Saturday, April 29, 2006

Turntable's back!

Mine is the mono version. But, this album is absolutely fantastic. From 1967 it's the Easybeats Friday on my Mind LP. They do a great version of River Deep Mountain High, plus some great originals. Listening to this album today, I found it hard to believe this was a '67 LP. It sounds so advanced, especially the guitar. This band included Vanda & Young later in Flash & the Pan and producers of this Australian band called AC/DC that a few of you may have heard of. Speaking of AC/DC go over to my "live" place and grab a great show from '77.

A long time favorite, it's the Little Boy Blues and their In the Woodland of Weir LP. Released on Fontana records in 1968, these guys from Chicago play bluesy garage psych with an emphasis on FUZZZ. This is some of the most fuzzed out guitar I've had the pleasure of hearing. Amazing stuff from my vinyl archive.

You can almost see the picture of the next album I ripped today. Someone asked for this a loooooooong time ago and now I've finally got it done. This is Jeremy (Steig) and the Satyrs self titled Reprise album from '68. A pinch each of rock, jazz and blues make this an interesting slab of vinyl. Reminds me in places of Blodwyn Pig. Sorry bout the pic.


Over at within the hour:

Led Zep - Bonham Sessions

Van Halen - Demo Daze ('76 & '77 outtakes and live unreleased stuff)

Patti Smith with John Cale

AC/DC - She's Got Balls (live from '77 w/Bon Scott and a couple outtakes)


Friday, April 28, 2006

Even more fun stuff

Gong - Angel's Egg (Radio Gnome Invisible 2). The 1973 companion piece to the Flying Teapot (sorry don't have it at the moment) has some great spacey songs and strange psychy snipets from Allen, Hillage and co. A fun record to listen to and a challenge too.

Here is a strange record I posted as a request at groovy fab and thought it might be of interest here. It is the Commercial Album by the Residents. Released in 1980 it is 40 1 minute songs that can only be classified as bizarre. But there is a strange psych feel to a lot of the Residents stuff and I've always dug what they were doing.

The Beefheart stuff seems to be really well liked so today I tacked up another one. It's his 1970 follow up to Trout Mask Replica, Lick My Decals Off Baby. Every bit as strange and disjointed as his previous slab o' wax, this one is more concise due to it's one LP versus two on the previous. But nothing else in the world sounds like the good Captain in his early days and this is strong stuff. Use with extreme caution.

When the Yardbirds split up, I'll bet no one in their right mind would've figured this is the direction Keith Relf would've taken. But he did, and was the beginning of a band with a long storied history. Although there a couple of mildly rocking cuts here (and even one cut rocks pretty hard for a section or two), most of the album is classically rooted piano ballads and Keith's wife Jane's soothing vocals. A long time favorite of mine, I'm really not a big fan of follow ups to this as the band changed line ups more than they changed undergarments and Keith left after this LP anyway. But this is a great album start to finish. Here is the self titled debut from 1969.

Every one seemed to enjoy Planets so much I dug up another Eloy to share with ya'll. This one is Ocean 2:the Answer. To me it seems awful close to new age type stuff and I really ain't into that at all, but a friend sent it to me and he raved about how great it was (which makes me wonder about his taste) so I'll again leave that verdict for you to decide.

And finally for today a great album from Blues Image from 1969. Ride Captain Ride is here and I love that song so much I just wanted everyone to have it. Far out patriotic hippies. The rest of the album ain't bad either.

Neil Young and Yes are going up over at my other place. C'mon over and say hi.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Feel good music for a Tuesday

Martha Velez is a bluesy vocalist with lots of soul (the Janis Joplin & Ruby Starr style) with a few albums to her credit. My favorite is this one, Fiends and Angels, released in 1970 on the Sire label. It is a vinyl rip at 256k and the files are broken up between side one and side two. Tracks listed below. (Although I tried everything to fix it, track 3, the Dylan cover tune on side two has a skip or two that weren't fixable, sorry).

Side One:I'm Gonna Leave You/Swamp Man/A Fool For You/In My Girlish Days/Very Good Fandango/Tell Mama

Side Two:Feel So Bad/Drive Me Daddy/It Takes A Lot To Laught, It Takes A Train To Cry/Come Here Swwet Man/Let the Good Times Roll.

By request, the other Dr. Dopo Jam LP Entree. Just as good as the other. If you liked it, you'll like this.

Try this for some pop sike sunny happy bubblegummy groovy listening music with some garage thrown in for good measure. It NC6's Revelations released in 1968 on Mercury records also at 256k. This as the Martha Velez is ripped off of vinyl and each file contains a whole side.

Side One:I Will Always Think About You/Dandy Howdy Man/Girl Unsigned/Treat Her Groovy/Summertime's Another Name For Love (love that title!!!)/Just Feel Worse

Side Two:Can't You See Me Cry/We Will Love Again/Things I'd Like To Say/Hold Me With Your Eyes/You Know Better

Here's more of the same, from Timothy Clover, who wasn't really Timothy Clover, but studio people put together for the "concept" and produced by the guys who produced Teddy & the Pandas. Interesting worthless trivia: album released before this one on Tower in 1968--The Smoke-same, album released after--the Love Exchange-same. Lotsa cool stuff on that Tower label.

This album reminds me of swinging London type pop-sike although is really was created in Bosstown (or Beantown as it says here). Check out the track "when You're Dreamin" my personal fave or the bunch.

Had a hard time finding a pic of this. Giant Crab's Cool It...Helios released (again) in 1968 on Uni (I think they were one of the coolest labels in the late 60's). This one starts pretty wild and then tames down to be a nice dreamy psych album. Fun album, ripped from vinyl (yes again) and files are as foillows (because most of the tracks flow into each other):

01:the Invasion of Helios
02:Cool It
03:Hello Yesterday/Trust Somebody/Don't Make Me Leave You/What Became of Yesterday's Hero/Welcome to the World/Help Yourself
04:It's Getting Harder/Who Can Teach A Songbird How To Sing?/Everything Comes Sooner or Later/Cleo/Don't Jump To Conclusions/Popcorn Double Feature/Walking In Different Circles/I Don't Want To Live This Way.

Dim Chandilier sent a link to a Peter Banks LP for everyone--It's the 2 Sides of Peter Banks. Great album!!! Thanks!!!

Also for the other two Flash LPs go over to this great great blog:

And finally (shameless self promotion)for some live Tom Waits, live Jack Bruce with Gary Moore, and some Paul McCartney & Wings outtakes, go to this place here:

And click those ads at the top over there, I'm going to be a whore. Actually I just wanna see what happens. So like Chris says the more clicks I get the more stuff I'll post.

Have fun and enjoy!!!

Monday, April 24, 2006

A whole new world (yeah I removed that silly other title)

Part one of a two parter. This CD contains the first 2 Flash LPs. Flash was the band that splitered off of Yes after the first 2 albums and funnily enough, they sound more like the band Yes became after the split. Kinda funny, at least I thought it was. Anyway, cool album, the is Flash's first and if this one does good, I'll upload the 2nd (Out of Our Hands) tomorrow.

Some fans say this is a dated and weak album by Steppenwolf. I kinda dig it, especially the title track. And if you ever listen to later stuff like Slow Flux or Skullduggery, this becomes an instant classic (although there are things I like about those albums too, just not much). This was John Kay's (awkward) attempt at politics and if you just listen to the music you can forget all that. Politics schmalatics, I say, the whole world should just fire one up and jam on some groovy tunes.

Someone emailed and asked if I had anymore Atlantis (they can't get enuff of that Inga stuff) and here is my reply. The '73 album It's Getting Better. I don't know if that's true or not, but it's certainly not getting worse yet(that would happen later[anyone heard's Inga's late 70's disco?]) . Based on style and substance, I'd sat It's Just About the Same. And that's pretty damn good.


I have decided to separate my live/outtakes/unreleased stuff and start up another blog (oh boy) . I just started it and there are only 3 items there so far, but take a look if you like the live side of things. I won't tell you who I posted first, but I'll give a hint: ZAPSABRUND.

here's how to get there:


Saturday, April 22, 2006

Sinners and Angels all in one tiny post!

First the angels, by request: Glass Harp Live! At Carnegie Hall. Recorded in 1971, these guys were an underrated power trio. The only comparison I can think of would be the James Gang due to the fact both bands would go from quiet to loud and from ballads to hard rock in the blink of an eye and both bands have (had) a guitar genius in their ranks (both were from Ohio too). But the comparisons end there and Glass Harp are christian based rock with psych leanings. They liked to jam also and the last track (Can You See Me) clocks in at nearly 30 minutes. Jethro Tull fans can rejoice at the flute solo and guitar affiecianodos like my self can groove the teenaged Phil Keaggy who shows off his ample licks within these 6 great tunes. The other two members were Dan Pecchio (bass, bg vox and that aforementioned flute) and John Sferra, Keaggy's friend since childhood and the skinsman of the group. Although Keaggy has pretty much remained a solo act since he left the group in 1972, the band still reunites and tours from time to time. There is even a rumor that they will get together again very soon with not only a tour but some new music as well. This album was released in 1997 on Phil's label. (no passwords tonight)

For more Phil Keaggy/Glass Harp info go here:

Next up, the Sinners. Les Sinners to be exact. This is their 1968 LP Vox Populi and it's a fun and often strange album from this French speaking Canadian band. Great cover too. The title track runs through the whole album between tracks and although I can't understand a word, I listen to this quite a bit. It's folky in spots, but with a definite psych vibe running through it. These guys made several albums but this is the only one I've ever found. They have a song called Marie Jeanne and when I hit the translater to try to get info on these guys (every site in French) it translated to marijuana. Could it be? Hell if I know. Just give this a listen, it makes me feel high. The album isn't tagged so song titles are listed below. Every other track is a snipet (5 to 20 seconds long) of the title track and they are listed as VP.

1.Vox Populi 2.FouDu Roi 3.VP 4.Tard, Il Se Fait Tard 5. VP 6. Avjourd Hui Et Demian 7.VP
8.Kid Sentiment 9.VP 10.Devoir Partir 11.VP (side Two begins here) 12. VP 13. Je Ne Sais Pas 14. VP 15.Depuis Longtemps Deja 16.VP 17.Monsieur Ding Ding 18.VP 19.Marie Jeanne 20.VP 21.Pourquoi Croire/Qublier Le Temps 22. VP

Haymarket Square - Magic Lantern. 1969 Chaperrel album. Do I really need to say anything about this album? West coast style psychedelia at it's finest and long a holy grail to collectors of the genre. 6 long tracks of groovy music for your next trip (anywhere you wanna go). I ain't wastin' keystrokes here, if you love psych and haven't heard this, get it!!!!! As Frank Zappa would've said---You'll love it!!!

Friday, April 21, 2006

Friday On my Mind

John Fred & His Playboy Band - Agnes English. This is an album I've loved for a few years now. Most people call these guys bubblegum based on their lone hit which is here on their 3rd LP originally titled Agnes English, but they are more than that. Blue eyed soul, garage rock, blues, ballads, its all here. The album title was changed to to the name of the hit and a different cover supplied. Contrary to most people I prefer the first cover but I have upped the reissue for you to check out. But look to the left, see the skinny guy sitting? That's John. Listen to voice, does it sound like it belongs to him? I don't think so, but I will his voice is great!! Blue-eyed soulish but able to adapt to several genres--from garage to bubblegum. There are even very lite touches of psych here and there. My favorite song is the final track AcHenall Riots. I think its a brilliant song. John Fred passed away 1 year and six days ago due to kidney failure.


Van Ronk was a folk singer. For this April, 1968 album he hooked up with a band called the Hudson Dusters. The Dusters keyboard player was called Pot. Pot is the freaked out looking guy on the far left on the cover. Not essential info, but fun info!!!
The music transcends folk quite a bit, but the best track (of course in my opinion) is a cover of Clouds (From Both Sides Now) the song made famous by Judy Collins. A real tear jerker, it's basically Dave and his guitar and probably the only song that could be called trad folk here. The other songs try to be hip philosophically and socially aware and often sound forced and dated, but many are fun, like Keep Off the Grass . But it's best to stay away from his cover of Alley Oop.

Dave is also gone now, he passed 2/10/2002.


By request, here is Hawkwind's 1984 LP Chronicle of the Black Sword. I hear the beginnings of the direction they would take later in the decade, but this still rocks. I guess I will always love the 1972-1977 versions of this band the best. Front cover is in the rar file.


Finally for tonight, also by request, we have Friar Tuck and His Psychedelic Guitar. Another exploito psych LP, but this one has a few twists that endear it to people more than the usual LPs from this genre. One, it was produced by Curt Boettcher, and two it features the guitars of Mike Deasy and Ben Benay. This is really some tripped out stuff here, but it doesn't start out that way. The first track is a cover of Tommy Roe's Sweet Pea and it is played pretty much straight except for the vocals, which are either horrible or hilarious depending on how they strike you, and a weird out of tune guitar plunks out of tune notes at all the wrong times. Next, a by the numbers cover of Louie Louie and then the weirdness begins, and it soon devolves into absolute madness, with background vocals that sound like they are from the Bob Crewe Generation begin chanting over tape loops, Deasy and Benay start playing Hendrixesque (in his primitive state)solos over mind numbing repetitive easy listening backgrounds. Voices appear and disappear, sounds clang and crash, blips fly through the speakers and it just all goes crazy. It's something you'll either love or hate, and if you liked the Unfolding album I posted awhile back, you'll like this.

Recorded from an old scratchy LP this isn't the best file I've ever posted, but I doubt this one is getting on a CD anytime soon.

Here is a list of the guilty parties:

Mike Deasy (g) with:
Ben Benay (g), Jim Healms (g), Butch Parker (p), Mike Henderson (org), Toxie French (vib), Jerry Shelff (b), Jim Troxel (ds),
Curt Boettcher (vo), Jim Bell (vo), Michelle O'Malley (vo), Sandy Salisbury (vo), Dottie Holmberg (vo), Sharon Oison (vo), Dyann King (vo), Alicia Vigil (vo), Bob Turner (vo).


Thursday, April 20, 2006

Just dropped in to drop a couple.........

Just a couple requests to post tonight. I will be back tomorrow or Saturday with a nice bunch of stuff for everyone. I am also starting to password my files, for reasons I won't go into. The password will always be timetraveller (unless otherwise noted). I hate to have to do it, because it's a pain in the ass, but it's the way it's gotta be. I will try to remember to always note it but everyone who visits here has gotta know by now I am absent minded as hell.

I found a nice link for everyone to check out whileI was searching to make sure what I am posting isn't already somewhere else (it's gettin' tough to be original folks!!!). This one has the Blackwater Park LP that was requested (the links are working still on all the stuff I checked, but I make no promises, cuz it's from about 5 months ago, might wanna get there fast).

Go down the list a bit and you'll find not only the above album (which is great BTW) by cool stuff by Beggar's Opera and Nektar and others.

For my posts today, the first one is questionable, but I couldn't find it anywhere so I reupped it. It is the 2nd album by the Hook, called the Hook Will Grab You. I believe it was either ChrisGoesRock or Chocoreve where I got this, but I couldn't find it at either blog so here it is.


This is the first LP by Atlantis from 1972 with the incredible vocals of Inga Rumpf (I think I spelled it right). A fun rockier effort from the German band that I ripped a few years ago from vinyl. Sorry for the pops & cracks. Again I found some covers for this and they are in the rar file.


And finally for this lovely Thursday evening is a great jazz rock band. Reminiscent of Zappa at times but still a nice cross between progressive and jazz rock. It's the wonderfully named Dr. Dopo Jam and their wonderfully titled 1974 LP Fat Dogs and Danishmen.


See you in a day or two. Enjoy!

Diversity is the spice of life.........

These were requests for people over at groovy fab. I decided to put them over here too. Kathy & Carol was a rare barely released LP on Elektra records back in '65 until the good folks at Collector's Choice released it. It bombed too, but I found a copy at my library (they come up with this but try to find Joe Walsh or Bob Dylan there) and ripped a copy. It's just Kathy, Carol and an acoustic guitar on most tracks (on the others its Kathy and Carol without guitar). I detect a bit of celtic influence here but what do I know. I am no expert on folk. I will say these girls sing much better than Dave Van Ronk.........

From 1973 here is Cleveland Ohio's own Granicus. This is their only LP and it's Led Zepish hard rock. In fact the singer sounds quite a bit like Bob Plant from time to time (also sounds a bit like Dave King from Fastway too, but Dave was probably going for Plant too). But this is hard for '73, bluesy and soulful too. This was recorded from vinyl by a friend a long time ago and is a single file.

Songs: You're in America/Bad Talk/TwilightPrayer/Cleveland, Ohio/Nightmare/When You're Movin'/Paradise.

I also uploaded the Ram Jam albums too, but they ended up over at Zinhof's so if you want it, go to get it there.

I don't have a clue what to put up here next, anyone up for the Grease 2 soundtrack? How about Engelbert Humperdinck? Heino? Mrs. Miller? anyone? anyone? hello?

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The Grandaddies of Krautrock

They invented the term (or the term was invented for them). Starting as a mix of art rock and 60's progressive, mixed with the trippiest elements of psychedelia the Amon Duul collective basically started a new genre. In my previous post I included the 1st Amon Duul LP, which features members that split into two separate camps, the band using the original name stuck with more experiemental styles than the splinter group, the imaginatively named Amon Duul 2, taking on a more mainstream (at least compared to the original band) progressive rock direction. There were 3 albums by the original Duul, but all 3 were recorded at the same time and sound similar. This is the 1st LP by AD2, from 1970 Phallus Dei

Next up, Collapsing (AKA: Singvögel Rückwärts & Co.) the first Amon Duul LP released after the collective split. Note: this album was taken from an old LP and is not the greatest sound quality, but the album wasn't recorded very well to begin with.

Next up is the other LP released by 1 in 1970
Para Dieswärts Düül . Link was supplied by Microdot, who is an all around great guy, and he also supplied a few others here.
Make sure you drop him a big thanks for them.

And also from 1970 (busy years for all these cats!!) is the classic Amon Duul 2 LP Yeti.

We return now to AD1 and their 1971 LP Disaster. They begin to get more tuneful and to have a bit more in common with 2, but avant garde is not a title that completely eludes their music.

From 1972, AD2's Carnival In Babylon, a classic of the krautrock genre and one of my personal favorites. Again, thanks to Microdot for the link!!

1973's Wolf City. Another brilliant LP from AD2. Again, one from the mighty Microdot!!

Oops blogger screwed the pictures again, but there is even more Amon Duul, more I tell ya, more!!!!!!

Here is AD2's 1974 LP Hijack (Microdot link)

Also from '74, here 2's Live in London

And finally from 1975 here is the 2 LP version of AD2's Made in Germany.

And for even more go to the following: (for Tanz Der Lemmings)

and (for the '96 reunion show)

That's all for today folks!!!

Monday, April 17, 2006

Today is a new day........

El Shalom - Frost. Date of release varies from site to site on this one, but I think '75 turns up the most often so....let's go with that. But this one sounds more like 1969 and that's one of favorite things about it. Really cool psych/prog. Give it a try and see whatcha think.

Next up is one I promised a bit ago and almost forgot about (sorry) but I did add a little bonus (and I'll get Granicus up next). This is hard biker rock from the midwest (Columbus, Ohio USA to be specific) and although the production leaves a bit to be desired (they were on Neil Bogart's short lived Millenium label, which basically released the non-disco stuff from his stable) there are a few tasty nuggets to be found, especially the final track, Candy's Going Bad.

And here is the bonus, a 1995 reunion show that was released on the High Chief label (#1002) in the Ohio area. Very short lived in print and extremely hard to find these days, and the sound quality is excellent, in my opinion better than the above album, and has damn near everything in livelier versions.

Amon Duul (sorry no umlauts on my keys) began life as a communal group that released art-rock albums before splitting into 2 camps (hence Amon Duul II) and both going in a more prog direction. This is where it began for the original group with 1969's Psychedelic Underground, a fun and classy romp through the sounds that were a part of the German underground at this time. Over time I hope to add more of the obscure releases from both camps, figuring most fans have the more well known stuff from II, such as Wolf City and Tanz Der Lemmings but I figured that this was a good place to start with the Duul. Any requests?

I absolutely love this album. From the
first official reissue of this legendary Westcoast acid psych masterpiece. It was recorded 1969 in Hollywood and originally released on Chartmaker. Goldenrod is not just the backing band of Darius -- it is Ben Benay, Jerry Scheff and Toxey French who all were involved into several major projects, playing with Elvis Presley, 5th Dimension, supporting The Doors, Ventures to name a few. On this album they let it all go-- just caring about their own passion with a magical sound in 4 long cuts: Descent of the cyclopeans/ Karmic Dream Sequence/ The Gator Society/ Standing Ovaluation -- those satisfy by its intense and emotional sound with ultimate guitarwork by Ben Benay. Ben was also one of the main culprits in one of many exploito psych LPs called Friar Tuck & His Psychedelic Guitar and did a couple solo albums for Capitol in the mid 60's including a blues harmonica album.


And from Bruce here are a few choice nuggets :

Iron Butterfly - Live 5-3-88 (128k) Reunion show from Boston @ Summerville Theater.

Crystal Circus - same (Strawberry Alarm Clock releated)

The personnel above are as credited on the Akarma LP but all may not be as it seems.... Supposedly a reissue of an untitled 1968 album, allocated a catalog # of All-American AA-5733-LPD (it sez), that only made it to the test-pressing stage. One copy surfaced in 2000 with a price-tag of $1500.
This group/project was in Bill Holmes' All-American stable of inter-twined groups from in and around the Santa Barbara, California area. Greg Munford had been with Thee Sixpence up to the point that they recorded the Incense And Pepermints (sic) 45 and became The Strawberry Alarm Clock. Crystal Circus would appear to have been his next venture. He was involved in other projects and a 45 released in '67 by The Shapes Of Sound - Lost Weekend / Twisted Conversation (All-American 343) - is a likely candidate, given that Twisted Conversation turns up on the Crystal Circus LP.

Fuzzy Duck - Fuzzy Duck

This outfit included Mick Hawksworth who'd previously played with Andromeda and Five Day Week Straw People. Their organist Roy Sharland had previously been with Spice and Arthur Brown. Original copies of the album are expensive. Only 500 copies were originally pressed and they came with a free poster. The cover depicted an Afro-wearing duck. Musically it's in the heavy progressive genre. It does contain some pretty good organ-dominated instrumental passages and is worth investigation.

Thanks Bruce!!!!!!

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Easter!!!!!

Spent the day with family and watched "I Walk the Line". I must say it's a really good movie. A bit one-sided but very entertaining. I have a few new shares uploaded and ready to go but I am so tired I will get them up tomorrow (besides blogger's photo uploader isn't cooperating so I can't post pics anyway). So for tonight here is my semi-weekly update of albums I posted other places (if I already posted some of these here, sorry!!).

Argent - 1st LP from 1970.

Spirit - Tent of Miracles (1990)

Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush - What's Next

Steppenwolf - 1st

Bachman Turner Overdrive - II

the Great Society - Collector's Item (Grace Slick's pre Jeff. Airplane band)

Jo Jo Gunne - the Asylum Years Part 2 (So Where's the Show/Jummpin' the Gunne)

Captain Beefheart - Doc At the Radar Station

ZZ Top - Duguello

New York Dolls - in:Too Much Too Soon

Iron Butterfly - Galaxy Club 1967 (boot)

the Cryan' Shames - A Scratch In the Sky (1967)

Ambrosia - Road Island (1982)

covers to Road Island

That's all I've got for tonight. Up next---El Shalom, Amon Duul and Goldenrod.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Guitar--lifelong friend and torturous enemy

Ever since I was a very young boy I have loved the sound of guitar, actually everything about it, how if feels in the hands, the variety of noises that can be coaxed from it, and the passion it can convey. I began my love-hate affair with this instrument at the age of eight, getting my first cheap electric for 49 dollars with an amp that if turned all the way up could be heard clearly in the next room if the tv wasn't on. I tried and tried over the next several years to learn to master this instrument and learned a cruel fact of life, I just didn't have the talent to be another god of this instrument. Oh I could mimic Tony Iommi and Johnny Ramone, and play along to some extent with about any song I heard on the radio but I couldn't come up with new originals or do those amazing solos I heard Hendrix, Eddie Van Halen and many others doing. So while it was frustrating, I also learned to appreciate and respect a good guitarist, no matter what the style, from Chet Atkins to Carlos Montoya, Al DiMeola to Joe Satriani, Jeff Beck to Django Reinhardt, Leo Kottke to Mattais E. Eklundh. Who is MEE you may ask (or you might not, but too bad, I'm answering this question anyway)? Well, he is a guitar hero of mine and today's post, as I mentioned yesterday, is a self satisfying romp through a few of my contemporary faves to try to turn more people on to some underappreciated but very talented individuals (and groups too) who I feel deserve it. I may not be much of a guitarist, but I think I know a good one when I hear one. Feel free to agree or disagree, but please at least give them an open minded listen if you are a fan of the guitar, and if you love (or even like) any of it, please rush out and snag up any stuff you can find by the artist, because I want them to continue making the hair on the back of my neck stand on end and my eyes bug out in amazement for years to come.
If true talent was the factor success was measured by, all of the following would be household names.

This is a band I sort of found by accident,Locomotive Breath. The name intrigued me so I decided to give it a shot. Needless to say, I was amazed beyond belief. This band is progressive metal with positive messages and the guitar playing of Janne Stark is nothing short of astounding. He does double-tracked solos and sounds a bit like Ritchie Blackmore, and has a bit of Hendrix influence especially in his rhythm playing. Life's Eternal Play is a fave from this one, but to hear Janne at his best listen to the track 29 Strings. There are several guests on this track including Norde Andersson (from Roxette!?!?!) and CarlJoan Grimmark and a guitarist that amazed me even more (who guests on 5 tracks here) Mattias IA Eklundh. On the song 29 Strings his is the final solo that sounds otherworldly (more about him in a few). Janne Stark was in the 80's Swedish metal band Overdrive and also wrote the Swedish Encyclopedia of Hard & Heavy Metal. This out of print CD from 1997 has been reissued with 5 bonus tracks. It's original title was Train of Events, but the new CD is titled Train of New Events. They do an amazing version of the Jethro Tull namesake song too. Highly recommended to all!!!

Another great band that calls themselves symphonic progressive metal Symphony X. The guitar-keyboard interplay is amazing and Michael (1 of 3 Michael's in the band) Romeo is confident enough in his guitar playing that he doesn't have to do endless showboating to prove himself. In fact the solos aren't the most impressive part of the music, it's the arrangements and the interplay.

The next the pics refuse to load for some reason. They loaded once, disappeared and now refuse to reload. Anyways, here are two more favorite guitarists. First up is John Pettrucci axeman for Dream Theater. I have chosen to post an eight minute guitar solo from a great boot I have. Everytime I listen to this I'm in awe of this man. He is truly one of the greats.

And finally here is one of my favorite non-metal guitarists Leo Kottke. A bottle neck player who plays acoustic and blows minds!!! This album 6 & 12 String Guitar is my favorite. Check out track 6, Vaseline Machine Gun and get goosebumps!!!

If those words aren't enticing enough consider these:
"...any hardships you must endure to obtain a copy are well worth the pure enjoyment this album provides..." Rolling Stone 6-70
"Masterpiece. Period...." Down Beat 11/96 (given 5 stars)

And finally, I did not forget the fans of psych today as here are two of my favorite hard acid rock albums with psych overtones.

Here is the Bead Game with thier 1968 LP Welcome!!
Hard rocking yet melodic psychedelic album from Boston with great interplay between Hendrix style fuzz guitar and heavy keyboards. "Welcome" was produced by Gary Katz, best known for his production work for Steely Dan. Due to Katz Bead Game's drummer Jim Hodder eventually became a founding member of Steely Dan and played on their first three albums. He drowned in his swimming pool in 1990.

Lightning is (ex-Litter) Zippy Caplan's band. Hard rock with bluesy and psych overtones. It's great!!! Get more info at:

Thursday, April 13, 2006

God, it feels like forever!!!!!

Well after hitting one snag after another for a little over a week, I have travelled back to send more groovy tuneage to you all. The Happy the Man part two is here and a few more. A got a couple requests done and still trying to find my Rhinocerus rip (does anyone have this they'd be willing to share?) and for today I am sticking with the program of (mostly) progressive and psych. Tomorrow, I am going to be a bit self indulgent. I am going to do a post of some of my personal favorites, some old, some new, some borrowed and maybe a bit of blue, but probably not too much. I try to refrain from talking much about myself but I am a frustrated guitarist (meaning I can't play worth a shit but continue making feeble attempts from time to time). So I will be turning you on to some of my favorite guitarists you've probably never heard (or heard of). Most of this stuff is in a more hard rock/metal vein so that's either an invitation or a warning depending on your outlook on such things.

Enough of my psychoblabble, on to da tunes!!!!!!!

First up a request from Space Chief for the Caravan LP In the Land of the Grey and Pink. I think this album was a bit poppier at least until the last tune, but I still love it and listen to it quite a bit. By the way the covers for this are in a small file with a couple others as I forgot (as usual).

Here finally is the 2nd part of the Happy the Man I posted days ago. This to the left (pictured yesterday) is the only one I could find. (Apologies to Kwyet Daze blog for stealing the joke).

Freyli over at groovyfab forum has been kind enough to give me permission to post this Eloy LP from 1980 with the artwork included. Another great LP from these guys!!!!

For Microdot, here is the 2nd and last Cressida LP Asylum. Released in 1971 on Vertigo 6360025.
Let Them Come When They Will has one of the most brilliant keyboard breaks I've had the pleasure of hearing. It is also my favorite (and longest) song on this album. While the album as a whole is not as great as the 1st Lp (at least in my opinion) this album has plenty to like and sadly the band called it quits after it's release. Another of those Vertigo albums that sold nil at the time of release and is now quite scare today. This is from the CD reissue a few years back. The artwork for this is also in the download posted below.

This album turned up while I was hunting for other stuff, and it's such a great album I just had to plop it up here.
Ad Gloriam - the 1969 album by Le Orme is psyched out with hints of the prog to come soon! From the great cover to the Beatle inspired tunes within, it is a great trippy LP. Sung in Italian, but with the sweet melodies contained, you won't care as this is some beautiful music from Le Orme!!!

Here's another great one.
Cosmic Dealer - Crystallization
LP Negram NQ 20015 (1971)

As you read this great review I found, you will soon be able to tell I didn't write it. I couldn't remember where I got it (I had used it as text on the back cover for my personal copy of this as I haven't been able to find the real one), but today the author contacted me and gave me the link. Stop by and check out the site with even more great info on these guys!!! site:

Cosmic Dealer makes a psychedelic rock with a progressive edge and some west coast influences. This means some heavy distorted guitarwork, the flute (which is almost always present in Dutch progressive music) and vocal harmonies.
The albums opens with the simple rocker Daybreak. But al the distinctive elements are already present. The next is a slow west coast type of song, this song evolves into the next track which is one of the best of the album. It is a good, typical seventies hardrock song. The fourth reminds a lot of early Jethro Tull. A nice theme with a flute lead and a wah-wah drenched guitarsolo. Great track also. The track I had a friend sounds a lot like a Drama track. A nice melodic rock ballad. The title track is the most psychedelic track on the album. It starts slowly with a guitar, a flute, some spacey drumming and the band singing. After three and a half minutes the pace is changed and they start to play more heavy and faster. The next is again a heavy rocker with a heavy guitar solo that sounds a bit like an Akkerman solo in his Brainbox years. The fly is a nice little song. Then, as an intro, we hear a few seconds of an old Presley song, but soon they play another typical seventies hardrock song. Flying in the winter is a ballad in west coast style again. The next track is psychedelic rock again, including violins, flute and heavy guitar. The last track, Illusions, is a ballad for acoustic and electric guitar. A nice closing for the album.

And finally for today, another request this time for Camel's 1974 opus magnific Mirage. Couldn't decide which cover to post here, but I went with this one, which may cause cancer, low fetal birth weight, or according to Bill Hicks, throat polyps.
Artwork is again in the post which follows and I can't for the life of me remember which cover I included in it either. But there is one for it in the link, I promise.

Here's the three covers I didn't stick into the files (Caravan, Camel and Cressida).

Ta ta!!!