Tuesday, February 28, 2006

How To Blow Your Mind and Have a Hookfoot party

Hello again,

Have 2 quite diverse elpees to share this evening. First up is Hookfoot's Roaring album, released in 1973 on A&M records (cat. # SP-4409). This was ripped in 320kbps directly from the vinyl album so a little surface noise will be present, but the LP was a really clean dj copy so it's fairly minimal. I serched the web for a pic of the cover and came up empty handed, but I did find a really cool (and small) Fin Costello photo to post of the band in action.

Here's the link to the tunage, which by the way is of the classic hardrock variety with a touch of southern rock added in a stylish way.

Lastly in the catagory of exploito-psych comes one of my fave LPs, by the Unfolding called, How To Blow Your Mind and Have A Freakout Party. Not much known about this one but as far as this kinda stuff goes, it is one the harder titles to find. It was released on the Audio Fidelity label in 1967.

This one was not ripped by me and is in 192kbps. Being as hard to find as it is, I was glad to get it at all!!


Here's One More For Today

This is a bit off the path of what I will be putting here usually, but it was with the GG & F elpee I posted and I thought someone might dig it. It's a boot of the Raspberries that I got many moons ago and is a cool little rarity. Tracks 1-6 are from a Don Kirshner's Rock Concert broadcast in 1973, 7-11 are from a DKRC '74 b'cast, tracks 12-15 are from a Cleveland Ohio tv show called Flipside broadcast circa 1973/4 and the final tracks, 16-19 are from the Berries 1998 reunion show. You get a bit of overlapping on the tracks, for example Go All the Way is on every segment, and the sound is less than perfect (but still quite listenable!!), but it's just one of those fun artifacts I have lying around. I hope someone will enjoy it as I have for many years!!!



Here's some Cheerful Insanity from Robert Fripp

Up next is a weird, fun LP by Robert Fripp and the brothers Giles (not to be confused with the brothers Gibb). It was released in early 1968 and sounds unlike anything else Fripp has done since (IMHO). I ripped this CD to MP3 (320kbps) a couple years ago and sold the disc, so I don't have covers but I'm sure they can be found if you look around on the net somewhere. Not only does it include the LP but also all singles released in stereo and mono and I believe an outtake or two. Enjoy the Cheerful Insanity of Giles, Giles and Fripp.


When I re-upped these to .com from .de those files changed names. They still work!!!


Back soon with more rare stuff. Have fun!!!