Monday, December 03, 2007

A couple new ones from BFK! Thanks!

My plight is ongoing, but thanks to Bigfoot Kit, here are a couple groovy LPs to help keep you happy in the cold winter. I am slowly trying to get it back together, but I am trying to find a semi-reasonable place to try and recover my hard drive which had not only 35 gigs of rarities and cool shit, but also all my passwords and stuff. And please don't tell me I'm stupid for storing them on my drive. I already know that!! Back soon (hopefully)!!

Cat Mother - Last Chance Dance (1973)

NANTUCKET - Long Way To The Top (1980)


bigfootkit said...

Cover art for Cat Mother:

bigfootkit said...

Nantucket art:

Anonymous said...

Cat Mother? wow, i'd forgotten these guys. used to have their first and second on vinyl, but that was many years ago .... thanks Bigfoot!!!!

Anonymous said...

Good rock n roll (i think) anyone found cover yet?

by, Ya

Anonymous said...

hey, I have a very full colletion of the samson discography i can upload a few things if you like, can you put the thunderstick ep once more?

Anonymous said...

Here's a good one I posted elsewhere ages ago. If I remember correctly it comes with artwork and my review. It may appeal to your er...viewers?
Titus Lux

Udo Lindenberg - No Panic on the Titannic :

Anonymous said...

Oh and if you would like more oddities I'm happy to upload a few.
Titus lux

TRAMPje said...

Dear TimeTraveller

Can you please put Simon Stokes & the Black Whip Thrill Band
I got the original album but it is in a bad shape.
I like to hear the number Ballad Of Lennie And George again.

If it is not possible, thanks anyway :)


Anonymous said...

Any chance you could re-up the Canterbury Fair album? Been looking for it for a while but your upload has died. Thanks man, great blog!