Wednesday, March 28, 2007 least it's somethin'

Here's another by request. It's the best of the Five Man Electrical Band. Hippie rock at it's best. And the link below that is for the 2 missing tracks from the Baroques set I posted.

The Baroques missing trax:

More later.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Long Weekend. Okay that's a lie.

Yeah I admit it, I didn't pay my cable bill. So they shut me off. I would love to see some competition for those money grubbing sons-a-bitches come to my town, they rip me off and suck me dry. But I paid their sorry asses and I'm back, and this weekend I will do my best to make up for the neglect. Here's a little bit now and I'll have some more later.

Here's one that I've had several requests for a repost for and finally here it is. This is the Baroques only album from 1967. Released on Chess to little or no fanfare at the time due to Chess not giving it much promo. But it's top notch garage psych and this is the bootleg CD version which is really a nice vinyl rip (much better than the original I posted) plus 10 or so outtakes, single only sides and other stuff. This is not the compilation released a few years back that deletes a few of the original albums tracks. This one has all the original Lp tracks so I'm told.

Another request from a while ago. Lighthouse's 1970 LP One Fine Morning. Light psych and hippie folk rock done just right.

And here is Bloodrock 3. What can I tell you about this guys that hasn't already been said? Nothin' so I am saying exactly that. Just download it, it probably won't be up for long.

Try out this riddle: He wasn't old when he recorded this radio session for KQED in 1970, but in at least one way he is still young even though he had some old ways in the 80s.

Back soon with more.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Just a couple til this weekend.

I have been working a bunch of hours so time has been really tight. Here are a couple requests I've had uploaded for awhile that I just thought I'd stick up until this weekend when I will get a serious post up that has been due for quite sometime now.
Here's another Buffalo, Average Rock N Roller, with one of my favorite seventies album covers. Did the hair metal bands of the 80s know about this one? It seems it would be the inspiration for many of their covers.
And this one I couldn't find a cover for. It's Japanese band Cosmo's Factory with their 1975 LP Black Hole. Really good heavy prog rock.
Sorry for the delay in the all the stuff I've been promising everyone, I will try my best to get it all taken care of this weekend.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Comments and Question time again!

Well it looks like everyone's friend the deleter is back and operating in full-force. I have some stuff to put up here but I'm afriad it would be a waste of time as it will be deleted in a matter of hours. I am looking into alternative methods of getting stuff out there but I am enforcing some new rules on myself.

I will no longer post in-print items here even if they are imports that cost an arm & a leg.

Why the fuck is this italicised?

I will be posting items with deposit files again. For some reason they just last longer. If you cannot use deposit files for whatever reason, I may be able to help you out but email me, don't leave comments, my email address is in my profile. I will not post comments related to the file host I use and I cannot respond to them except on blogger and then everyone sees the secondary link which will then be deleted. If the files start disappearing on deposit files then it is time to find something else, like torrents or multiply. I am sorry, but I just got severly expanded hours at work, and I don't have as much time to spend on blogging as I used to. Re-ups are a redundant pain in the ass, and I detest doing it. It's just like doing laundry except laundry has to be done but a repost doesn't. I am going to take care of those I already promised but no more re-ups after those.

I will have a post up in a day or two.

And finally I have a question for someone who may be a techie as far as computers go. This will probably be long and drawn out but bear with me.

I got a DVD-Rom for my computer as a gift. I installed it and everything seems to work great. It records discs fine and plays them back fine. But my computer will not show which files are on the discs. If I shut the PC down and reboot it, it will sometimes show me the contents of the first disc I put in, but after that every disc I insert comes up with the same data as the previous disc I inserted. Does anyone know what is going on? It also does the same thing on Roxio (my burning software) and Win Amp. I have taken them to a friends and they show up fine on his PC but on mine it doesn't seem to work.

Please help if you know because I cannot play the discs (they all have MP3 data on them and when I try win-amp I get nothing but weird noise).