Friday, July 14, 2006

More vinyl rips (except one)

Barclay James Harvest and Other Short Stories from 1972. Yes it is short for a prog album. In my opinion a spottier album as a whole but some really good individual tracks, such as Someone That You Know and After the Day which are my faves (Blue John's Blues is no slouch either). This
one was ripped from vinyl and was another of my early rips so forgive me.

Bethlehem Asylum's Commit Yourself from 1971. The following are my personal notes I made as I ripped this from vinyl a few years back----Cool jazzy prog on Child of the Mountain and Sea Rider, some other tracks are folky. The album gets a bit Zappaesque on a few tracks especially the last 3. Not essential, but worthy.

Sorry couldn't find the cover anywhere, but BA have a decent website that you can access (still no covers, but some cool info). The website address on the photo.

Ripped from vinyl.

Kim Mitchell pretty much was Max Webster. This is a great solo album I got on a trip to Toronto back in '99. Good rockin' stuff ripped from CD.

Jade Warrior's Released from 1971. Another in a long line of great Vertigo albums. This album has in all in my opinion, quiet parts, loud rockin' jams, folky stuff, Eyes of Blue has fantastic ripping guitarwork, Minnamota's Dream sounds like a power trio type jam. Really only one sour spot with me, and that is the extended piece Barazinbar, which the rhythm sounds like a ripoff of Traffic's Glad, and it drones on and on and on and on. Other than that a masterpiece. Sadly ripped from worse for wear vinyl, but it was the best I could find.

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