Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Here's One More For Today

This is a bit off the path of what I will be putting here usually, but it was with the GG & F elpee I posted and I thought someone might dig it. It's a boot of the Raspberries that I got many moons ago and is a cool little rarity. Tracks 1-6 are from a Don Kirshner's Rock Concert broadcast in 1973, 7-11 are from a DKRC '74 b'cast, tracks 12-15 are from a Cleveland Ohio tv show called Flipside broadcast circa 1973/4 and the final tracks, 16-19 are from the Berries 1998 reunion show. You get a bit of overlapping on the tracks, for example Go All the Way is on every segment, and the sound is less than perfect (but still quite listenable!!), but it's just one of those fun artifacts I have lying around. I hope someone will enjoy it as I have for many years!!!




me said...

a gift for you

Time Traveller said...

Thaks Hans! I thought I replied to this already, sorry!