapidshare at 256k. So take your pick. Just don't pick on me please!!! I'm not right in the head around Christmas time! Another note, these both are the single edit of Cheers not the album version, I didn't know a difference existed until it was pointed out in the previous post.

And the email came last night after I had already made the post, so here is the first Strapps LP + some more NWOBHM from Bigfoot Kit. Thanks Kit.

STRAPPS - S/T (1976)

Here's Adrian Smith's pre-Iron Maiden band Urchin.
This is their 1978 single "She's A Roller". This particular single also has Dave Murray from Maiden guesting on lead guitar!!
Rare as hen's teeth, this one changes hands for about £150!!
And no, unfortunately i don't have an original.
URCHIN - She's A Roller 7'' (1978)

From 1980, here's Black Axe's "Highway Rider" 7", a classic.
BLACK AXE - Highway Rider 7" (1980)

And finally, a late entry from '84 by Behemoth, about whom i know nothing, but this one kicks ass.
BEHEMOTH - Death Wings 7" (1984)


More tomorrow folks and again folks, please accept my apologies for the screw up.


Monday, December 04, 2006


By request the '79 LP from Canada's City Boy- the Day the Earth Caught Fire. I always liked their earlier material better but this is fairly good AOR.

All music says it's southern rock. I'd call it blues-rock with a touch of southern influence and a huge injection of hard rock on several songs. Pot Liquor's first LP from 1970 called Levee Blues. To me it's kind of like Trapeze's album You Are the Music as the ballads are soft and mellow but the rockin' songs are total pounders. Good stuff.

And more NWOBHM, this time an EP from Badger called Over the Wall.

And from Cor we get Neil's Boxset Rock N Roll Cowboy. Thanks Cor!

4 CD Box Set Rock & Roll Cowboy from Neil Young in

Password: R&R_Cowboy

And more from Dirt!


Vinyl rip...the CD re-issue adds a non-LP b-side
(good) but has a different track order.


Thanks Dirt!!!!

Friday, December 01, 2006

Let the countdown begin!

Well, it's 23 more days till Christmas and I haven't done a thing yet, so the posts may slow down a bit (or not, let's see how things go) for a couple weeks. And if blogger doesn't quit acting so fucking irratic with my posts I'm gonna go ballistic. The stability has been shitty lately. But enough about that, here's my next entry in my fave albums posts. This is the same Poobah everyone goes ga-ga over but it's their 1998 recordings that were self released and are now getting hard to find. Monster records is or was going to re-release this but I have found no info. This is a low bitrate (160k) as I got it from a friend I trade with a while back, but it sounds excellent. Just sterling production and Jim's guitar sounds as if he plugged it into 1974 and the sounds came swirling out. Absolutely astounding sounds from thisYoungstown Ohio band.

And here's another great one that I really like a lot.
This is Thundermug's Strikes LP from 1972. There were at least 2 and possibly 3 versions of this album and this is the original Canaidian Axe records version (there was a re-release in Canada as well as a Columbia records version here in the USA and those may or may not differ) but there were a few different tracks from the Axe and Columbia releases. I really like the sound these guys have, it really doesn't sound like any other band I've heard and other than the cover of the Kinks "You Really Got Me" (when will people stop covering this song? The original cannot be topped.) there isn't a bad track here. Some worldly rhythms mixed with nice riffage and you've got what some people call entertainment.

Not much on the net about this early Krautrock entry. The guitarist went on to Epsilon and that's really about it. This stuff sounds like what you'd get if you crossed Mick Abraham's period Tull with Steppenwolf or Atomic Rooster keyboards and threw in a happy pinch of Amon Duul II or Xhol Caravan for good measure. Good bluesy hard rock with flute and sax (and that in yer face hammond). This is the band's sole album from 1970.

And here's even more NWOBHM from Bigfoot Kit. I haven't had a chance to check 'em out myself yet, but with Kit's excellent taste you can't go wrong and I will be doing so shortly!

Hollow Ground - Warlord EP 1980

WOLF - See Them Running 7" (1981)

LEGEND - Hideaway 7" (1981)

Thanks BFK!!!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Getting in the festive spirit........

As the holiday season is now upon us (it comes earlier each year it seems), I have decided to share a few of my all time favorite albums (within my loosely structured guidelines of obscurity) and for my first selection I have chosen my favorite Jo Jo Gunne LP, and one I have been looking for since my treasured Rhino handmade CD was permanently borrowed by someone. This was the second album, released in '73 and not a bad song in the bunch. The great thing about the Gunne was they really didin't put out a bad record but this one just has that little something extra all around. The song 60 Minutes To Go is the best song about being in a rock band I've ever heard (even tops the Ballad of Mott, sorry Ian). Ready Freddy is an excellent hard rocker, and Broken Down Man and Take Me Down Easy are excellent boogie rockers. Also another fave is the synthesiser laden Roll Over Me. I wore a vinyl copy of this, at least the "A" side back in the 80's when I first discovered this gem!

I get tons of requests for the mighty Ash, and here is another installment in the series. 1976's Locked In.

And another request before some more excellent NWOBHM sent by Kit and an early Christmas present sent by Skypilot. Here is Frost's 1969 Detroit styled hard rock featuring Dick Wagner (his steriodic sideburns & muscular guitar featured later in Lou Reed's band on Rock N Roll Animal and even later than that on some unfortunate mid to late 70's Alice Cooper which he can't be blamed like Goes To Hell). This one is pretty damn good.

And now for the NWOBHM porition of the show for today, I turn it over to Bigfoot Kit.

Here's the post-Kyuss, pre-Unida, SLO BURN mini album "Amusing The Amazing" (1996)

and three more ultra-rare NWOBHM 7"s:
RICOCHET - Midas Light 7" (1980)

SMOKIN ROADIE - Midnight 7" (1983)

WHITE LIGHTNING - This Poison Fountain 7" (1984)

As usual the NWOBHM stuff has txt files & cover art included in the rar file.
They're 3 really diverse ones this time, Ricochet is straight down the line NWOBHM.
Smokin Roadie more commercial.
White Lightning more prog-rock influenced.

And sent by Skypilot who is featuring Christmas music on his blog too (link is over on the sidebar) here is more Christmas music than I have ever seen in one place (except maybe a Tower records). This was a real labor of love: