Sunday, February 24, 2008

If anyone is still around......

Still no solution to my aforementioned problems, but since I still want to keep this blog rolling (pun intended) I have come up with an idea. What is happening is after an hour or so my uploads are timing out and I cannot get a full file to upload to either rapidshare or megaupload. So I am going to put this question to any and all who still may be lurking around my humble domocile:

Would anyone be interested in me uploading files song by song (i.e.: one file per song) or would this be a total waste of time? I think I can get it to work this way, and it would only be temporary until I get my shit together. I figure for those with accounts with rapidshare it probably wouldn't be a total pain in the ass, but for those without, it would probably take hours and hours. So let me know if this sounds okay for an interim solution and I will be back in a couple days to get a verdict. Please let me know either way.

Also wanna say hello and thanks to all those who haven't totally given up on me yet and thanks to Kit who has taken command of the liveandotherwise blog and turned it into one hell of a cool place to grab the hard goods!