Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Recovery complete.

From 1977, Gentle Giant's Missing Piece is a harder rocking affair that brings to mind more of a Yes vibe (in their more rockin' moments) and some very well crafted songs that you'll find yourself humming the melodies too long after you've stopped listening. And is it my imagination but is there a bit of a punky vibe buried in these grooves from time to time?

A while ago someone requested some Snakefinger. While this is not as great as Chewing Hides the Sound (which has a more Residents type feel to it), this is the last Snakefinger album produced before he died of a heart attack on the subsequent tour (7-1-87). The Vestal Virgins counted among it's ranks ex-members of Pere Ubu and an ex member of the mighty Captain Beefheart's Magic Band, so you know there is going to be some weirdness in the grooves. I ripped this from a very clean album and since all the songs run together (or stop and start so close together it would be impossible to split without losing something) I left them as side one and side two. Tracks are:
1.Sophia's Playful Pipes 1:50
2.There's No Justice in Life 3:18
3.Bless Me for I Have Sinned 2:35
4.Jesus Gave Me Water 1:06
5.Move 2:29
6.The Golden King 7:55
7.Bad Day in Bombay, Pt. 1 & 2 6:08
8.8 1/4 4:18
9.I Gave Myself to You 4:42
10.Sawney Bean/Sawney's Death Dance 4:46

Bad Day in Bombay is the first track on side two.

To fill a request over at groovy fab (and for myself also) a friend in Germany sent me this file. It's for Kraftwerk's 3rd album Ralf und Florian. I've only heard a few minutes so far, but it hasn't quite gotten to the Autobahn point point yet, but getting close. This is a single file, supposedly an albumwrap, but it doesn't extract so I left it alone.

1. Elektrisches Roulette
2. Tongebirge
3. Kristallo
4. Heimatklange
5. Tanzmusik
6. Ananas Symphonie

Here's one I meant to post yesterday and forgot, it's the great first LP from Jorma and Hot Tuna.

And finally for you fans of the Analogy album I posted yesterday, Bruce sent a 2 disc compilation of the band called 25 Years. It has 2 tracks from the 1st LPs sessions (not on that album) as bonus tracks. Thanks Bruce!

Over at the other blog: Another Stones show and a rare show from Ambrosia.

Monday, May 29, 2006

What a weekend!!!

For the sake of my health they need to outlaw three day weekends. My family comes to town and they completely wipe me out. Eveytime I tried to get on the computer they turned into the world's most interested pains in the ass. "Whaddaya doin' there?" "Is that a blog ya got goin' there?" "Boy I sure would like to learn how to do that." "Is it hard?" "Well actually Uncle Bozo, it's not real hard unless you have TEN PEOPLE STANDING AROUND YOU ASKING YOU STUPID FUCKING QUESTIONS!!!!!!!!!" But anyways I love my family and I don't get to see them that often so that outburst never actually happened (except in my mind once or twice). So hence the lack of updates for the last few days. So I guess I got work to do.

First we have one that is probably posted elsewhere but since I couldn't find it, here is the 1968 Zombie swan song. It was supposed to be the 30th anniversary edition (but alas, I got it from p2p a few years ago and never bothered finding out that the 30th Anniversary edition was supposed to be both the stereo and mono versions + some bonuses. This is only the stereo edition, I guess, but with an album this great, so what. It is a request from Dirt, who has really made my weekend with a ton of cool stuff, much of it I will share with you guys below.

Here are the first 2 LPs from Belguim band Recreation. The self titled from 1970 and Music or Not Music from 1972.
The prog archives calls it keyboard led instrumental prog somewhere between Canterbury and symphonic prog with JP Falaise as a superb leader. Who can argue with that?

Here's a great one from '75. Robert Wyatt's Ruth is Stranger Than Richard. Again, I'll let the archives speak for me as they are much more eloquent.

The former leader of both Soft Machine and Matching Mole is accompanied by a stellar team with some songs co-written by the Roxy Music's Phil Manzanera, Soft Machine's Hugh Hopper and Henry Cow's Fred Frith, while Pink Floyd's Nick Mason produces one of the tracks and Brian Eno also guesting. The first two tracks are fun but not really what one expects from a prog artist. Soup Song is a nice progressive blues tune while Sonia is a jazz-inflected reggae instrumental originally written by Mongezi Feza, who plays trumpet on this album. A real highlight then follows in the brilliant Team Spirit, which is jazzy prog guaranteed to warm the cockles. It's followed by a cover of Charlie Haden' Song For Che which is a jazzy mournful march. The three segments of Muddy Mouse are a typical Soft Machine meets Henry Cow experience marrying Wyatt's high pitched vocals with Frith's complicated modern classical sensibilities. These songs frame three of the best pieces on the album. Solar Flares is a driving jazz-rock number, 5 Black Notes and 1 White Note is a melancholy, haunting affair that sees Wyatt expanding on classical composer Jacques Offenbach's Baccarole and Muddy Mouth is an intriguing piece ... although I'm not really a fan of Wyatt's attempt to give his vocals a wah-wah effect.

This is from the '99 Hannibal/Ryko reissue BTW.

Here's Burnin' Red Ivanhoe's self titled 3rd LP from 1971 (or '70 depending on who you believe, or if you care). Smokin' stuff here!!

Excellent Danish progressive with tinges of jazz, which was later even more evident when two of the members formed Secret Oyster. A variety of instruments are used, including violin, flute, trombone, and sax, in addition to the regular fare of guitars, keys, etc. For the most part, they sound like Denmark's answer to Wigwam and Soft Machine. Great interplay between all the instruments.

Analogy - same . German prog from 1972. Cool stuff.


And now some cool stuff from Dirt:

AEROSMITH - Get Your Wings (quad): (some of the songs have completely different mixes, a real interesting listen. TT-)

PETER GABRIEL - Peter Gabriel (melting face cover, german vocals):
(the third LP Games Without Frontiers, Biko, et al TT-)


PINK FLOYD - The Dark Side Of The Moon (vinyl, quad mix):

Two files, side one and side two.


THE BEATLES - Sgt. Pepper's...(vinyl, uk, mono):

Since it was a british pressing it has "The Nonsense" at the end
of side two...I let it run for 30 seconds or so.


Garage comp from the Pacific Northwest. Mid-60s killers.
Kingsmen, Don & the Goodtimes, Paul Revere & The Raiders,
LIVERPOOL FIVE - Arrive (mono, vinyl):
DAVE EDMUNDS - Rockpile (from CD):


PINK FLOYD - "Saucerful Of Secrets" (MONO MIX):

Unreleased on CD...should have gotten the same treatment
as the mono "Piper". Whoever did this one did a nice job
on the wasn't me.

Thanks Dirt for all the above, and he says more is coming so stay tuned.

And over at the "other" blog, some cool Stones shows and more Zappa, along with a few other surprises!!!

Thursday, May 25, 2006

100,000 Hits!!! Wow!

I'd like to take a quick moment to thank all 10 of my blog visitors for visiting 10,000 times each. I know I asked a lot to bloat up the count and make it look like I've been doing something worthwhile here! But, seriously, so far it's been a lot a fun. I've kind of been slacking off the last few days due to outsides forces that command me to be in other circles besides this one, the one I enjoy the most, but I guess if life was just fun and games all the time then that would get boring too. So anyways, thanks to all of you who continually visit here and help me out, and share your knowledge and turn me on to new stuff as well (something I hope I have been acomplishing from time to time). I hope that we can do this for at least another 100,000.

First up, this evening is a CD. It was originally recorded circa 1970 and then shelved until the wonderful cats at Sundazed deemed it a worthy release. It's the Canterbury Fair album. Nice stuff.

The first time I heard Psycho, I went nuts, and have loved the Sonics ever since. They are "the" garage band in my opinion. They stuck pencils in their amps to get what could only be called the first grunge sound in existance. A very punk thing to do, I might add. The pic over there is of the LP release, but the rip here is from a CD, and all distortion and rotten sound is courtesy of the Sonics themselves. This stuff is tame compared to the paint peeling sounds they would soon be making, but it's fun to hear the origins of the band.

Yet another from my vinyl archive comes one of my favorite Vanilla Fudge Lps by the Heads. This one's called Heads Up and was released on the Liberty label in 1969. They have the VF moves down to a tee, and even have the cover tunes covered, on this slab those are a sludgey version of the fab four's Day Tripper and a peppy version of Knock on Wood. The volume was a tad too low when I recorded this long ago, so crank this one up a bit. It's a fun album. Pops and crackles included free of charge, to let you know I care about authenticity!!

And finally tonight (at least from me, below I have some gifts from some friends) is a request from awhile ago for some Legs Diamond. I finally dug one of them out. This is the first LP from 1977. Hard rockin' stuff and quite good, I might add. I have more of these guys, so if the response is good, I'll get 'em posted. Sorry this one took so long.

As many of you know, the Groovy Fab Alliance is over (long live the Groovy Fab Workshop{blog} and Forum!!) and although my Linda Ronstadt post was killed, my other two are still alive, so, even though they are off the beaten path of what I usually share here at Casa Time Traveller, I will stick them here in hopes they live a bit longer. They are no longer txt files, just the actual downloads.

The first one is Woody Guthrie Sings Folk Songs from 1962

The other is Ron Wood's I've Got My Own Album To Do from 1974.

And now some tuneage from friends, some sent to help me on my quest to own every album ever made in the universe (just kidding, I will not own a Helen Reddy album, period). These are from a huge Bijelo Dugme fan in Bosnia and he really went above and beyond and sent quite a lot of great stuff, some of which I haven't even gotten to yet. But he graciously gave me permission to share, and would love to hear any comments on this stuff so please leave a few if you have some time.

Thanks Quakasu!!!

Text below is from his original email:

I uploaded the first four studio albums of Bijelo Dugme, two first
albums of Time, and 2 disc compilation of Indexi (a very old band, they
started playing in 1962!, had only two or three LPs, and whole bunch of
singles throughout 60's, 70's & 80's, disbanded in 2004 when their
singer died) and 'The best of' compilation of Smak (they started in

And next up from Bruce, who has been sending me great stuff to share for quite a while now, comes a great one from Creation the offshoot of Blues Creation.

From Bruce's email:
Just picked up a double cd by Creation i thought you might enjoy and maybe share. this is post Blues Creation. " creation and pure electric soul"
first one is the best ( rocks ) but pure electric soul is petty good also. enjoy.

Thanks Bruce!!!

And a big thanks to everyone who keeps stopping by here and my other blog. I wouldn't do it without ya!!!!

Monday, May 22, 2006

Some old, some Neu.......

One of the harder to find Rare Bird albums (at least it was for me) from 1974. It's called Born Again and is pretty good stuff.

I posted this quite awhile ago somewhere else, I forgot to post it here to, so why not. It fits nicely here. It's Fairport Convention's 1st.

From 1971, another rare Vertigo album, Still Life's self titled LP.

Another one I posted a long time ago elsewhere and put the link here. The Incredible String Band's album the Big Huge.

And a cool early journey into the sounds of industrialism with members of Kraftwerk and other Krautrockers. Neu was released on Billingsgate records in the states in 1973. Weird, strange and lots of fun!!!!

Enjoy and sorry for the lack of annotation this evening. I'm really asleep as I'm typing this. I've been jamming to all the groovy new tunes I've gotten in the last few days and I am loving every minute of it, but it doesn't leave time for much else. But I wouldn't trade a second of it because I'm having more fun than a person should be allowed too!!!!

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Some requests filled and posts from friends

I cannot say thanks enough to everyone who helped out. I got more than I ever expected and please let me know if I can repay these great favors. Some of those albums on my list I have wanted to hear for several years or were albums that I had at one time and for whatever reason were lost or stolen (I've probably told the story a hundred times about when I moved into the house I am at, over 1000 of my CDs turned up missing). So anyways, thanks again and again. I will try my best to get some really great updates up this week for everyone here and at the other place too. Tonight's update isn't the greatest, but it's really not my fault. I found all these great albums and I've kinda been kickin' back and listening!!!!!!


By request from '67 is Bonzo Dog Band's Urban Spaceman.

I promised to get some Wackers up a long time ago and here finally is a vinyl rip of their '72 LP Hot Wacks. This one is kinda mellow but still has some fairly heavy moments. I am going to rip my personal fave, Shredder next. This one is in side long files so here is the track list: We Can Be/
Oh My Love /Wait And See/Do You Know The Reason/Breathe Easy/
Time Will Carry On /Maybe Tomorrow/Hot Wacks/Anytime , Anyday/
Find Your Own Way/Time Will Carry On ( Won't it)

I know next to nothing about this so here's some info from the prog archives. It is a four star album there! By request (again) and I hope this one came out okay!
(Studio Album, 1978)
Track listing
1. Ursitoarele (Fortune Tellers) (5:30)
2. Blana de urs (Bear's Fur) (4:00)
3. Mierea (The Honey) (4:28)
4. Pestera (The Cave) (4:10)
5. Epifania (Epiphany) (4:11)
6. Furtuna cu trup de balour (Dragon Shaped Storm) (4:53)
7. Cãlãtorul prin nori (Cloud Traveller) (6:26)
8. Kogaion (5:28)
9. Epilog (Epilogue) (3:00)
Bonus tracks:
10. Din nou acasã (Home Again) (4:37)
11. Scufita Rosie (Little Red Riding Hood) (3:01)
12. Fetele albine (Bee-Girls) (2:51)
13. Zmeul (The Kite) (2:43)
Total Time: 55:18
- Dan Andrei Aldea / guitar, keyboards, vocals
- Corneliu Bibi Ionescu / bass
- Nicolae Enache / keyboards
- Mihai Cernea / drums
Releases information
LP Electrecord ELCD 135 (1978)

And yet another request, Rare Earth's LP Ecology from 1970.

Another zany one by request is Keith Moon's 1975 LP Two Sides of the Moon. Some covers are included and you only get the topside of the Loon in them. To many that is a blessing.


Some links from friends: From Bruce:

above is japanese psych band the jacks. it contains both their lps "another world" and "super sessions" plus a couple bonus. these are Wma.

Above is the 1970 German band. mp3.

Above is Aunt Mary's LP Loaded. mp3.

Genesis - 1992 - Live The Way We Walk, Vol. 2 (The Longs)
from eriktheviking:

The above is the good Genesis stuff!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

A few new ones and part one of a wishlist

Nice pic eh? Not much out there for this album. In my opinion this is a psych masterpiece and is in heavy rotation on my turntable (when said tt is available!). This is Eyes of Blue's 1968 Mercury album Crossroads of Time. It's a tight sophisticated LP that in many places is quite advanced for the time. One of the few Beatle covers I can stand (Yesterday) and a punky version of 7+7 Is...., but my favorite is World of Emotion, which just puts a smile on my face whenever I hear it. Not far behind is Love Is the Law, but the whole album is highly listenable without the usual novelties and throwaway tracks psych LPs are often known for. Brillant!!!!

The Austrailian band Master's Apprentices 1st LP from 1967 is a freakbeat classic. It actually transcends freakbeat at times with some early psych and is quite an interesting album. My faves are the 2 punked out rave-ups that would make Jeff Beck (or more similarly Dave Davies) proud, these tracks, Undecided and Buried and Dead, are absolute killers with ripping leads and buzzsaw rhythm guitars and it makes you wonder why some of the other tracks are so lackluster (their weak cover of My Girl springs to mind). 10 tracks like the aforementioned 2 and this would have been a monster. But as it is, there is a bit of something for everyone, a bit of psych, soul, dance tunes, tributes to Bo Diddley and Chuck Berry (in each's respective style) and ballads. The last 4 tracks are non Lp tracks from a different source and quality is not quite as good as the LP itself, but interesting for a listen.

Something I posted as a request over at groovyfab, 2 of the 3 pre-Alice Cooper singles released in '66 and '67. From a boot 7" EP called the Spiders Vs. the Nazz. This is the 2nd single by the Spiders and the only Nazz (Cooper's or should I say Furnier's Nazz, not the Rundgren group) single. Sound quality is not the best, but not all of these have ever seen a legit rerelease, so here they are.

Before I put a questions to all you wonderful readers out there in blogland, here is a final album for today. A request from a week or so ago for some Birth Control. This is an overview of sorts spanning the years 1972-1976 and is called Birth Control Vol.2. Sorry couldn't find a cover for it, but it is a good sampler to decide if you want to explore this band further or not. If so, I can post more from these guys as I have several of their albums.


And now, I mentioned doing this several weeks ago and the idea just kinda faded away due to my short attention span, but I have been steadily putting a list of things I'd either like to hear, to replace stuff I lost (or got stolen, or sold) or just would like to have. This is a small sampling of my list which numbers over 2000 items at this time (and grows almost daily) and we'll see how it goes (if there is a decent response, I will post more eventually). If anyone can help out with anything on this list, I can email a list of stuff I have available (a trade off of sorts) and try to return the favor. If anyone wants to help me out, please email me at the address in my profile or leave a comment with a way for me to get in touch. Thanks in advance to any and all who can help me out.

A Foot In Cold Water - 2nd Foot In Cold Water/ All Around Us ('74 Daffodil)/ Breaking Through (77 Anthem) all are Canadian
Armaggeddon - same (69 Amos 7008) not the UK band or the German
Ashkan - In From the Cold (70 Sire 97017)
Atlee - Plant Me Now & Dig Me (73 Chelsea)
Aunt Mary - Live Reunion ('81)
Avalanche - same (76 or 77 ABC 1000)
Bachman Turner Overdrive - Japan Tour Live (77 Mercury Japan)
Bad Boy - Back To Back (78 United Artists)/The Band That Made Milwaukee Famous/Private Party (80 Streetwise 4321)/Electric Eyes (1984)
Bang - Music
Bastard - Back To the Nature (77 Nova 23288)/Tearing Nights (78 Nova 23619)/Live & Alive (80 Lava 8055) All German
Bedlam - same (73 Chrysalis 1048)
Bel Ami - Berlin Bel Nacht (79 Teldec) German
Bighorn - same (78 Columbia)
Birth Control - same (70 Prophesy 1002)/Operation/Hoodoo Man/Back Door Possibilities (76 Brain, German)/ Increase (77)/Titanic (78 Brain German)/Live '79
the Biz - A Matter of Time (79 Bent)Canadian
Blackfeather - any except At the Mountain of Madness
Blackfoot Sue - any
Blackhorse - same (79 DSDA 001) US
Blackstone - same (71 Epic 30470)
Boomtown Rats - 1st (77 Mercury)
Buffalo - any except Dead Forever and Volcanic Rock
Bulldog - same (72 Decca 75340)/Smasher (74 Buddah 5600)
Cargoe - (72 Ardent 2802)
Clear Blue Sky - Destiny (71 Vertigo)UK
Claw - Diggin' In
the Coloured Balls - any
Condition Green - Life of Change (Japan)
Copperhead - same (73 Columbia 32250)US
Corp. Gander's Fire Dog Brigade - On the Rock(71 Europa 460)German
Crack the Sky - same/ Animal Notes
Dionysos - any (Canadian)
Dirty Tricks - Night Man
DMZ - same (78 Sire 6051)
Dogfeet - same (70 Reflection) UK
Downtrip - If You Don't Rock Now
Face Dancer - This World/About Face (both US)
Fastbuck - same (UK)
Finch - any (the prog instrumental band)except Glory of the Inner Force
Flying Squad - same (78 Epic 82875)UK
Freedom - any
Freedom's Children - any except the 1968 LP
Furr - same (77 MagnaGlide)US
Gale Force - any
Hairy Chapter - Electric Sounds For Dancing (German, 1969)
Hammersmith - same
Hard Stuff - Bulletproof/Bolex Dementia
Harlequin - Victim of a Song/One Flase Move/Love Crimes
Haystacks Balboa - any
Heavy Load - Full Speed At High Level
Hello - Keeps Us Off the Streets
Help - same/ 2nd Coming
Highway Robbery - For Love Or Money
Horse - same
Horses - same (70 White Whale)
Hustler - High Street

Edit one, about 10 albums removed already. Thanks to all who have helped so far!!!!
Edit two, 5 more removed! Thanks!
Edit three, 4 more gone!! Yeehaaaa!!
Just removed 4 more.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Lots of new stuff and some links from friends

One of the harder rocking albums from the Ash. Always been one of my faves. Not much proggy stuff here but if you feel like rockin' this is a good way to do it.

Posted along with some others over at groovyfab, here is Popul Vuh's Krautrock classic Affenstunde from 1971.

Kraftwerk's first also from 1971 is a fun piece of the Krautrock puzzle, but these guys as most of you know are more responsible for the industrial type stuff, but among this albums 4 lenghty tracks is one rocker that is so unrepresentative of their style, it's kind of amazing (meaning that for any other band doing the style it would merely be just another song). Honestly not my cup o' tea, but here it is.

I must apologize for this one. I promised this to someone a long time ago and no matter how hard I tried it just doesn't sound too hot. The records are not in very good shape and it shows. It could definetly use someone who has some kind of editing software's magic touch. But beneath the surface (noise) there is some great blues rock goin' on here. This is (Neil) Merryweather's Word of Mouth 2 LP set from 1970 and has guests like Steve Miller, Howard Roberts, Barry Goldberg, and Dave Mason.

Another Krautrock album, here is Agitation Free's 2nd from 1973. Great album!!!!!

And yet another Krautrock album, Gaa from 1974 with Alraune Alptraum
I just got this a few days ago so I'll reserve any judgement til later.

This is a request from a friend, Paul, and this is the first of 3 or 4 albums by these guys I will be posting. This first one is from 1979 and is Flying Colors from Trooper, a cool AOR band from Canada. They had a semi-hit with Raise A Little Hell back in the early 80's that gets a spin or two still once in a while. I think I have that album too, but this was the first I grabbed.

Before I turn it over to two friends, I am taking a break for a day or two. I'll pop in from time to time to make sure I didn't f**k anything up and to respond to any comments but I have uploaded more than 25 albums and live shows and stuff in the past few days and I don't wanna burn out. So if you dig the stuff I'm doin' why not stop over at my other blog (which will be getting it's update when I finish this (new shows from Molly Hatchet and Fastway, more Stones demos, and a Lowell George Little Feat boot) and give me a few clicks on my sponsors up at the top of the page. Thanks!!!

And as I said up top, here are some links some friends sent, thanks to Bruce and Aveek.

From Bruce (these are WMA files):

the new chocolate watch band - get away from a couple years ago. 11 new songs. and josephus dead man alive.

From Aveek :
Links to Indus Creed albums:
Indus Creed (Rock Machine): 3 full albums: Rock 'N' Roll Renegade (1988), The Second Coming (1990) & Indus Creed (1995)

Indus Creed Lyrics:

Indus Creed CD Covers:

T2 - Fantasy CD cover:


Saturday, May 13, 2006

Another batch.....

Another Budgie, Never Turn Your Back On A Friend. From 1973, released to little or no fanfare at the time but became a sought after early metal release after being brought to fame by a certain metal band that sold their souls to corporate greed (and hasn't been worth a damn since 1988 in my opinion). But this is excellent hard rock for it's time, maybe a bit too lite in production, but still with very strong songs including my personal fave "In the Grip of a Tyrefitter's Hand" and that ditty about a money grubbing person (named Lars maybe?). Anyways, if you dig hearing the roots of metal, you'll like this one.

By request from a fellow blogger Carlos who has a cool blog I will add to my links ASAP. This is the first album by If. Jazz rock without being too over the top or laid back. Just nice listening. The drummer went on to be in Foreigner (just some worthless trivia I thought I'd throw in). Released on Capitol records in 1970.

Also by request here is Hustler's 1975 album Play Loud. Not an untrue sentiment, this is definitely one that goes to eleven without any problems and sounds quite good doing it. Once in a while it veers a bit too far into Bad Company's line of fire, but it's still a tight well produced slab of wax. If you like Badco, or Status Quo in the mid seventies this is well worth grabbing. This one was taken from vinyl and is one file. Tracks are:
Money Maker/You Had It Coming To You/Boogie Man/Break Of Day/Who D'yer Think Yer Foolin'//Goin' Home/Strange Love/Little People/Night Creeper

And before I forget, Greg from boomland has given me permission to post a fairly elusive album, at least for myself T2's 2nd LP Fantasy


And finally for tonight I ripped these to fill a request over at groovyfab, and decided they would fit good here too. I couldn't find any covers worth a damn so here is the music of Siloah, a communal band like Amon Duul and their first album bears lots of resemblance with it's anything goes attitude. Here's their self titled first album (also known as Savreadier)

Less spontaneous and more like Amon Duul 2 (early days) is the second LP called Sukram Gurk.


That's all for now. Coming up (I will finally have the Neil Merryweather done tomorrow I swear) Birth Control, Legs Diamond, (the Second Coming I promised before), some Trooper by request and much more.

OVER AT THE "Liveandotherwise" BLOG (very soon):

Deep Purple-Newcastle, Australia 03-14-2001
Jimi Hendrix - Sotheby Auction Tapes (Axis outtakes, etc)
Dio - 1983 KBFH
Rolling Stones - Beggar's Breakfast (outtakes, demos)
Van Halen - Dave Is Back:Rarest Covers & Demos
Grand Funk Railroad - Atlanta Pop Festival

C'mon over and check it out if you haven't already (and even if you have). It's the first link in my linklists.

Friday, May 12, 2006

More goodies......

Moonrakers - Together With Him. Released in 1969 on Shamely a subsidiary of Uni records.
Tracks are listed in comments thanks to a helpful person, and please read the comment I wrote right after that post.) This is an album I ripped to CD a few years back and I cannot find the paper I wrote the song titles down on. And this album ranks highly on list of favorites. A musical link between Iron Butterfly and Steppenwolf, if you can believe that (at least those are the 2 bands I hear comparisons to). Also a heavy Christian theme throughout.But at least there's some claims to fame from this album-some of these guys went on to form Sugarloaf.

Here's a cool link for more info (but no damn songtitles): (also cool links to info about related bands and some cool radio spots.

When I was 10 or 11 years old, I found this album at a flea market in a fifty cent bin. Of course my brain was filled with Kiss and Deep Purple at the time so when I gave this a spin I couldn't really grab the vibe (although my friend and I used to put on the song "Kissy Face" and laugh our asses off). So I took this to the record store and traded it, probably for more Kiss or Peter Frampton stuff (God, I wish I had kept it!!!!!!). Years later, I knew I had to have it again and found it on CD with bonus tracks (the bonus tracks are just alternative mixes, but .....) . Now that I can appreciate this material, I just have to say this is one fabulous album. Great late 60's U.S. psych at it's best--the Maze Armageddom.

Minotaurus - Fly Away. 1977. More nice progressive stuff from Germany. Not really a fave but I figured some of you might enjoy this.

Electric Sandwich - 1972 self titled prog jazz from Germany. Great cover too!!!

Demon Thor - Written In the Sky 1974. Yet more prog jazz from Germany. Nice lenghty tracks and great musicians.

And finally back to the U.S. for 1971's Tripsichord Music Box. Their lone album is a little late in the game for this kind music, which is West Coast vibe stuff kinda like the Dead and (especially) Jefferson Airplane and a little Quicksilver thrown in for good measure. Fairly rare LP but I guess since it's time had passed before it got released it must have just slipped into the void. Nice psych well worth checking into, in my opinion.


I am still working on vinyl and will get the stuff I promised ASAP, except for the Space Rangers by Neil Merryweather which was just way too beat. I spent way too much on my new stylus to attempt anything really beat, but the rest is coming very soon.

Have fun and as always, enjoy!!!!!!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Learning as I go along....

First off, with my apologies for taking so long, here is the missing track from the Hawkwind album along with some covers I've found for it. I've been ripping vinyl like a mad dog and haven't had time for much else. Give me a turntable and I'm a happy guy.

And from a weird little movie made in 1968 by Peter Yarrow from Peter Paul & Mary we have the acid dripping soundtrack which contains the strangest track you'll ever hear Paul Butterfield sing on, the moog and keyboard stylings of John Simon, Tiny Tim backed by the Band on covers of Ronettes and Sonny & Cher tunes, and the freakout song from Mike Bloomfield & the Electric Flag. Interesting stuff. CD is long outta print (and why was it released on CD in the first place, what did the LP sell, like 25 copies?).

1. Teenage Fair
John Simon
2.Moments of Soft Persuasion
Peter Yarrow
3.Silly Girl
Peter Yarrow
4.Desert Moog Music
John Simon
5.Be My Baby
Tiny Tim w/the Hawks (the Band)
6.the Family Dog
John Herold
7.the Nude Dance
El Din
8.My Name Is Jack
John Simon
9.I Got You Babe
Tiny Tim & the Hawks (the Band)
10.You Are What You Eat
Paul Butterfield
11.Beach Music
John Simon
John Simon/Peter Yarrow
13.Don't Remind Me Now of Time
John Simon/Peter Yarrow
14.Painting for Freakout
John Simon
John Simon & The Electric Flag

Soundtrack Album - You Are What You Eat - 1968 - Columbia OS-3240


And finally, a request filled for a patient soul of the group Rex's 1st album, Rex. It was released in 1976 and is amazingly good. Midwest hard rock as solid as anything else put out around this time, I think it could stand up to Montrose, Nugent or any of those nameless hard rock bands in '76. If you liked the Silverhead albums ChrisGoesRock posted, try this, I doubt it will disappoint, just try to forget the guy singing 3 years later put out that teenybopper tear jerker "You Take My Breath Away" and then starred in the Pirates of Pensance (sp?).

Over at the other place very soon:

Zappa (w/Belew), ZZ Top and Leon Russell.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Warm Dust revisited

In the comments section for the Lothar/Ohio Express there are new links to Warm Dust from herr k. Thanks to him!! These are from CD. No passwords.

Warm Dust - Peace For Our Time (1971) / Warm-Dust -And it came to Pass(1972) (on 1 CD)

Just a couple for tonight and coming attractions.....

A request from over at the groovy fab forum that I thought fit here perfectly. A freaky noise-ladden first LP from Lothar and the Hand People called Presenting...... Looks like high school yearbook phots on the cover!!! These freaky guys do a wild version of Bye Bye Love by the Everlys, plus tons of originals. I think the vocals on Machines have a Beatlesque quality at times, but the real freakout song has gotta be Kids Are Little People which is Devo 10 years too early. Anyways this is a cool LP from a time when record companies would give damn near anything a shot (AKA:the GOOD old days) and this qualifies as anything, but I think there is some real talent in these grooves. Looking for their second album (hint hint) if anyone has it.

1 Machines
2 This Is It
3 This May Be Goodbye
4 That's Another Story
5 Kids Are Little People
6 Ha (Ho)
7 Sex and Violence
8 Bye Bye Love
9 Milkweed Love
10 You Won't Be Lonely
11 The Woody Woodpecker Song
12 It Comes on Anyhow
13 Paul, in Love
14 Have Mercy [*]
15 Let the Boy Pretend [*]
16 L-O-V-E (Ask for It by Name) [*]
17 Rose Colored Glasses [*]
18 Every Single Word [*]
19 Comic Strip [*]

[*] CD bonus tracks

Here's one I ripped from vinyl (and it was in pretty bad shape too). I came out alright if anyone wants it. Cool cross between bubblegum and garage rock. Beg Borrow & Steal by the Ohio Express released in 1968 on Cameo records.

1 Beg, Borrow and Steal
2 And It's True
3 Had to Be Me
4 Let Go
5 Soul Struttin'
6 Try It
7 I Know We'll Be Together
8 I Find I Think of You
9 Stop Take a Look Around
10 Hard Times
11 It's Too Groovy


I have finally dug out some of my older albums that have been boxed up for quite awhile and found some more requests I've had over time so coming tomorrow or the next day are the following: Neil Merryweather - Word of Mouth and Space Rangers, Rex - same (AKA the Red album), Gaa, Second Life, Happy the Man - Crafty Hands, the Wackers - Hot Wacks and more.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

the Other White Witch

Here's the 1st White Witch album by request.
Not much different than the other one, maybe a bit more sinister.

And a couple I posted other places--

Artful Dodger - Honor Among Thieves. Their 1976 Columbia LP at 320k. Basic no frills hard rock. LINK FIXED!!!!!!!

And Dire Straits first @320k.


Friday, May 05, 2006

Paul Carrack & ex - Blossom Toes

An early turn by Paul Carrack as keyboardist (no lead vocals) on this very Canterbury sounding rarity that I have been promising for quite awhile now. It's ripped from vinyl at 256k and there are a few pops and cracks here and there but it sounds pretty nice. It's kinda jazzy, sometimes a bit bluesy, and sometimes a bit proggy. This is the first of 2 Warm Dust Lps (and I don't have the other) called And It Came To Pass.

A rare find a few days ago and I remember somebody somewhere requesting it a while back.
This is basically Blossom Toes (and if you could see the back cover the guys are standing near a pile of trash, inside one of the trash bags is the We Are Ever So Clean album by B.Toes) in a more hard rock guise (at least a few tracks). I haven't heard it enough to really pass judgment on it, but it was in decent shape so I just ripped it. The rip is side one/side two because all the tracks segued together. They are listed to the left on the cover in correct order. BB Blunder - Worker's Playtime.

Not much today but these vinyl rips take more time to do. I will be back tomorrow with the 1st White Witch and a few surprises.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

It Flies Sideways Through Time........

I wish I had a silver machine for my time travels. To take me back to when I was around 9 or 10 and heard In Search of Space echoing out of my neighbors house. He was in the army and had spent about 2 thousand bucks on a top of the line stereo that could be heard a block away. I sat and listened forever and got turned on to so much great tuneage that I have loved ever since, Golden Earring, Mountain, Deep Purple, Grand Funk, and the list goes on and on. But Hawkwind did something to me, even then, that keeps me listening 30 years later. It's one of those things in my life that I just can't pinpoint, but every time I hear this album I'm a kid again sitting in my backyard on a sunny summer day just listening................and wishing I had a Silver Machineall over again!!!!

For John and all the other time travellers out there.


A friend of the blog has sent a little extra along if you'd like it.
These are scans of the booklet that comes with the album.

He says he will leave them up for a few days (he's using his personal bandwidth) so grab them while you can!!!!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Oh God, here we go again!!!!!!!

Well my last posting was certainly as popular as a dog turd on white carpet, so hopefully I've chosen some better material for your dancing and dining pleasure today!!! Well they made one or two people happy so I guess it's okay. Well people I'm batting about .000 on those requests so I guess I'll have to go back to the archives today. The albums I promised I'd rip are coming along it's just hard to do anything else while I'm doing that (stand alone burner woes) so gimme a couple more days.

Here is a great album from Quicksilver Messenger Service, their follow up to Happy Trails entitled Shady Grove. A classy West Coast LP if there ever was one.

Triumvirat - Illusions on A Double Dimple. My second favorite LP from these proggers (Spartacus is my fave). The cover also asks that age old question: Which came first the mouse or the egg? I don't know the answer and I also wonder, what in the hell does it have to do with Illusions on a Double Dimple? What are Illusions on a Double Dimple? Aah forget it, just listen to the album and thrill to some great progressive gems.

For you guys and gals into something a bit heavier (just a bit, this ain't Slayer) here is my second favorite band that isn't the Allman Brothers on Capricorn records(my first is Capt. Beyond) White Witch with their second satanic looking LP "A Spiritual Greeting". It all sounds real innocent to me, in fact some of the songs start out almost bubllegummy and then progress to a harder rock sound. Love that southern sounding lead guitar on a few of the tracks but I don't really think this sounds southern at all otherwise (Dave Marsh, Rolling Stone reviewer at one time sez they are but he also thinks rap music is rock n roll's saving grace so whadafuk does he know). I just liked it the first time I heard it and even a couple times after the first too.

Overseas blues rock always seems to be heavier than anything the states produced. Livin' Blues, Ten Years After, Krokodil, Cream all blasted their blues with a shot of hard rock that I always found preferable to the guys who stuck closer to the original sounds.This band here is no exception and this 90's compilation of their early 70's stuff is fun stuff indeed. My tags on this say Junior's Waiting (cuz that's what I thought it was called for a long tiime) but Junior's Wailing fits it much better!!! Smokin' hot blues rock from the UK!

And last for today, a mellow yet great album from the mainmen of the Moodies, Justin Hayward & John Lodge. I've always loved this album's beautiful melodies and uplifting harmonies. Sweet sounds to wind down when you need to. I din't have covers fro this but if you want there is a link below to get some.


Thanks for checking out my site and my other site too (as always click that little box at the top of the other site, my family and I thank you for doing it). Over there I've recently posted Mahavishnu Orchestra, Plastic Ono Band, Journey (the proggy stuff), Fotheringay, Robin Trower and Slade.
It's the first link in my list o' links below.