Sunday, July 08, 2007

First up today, here is Dickens' Royal Incarnation from 1971. Cool proggy psych with nice fuzzy guitars and above average song structures. Good stuff, sorry bout the fuzzy picture, maybe the guitarist got ahold of it!!

Since I posted their first album some time ago, I thought I'd drop the 2nd on you finally. This is Fraternity of Man's Get it On. This band featured Elliot Ingbar who was better known as Winged Eel Fingerling when he played for Captain Beefheart and also was one of the guitarists on Frank Zappa's Freak Out LP. This album has it's Freak Out's too and it pretty cool psych.

And lastly a proggy rock LP from UK band Wally. Released in 1974 it was produced by none other than Yes-Man Rick Wakeman. It's pretty cool stuff.

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Anonymous said...

How about some obscure,never posted sunshine pop???


Time Traveller said...

Is there any left? But seriously, if you give me some suggestions I may be able to help you out. But I don't really have much of the Curt Boecher (sp) type stuff, it was always too saccarine for my taste, which runs toward the harder side of genres. But I do have some stuff that was sent to me in trades, and may be able to help out.


Anonymous said...

Thx a lot for Wally!!!
Never heard of them before.
And I really liked it.
Beautiful harmonies.
I do appreciate!

Fabio Brasil said...

Very good the Dickens album!!The french prog has great it complete, or some track is missed? (only 29 min.?)
Many thanks for these rarities.

Anonymous said...

Love the blog. I had some requests for other Black Oak Arkansas/Jim Dandy stuff. Do you have any of these: live mutha, x-rated, or balls of fire by BOA. Also, looking for Jim Dandy 1984 Ready as hell. thanks.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, my comment appeared on an earlier entry...
anyways.. really enjoy your blogs, many thanks for all of your efforts! So many great, rare records. Awesome. I have a request: Was wondering if you might consider re-posting the self titled 'dschinn' Lp? I know it was posted awhile back, but the link is now dead. If this is possible, that would be much much appreciated.

Time Traveller said...

Well to kinda answer all the questions at once. Yes, yes, no, yes, no, yes....

Just kidding--

As far as I know the Dickens is complete.

I have most of the BOA albums tucked away somewhere, I'll try to get some posted.

I'll see what I can do on the Dschinn LP.