Sunday, February 24, 2008

If anyone is still around......

Still no solution to my aforementioned problems, but since I still want to keep this blog rolling (pun intended) I have come up with an idea. What is happening is after an hour or so my uploads are timing out and I cannot get a full file to upload to either rapidshare or megaupload. So I am going to put this question to any and all who still may be lurking around my humble domocile:

Would anyone be interested in me uploading files song by song (i.e.: one file per song) or would this be a total waste of time? I think I can get it to work this way, and it would only be temporary until I get my shit together. I figure for those with accounts with rapidshare it probably wouldn't be a total pain in the ass, but for those without, it would probably take hours and hours. So let me know if this sounds okay for an interim solution and I will be back in a couple days to get a verdict. Please let me know either way.

Also wanna say hello and thanks to all those who haven't totally given up on me yet and thanks to Kit who has taken command of the liveandotherwise blog and turned it into one hell of a cool place to grab the hard goods!


litlgrey said...

I can't pretend to understand why your uploads are taking so long, but I can tell you that the sharing services like that only allow one file download at a time becomes a frustrating thing to do. I wind up opening the same page in three browsers at once just to decrease the overall downloading time.

Time Traveller said...

Well I guess I'll count that as one nay. But remember I'd be using rapidshare or megaupload, I don't even know what is.

What is taking my uploads so long is my crappy internet semi-provider, Clearwire.

litlgrey said...

To get a sense of what is and how it works on a blog page, Google for the blog "Heino and Jerry in Outer Space," and check out any offering you like.

jpkv said...

Hello time traveller,

no problem for me : when the music's good... i can stand one file per download

jim kosmicki said...

anything would be appreciated. I keep checking because I know you'll be back, and I know you'll have great stuff when you are back.

My opinion is: we are downloading this for free. Our right to bitch and moan disappeared when the cost disappeared. If I'm paying, I have the right to complain about inconvenience. When I'm not paying, a little inconvenience is an acceptable cost.

gorehound13 said...

Maybe it is not your ISP but your computer.
Do you know how to check for malware/spyware ? if you got it it can take your bandwidth away in some cases

What about your connection ? Do you have a router ? What about the cabling you use ?

You can do a speedtest to test your connect speed.sometimes i use dslreports but there are a lot of sites to check connection speed

p0nk said...

as much as i like the stuff you put out there, i personally wouldn't bother trying to download one song at a time, especially from rapidshare.
No offense to you, I appreciate your work. God knows, i've tried several times to create my own music blog and when you get zero response, you question if it's worth the effort and it really is a lot of work. Do i really want to upload my 3000+ albums for a thankless pack of bottom feeders? plus the occasional asshat that thinks he's being clever deleting the links? I'd be happy to work with somebody and contribute some where i can, but it's too many thankless hours to do it alone like you are.

bigfootkit said...

Hi TT, good to know you're still intent on keeping the blog going, in whatever guise.
I can't claim to know what the problem may be with your upload speed, but i do know that i had a similar problem when i got my new pc and my uber-geek friend Bob fixed it quickly for me, explaining that there was something wrong with how my ports were mapped. No, i have no idea what the hell that means either, but perhaps it's something you could google, it might help.
As for d/ling single songs, there is a Russian blog i've seen where they do that, it's like a folder set up which you open to reveal the individual tracks. To be honest it was a pain in the ass after the 1st album or two, but great for grabbing the occasional great song from generally crappy albums, because you could just grab the songs you wanted.
Rapidshare & Megaupload have got free d/l time limits though, so it could potentially take an age to get a whole album track by track, perhaps Badongo or the like might be better?
If you post it, they will come.
That's what i reckon, and regardless of how it's done, i'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with.
Glad you're still enjoying the Hard & Heavy stuff i'm posting over @ NILOOB, hope i'm doing your legacy justice buddy.
As always, my very best wishes to you Bryon, Bigfoot Kit.

bigfootkit said...

I'm having problems with blogger tonight, so i hope this and my previous message reach you.
Thought i'd help buy you a little time to get things sorted by posting an album or wo for Time Traveller, here's numero uno:
BUTTS BAND - Hear & Now (1975) USA (ex-Doors!)
Blue Thumb Records BTSD-6018


01. Get Up, Stand Up
02. Corner Of My Mind
03. Caught In The Middle
04. Everybody's Fool
05. Livin' And Dyin'
06. Don't Wake Up
07. If You Gotta Make A Fool Of Somebody
08. Feelin' So Bad
09. White House
10. Act Of Love

Mike Stull : Vocals, Guitar & Keyboards (The Wackers, Blackstone)
Robbie Krieger : Guitars & Vocals (The Doors, Riders On The Storm)
Karl "Slick" Rucker : Bass & Vocals (Nina Hagen, Gregg Wright, Lino)
Alex Richman : Keyboards & Vocals (Salty)
John Densmore : Drums, Percussion & Vocals (The Doors)
Mike Berkowitz : Drums & Vocals (Billy Joel, Elton John)
Bobbi Hall : Congas & Percussion (Janis Joplin)

"Before "An American Prayer", we did two albums as the Doors, "Full Circle" and "Other Voices", which were fairly well received albums.
But the problem was after Jim had gone, the three of us couldn’t get along anymore. We did for a while but after a while, it got very strange.
We all decided to go to England and maybe find a singer over there. So we all went over there, kind of moved over there.
Then Dorothy, Ray’s wife, got pregnant and she had gone through some weird stuff. So Ray decided to go back home.
John Densmore and I were stuck over in London, so we formed this group called the Butts Band with Phil Chen, who at that time was the hot bass player in England, like the James Jamerson of England.
We had a singer named Jess Roden who'd been in the band Bronco, and a keyboard player named Roy Davis. It was really a good band.
We recorded half of the record in the U.K. and half in Jamaica which Phil helped with because he is from there and he was able to visit his mother and father for the first time in ten years.
Then we came back to Los Angeles and we couldn’t hold the band together because half of them lived in England and half of us lived here.
They got homesick and stuff didn’t happen as soon as we had hoped.
The record got shuffled around to two or three record companies so then we did another album as the Butts Band with a whole different line up.
Karl "Slick" Rucker bass player, Mike Stull who is a great singer. He sounded like the Righteous Brothers and a Lady keyboard player named Alex Richman.
We did an album called “Here and Now”."
- Robby Krieger

art & txt included


no pw

bigfootkit said...

And another:
PAINTER - Painter (1973) Canada Hard Rock
Elektra Records EKS 75071


01. West Coast Woman
02. Tell Me Why
03. Song for Sunshine
04. Goin' Home to Rock n Roll
05. Space Truck
06. Kites & Gliders
07. Oh! You
08. Slave Driver
09. For You
10. Crazy Feeling
11. Goin' Down the Road

Doran Beattie-Vocals
Danny Lowe-Lead Guitar
Barry Allen-Rhythm Guitar & Vocals
Wayne Morice-Bass & Vocals,
Bob Ego-Drums.

Great one and only LP by this early 70s band from Calgary Alberta Canada.
They were formed from the ashes of a 60s psych band called The 49th Parallel, also from Calgary.
Barry Allen, who was originally from Edmonton, had a bit of a solo career before 'Painter'. He was given a US recording contract by Capitol Records, and released several singles in the mid 60s. He then recorded a couple of albums, ("Goin' Places" in '65 & "Lovedrops" in '66), which acheived modest success. It was whilst recording another unreleased album in 1970, that guitarist & producer Randy Bachman suggested he join the newly formed 'Painter'.
Their music was heavy rock, in the style of BTO or April Wine, and played just as well.
They released a couple of non-LP 45s prior to the album, "Country Man" and "Daybreak" in '71 & '72.
Both Canadian and US pressings of the "Painter" LP gave no indication of where these guys hailed from, and I'm pretty sure that was intentional. The album was recorded in Seattle Washington.
After it's release in '73, the band did the bar and club circuit, as well as opening for some pretty big names. A couple years later, Danny & Doran founded another Canadian hard rock group called 'Hammersmith', who took the same heavy rock formula and released a couple of LPs, ("Hammersmith" in '75 and "It's For You" in '76), and achieved some moderate success.
Drummer Ego joined Streetheart in 1980 & featured on several of their albums, from "Quicksand Dancer" through to "Dancing With Danger". The band went it's seperate ways in 1984.
Lowe later ended up in a band with Wayne's brother Roydon, called 451*, who released a great self-titled LP in 1980.
Around this time Doran Beattie began a moderately successful career as a Country Music recording artist which continues to the present day.
In 1982, Danny Lowe experienced what he called "an industrial accident" while placing 14 microphones in a sound studio. In playing back the recording made that day, he discovered he had inadvertently created an auditory illusion that he was surrounded by sound. The effect resembled how the human ear actually hears.
Over the next eight years, he and electro-technician John Lees worked together to fine-tune the system. In 1986, the pair formed a partnership with Larry Ryckman, a former Calgary real estate developer, and formed Archer Communications Inc.
QSound was patented in 1990, and the recording system was quickly embraced by music artists such as Sting, Madonna, INXS, Pink Floyd, Kate Bush, Paula Abdul, Julian Lennon, Wilson Phillips and Luther Vandross.
Here's hoping for a cd re-release for this one with the rare 45 tracks included.

art & txt included


no pw

Hope y can use these , BFK

bigfootkit said...

And finally:

NANTUCKET - Your Face Or Mine? (1979) USA
Epic Records JE360523


01. Gimme Your Love
02. I Live For Your Love
03. Hey, Hey Blondie
04. California
05. Wide Awake
06. Don't Hang Up
07. Your Place Or Mine?
08. Just The Devil's Way
09. Is It Wrong To Rock And Roll?

Although taking their name from the Massachusetts island of Nantucket, the membership of this North Carolina based Rock group had hardly ever ventured past the Mason-Dixon line.
NANTUCKET was formed in 1969 in Jacksonville, North Carolina as a school band by the quartet of Larry and Mike Uzzell, Mark Downing and Tommy Redd.
The early group went under the name of STACKS OF GOLD - playing mostly R&B covers - until adopting the title of the MOUNTAIN track 'Nantucket Sleighride' in 1971, shortening it to NANTUCKET soon afterwards.
Adding Kenny Soule and Eddie Blair, the group toured throughout the Southeastern states frequently and soon began adding their own material to the set, sharing bills with YES, DR. HOOK, STORIES, KISS and WILD CHERRY amongst others.
In 1978 NANTUCKET finally gained a record deal, Epic Records snapping the group up for a self-titled affair the same year.
A sophomore effort, 'Your Face Or Mine', followed in 1979.
For 1980's Tom Allom produced 'Long Way To The Top', opened by a cover of AC/DC's 'It's A Long Way To The Top', Mike Uzzell had quit the group.
Larry Uzzell took on the role of frontman with Pee Wee Watson joining on bass.
The group split with Epic and re-emerged in 1983 with the RCA issued 'No Direction Home'.
This Mike Flicker produced new release included the BRYAN ADAMS / Jim Vallance penned 'Hiding From Love' and debuted the band's new rhythm section of David 'Thumbs' Johnson on bass guitar and Richard Gates on the drums.
Mike Uzell took over the management of the group following NANTUCKET's split with RCA and promptly established the Executive label in 1985, releasing both NANTUCKET's fifth album, V', and MAXX WARRIOR's 'High On Metal' EP.
By this time NANTUCKET now had a brand new guitarist to partner Tommy Redd in the form of Alan Thornton.
In 1993 the classic line-up of Tommy Redd, Kenny Soule, Mark Downing, Eddie Blair, Larry Uzzell and Mike Uzzell reformed to cut the 'Still Live After All These Years' live album on November 29, 1991, although it wasn't actually released until two years later.

art & txt included


no pw


Sub Comandante Marcos said...

I have to admit, the prospect of grabbing an album track by track would probably mean I didn't download it.

Maybe try seeing if some of these filehosts support https, maybe that will evade your ISP throttles?
I wouldn't put up with sucha crap service from an ISP & would vote with my feet.

Anonymous said...


a labour of love, plenty of people interested, not so many commenting, must be frustraiting at times.

Keep on.....

Boomland said...

would it be possible to re-upload the Arc and Ron Goedert albums?

Boomland (aka vinyldinosaurus)

The6070Rock said...

We'll stay around ever

Sam said...

Have you tried uploading the files on to,, and
Sites such as these upload files to several file hosting services including generally Rapidshare and Megaupload, automatically. If you've can't manage to use RS and MU directly, maybe they can.

Time Traveller said...

Hi all,

I think I'm going to look into Kit's advice about the port mapping, because as I mentioned earlier, my son (using his same old computer is able to upload and download, while not as fast as before, way faster than me. I figure it's either gotta be that or if not, it's clearwire. So thanks Kit (and everyone else) for the encouragement. And thanks for the tunes too, Kit. I'll leave them here for those who read here and then move them to the front page in a couple days.


TRAMPje said...

A good day to you Time Traveller

I do anything to get Simon Stokes :)

Anonymous said...

I have a request if you should have these. I'm looking for Runner from 1979 and Snail from 1978. I have a few links here so that you know which albums I'm talking about. They are rare so let me know if you know of any posts.

Runner Info.
Snail Info.

Any help with these would be much appreciated.


Time Traveller said...

I actually have both Snail LPs floating around somewhere. They are both vinyl rips that I personally did. I vaguely remember them being AOR with proggy overtones if I'm not mistaken. It will take some digging, and I am going to try to get a computer guy to check my ports and stuff, but I will see what I can dig up.