Tuesday, July 24, 2007

All over the place this time out

A new batch of goodies for ya'll. Baked fresh and just out of the oven for your consumption. Hope they taste good.

I goofed and lost my rapidshare account for a month, but all the links that are still active will remain so if I can get 10,000 points before August 18th (so download like a mutha if you like rapidshare).

The majority of the depositfiles are still active and so are the megaupload links from Nov 2006 to present. So there are still goodies to be found here, if you dig deeply. Until August 18th (or until 10,000 points whichever comes first) I have to use megaupload again.

I haven't had a whole lot of time lately to visit all the great blogs out there so if these are posted elsewhere I apologise, but I did do my own work here, I didn't leech anyone's links or anything underhanded like that.

And away we go:

This diverse batch of goodies starts off with some sunshine pop (or pop-syke if you please). This is Truck's Surprise Surprise. It's Malaysian psych and really was a surprise! Released in 1969, the major influence here would have to the Beatles hands down. So if you haven't gotten enough John Paul George and Ringo to get your fill lately, give this a try.


Absolutely beautiful artwork adorns this Italian hard psych release from Italy. This is I Raminghi's 1973 release Il Lungo Cammino Dei Raminghi. I love this and you will too (possibly).


A tiny blurb to go with this tiny artwork. The Japan psych has been popular so here is yet another. Good hard psych from Brush with their sole LP from 1971. The leader of this band moved on to Flied Egg after this. The LP has been reissued by Shadocks but it's vinyl only.


And for you fans of the U.S. stuff, here's some southern rock with the privately pressed It's For You from the band Missouri Dirt. Released in 1977 on the Illmo label, this one is hard to find.

NOTE: The track "Missouri Dirt" is screwed up. I got it that way. If I can figure out who I got it from and get a replacement I will repost it. Sorry, but the album is still worth grabbing!!!



andre said...

The Missouri Dirt is a great Upload,but the track "missouri dirt" has great problems.Please check and reup the one track.Many Thanks

andre said...

Thanks for the reaction,the Missouri Dirt is hard to find i like this Album pretty much thats why i was asking about the last track but no problem the rest from the record is top.Thanks again

micksguitar said...


Smile67 said...

Today I downloaded the TRUCK Lp and realized some of the songs and titles sounded familiar. Evidently this group must be a later version of the OCTOBER CHERRIES as several of their songs are re-recorded here but adding synth to the mix. The OCTOBER CHERRIES LP is posted over at http://citiesonflamewithrockandroll.blogspot.com/ blog if you would like to compare the two.
Thanks for your great taste in music!

Residentevil2 said...

Thanks for great stuff

Anonymous said...

The Artwork for 'Raminghi's Il Lungo Cammino Dei Raminghi' is very good! I'm working up the nerve to listen to it, since I've been burned by the "good cover/bad album" routine. Wish Me Luck!


Liam said...

Has anybody else noticed that the last track of the Truck album "your love blooms all over me" is messed up? There's some glitches in the audio, and I tried downloading it again, but it had the same problems.

I wouldn't care but this is one of my favorite songs on the album!

Anonymous said...

Having heard the Brush album,I´ve decided to take a look at the Shadoks official web.I liked the lp very much,so I tried to find a vinyl copy for my collection but... it´s only on CD.
If you have this album on vinyl and you are interested to sell it via ebay,please,let me know it.
Put a reasonable price,adding vinyl and sleeve grading and we will talk about it.