Monday, November 26, 2007

Well, just when I thought everything was okay.......

I went and fried my harddrive. I would say what the fuck else could happen, but I might get shown by some higher power. So again, until I can scrape the funds together to get a new PC or hard drive, we again will be having technical difficulties until further notice.

If anyone would like to contribute albums to the site in the meantime, please reply and I will post them here as I get a bit of access to the computer at work. At least this space won't go to waste.

I should have a new drive or PC by the middle of December so everyone please keep in touch.


bigfootkit said...

Sorry to hear about your pc woes Bryon, i'll see if i can't come up with some TT Worthy posts to help cover 'til you get a new HD.
I'm sure you'll get some more material from the good folks who pass thru' these hallowed halls too.
Hope life's treating you well otherwise my friend, my best wishes, Kit.

SCM said...

Chin up!
At least HDD are not too expensive these days ( if thats all you need ofc)

Anonymous said...

Sorry you are having all these problems. Hang in there; it WILL eventually get better...



6070Rock !!!! said...

Bad news TT...

Hope St Claus find your home.

All the best,

costan said...

I sugesst to write a post with a question, what your readers wants to hear... I'm runinng a blog with ex-yu music, but I have some rare music from all over the world also. So if someone wants some, I could post it, but unfortuanly without words -'cose I'm really bad in english.

your blog is one of my faverouts

bigfootkit said...

Hi Bryon,
here's a nice one for the next post for you:

CAT MOTHER - Last Chance Dance (1973)

I'll try & look out another few things & get them upped for you.
Hope yer good,
best wishes,

bigfootkit said...

And another one for ya buddy,

NANTUCKET - Long Way To The Top (1980)

Anonymous said...

Hi there, sorry to hear about the Hard drive. Is it possible that you could repost the first Stillwater LP?

Anonymous said...

could you repost the band called sfinx? the link is not working anymore.
thank you