Sunday, July 02, 2006

Iron Butterfly

Here's an Iron Butterfly thang I got in a tape trade years ago that is kind of interesting, it's called Promos & Rarities. I debated over which blog I should put this on, since it is a bootleg of sorts, but since it's studio stuff, I decided on this one.

This is a pretty cool item, of varying sound quality, that includes radio interviews, the rare Ban commercial, unreleased tracks and other stuff.


Ed said...

I like the 2 first Carmen Maki & Oz ;-)

M47 said...

Could the last track (3:42) be off Tangerine Dream?

Anonymous said...

If you're keen, I'd be interested in Tingling Mother's Circus and Bloomsbury People if only for the name..... what period do they come from ???

Anonymous said...

Also, if you managed to get any Carmen Mikki and Oz later releases in the 70's.... these are way more rare than the earlier ones... which are available for download on various other sites.... Hey Ed !! do a blog search matey...!!

Time Traveller said...

Tingling Mother's and Bloomsbury are both late 60's psych.

I will check out the Carmen Makis on the other sites, I don't post stuff on other blogs unless I don't know the blog exists, but I almost search them out first, I don't think these are posted elsewhere.

Time Traveller said...

change almost to always in the previous post I made

Witchseason said...

Can't say I've ever heard any of those tracks before. However:
DESCONHECIDA_97__1012a____4 could be King Crimson, Frank Zappa or Tasavallan Presidentii
DESCONHECIDA113___6 could be an obscure Traffic track - sounds very like Chris Wood on sax
DESCONHECIDA_93__1011a____9 could be Van Der Graaf Generator - sounds like David jackson on sax
ELDO_duvida_DESCONHECIDA_86__1001a____7 sounds like the Sex Pistols play David Bowie
...or they could all be wildly off.

Anonymous said...

What Coven are you planning to post? Is sit the same one with Jinx Dawson?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for many extremly rare albums.I couldn´t get that in my country because it was out when here was a fucking communist era.
I would like to ask for BOOMERANG a
band of Mark Stein /Vanilla Fudge/and DOG SOLDIER 1975 album by
Keef Hartley.Both I have on tape,but very very bad quality.
Is possible got IRON BUTTERFLY - Promos and Rarities tape on Time Traveller again.I can´t get it now.
Thanx a lot Karlos, Czech Republic

Anonymous said...

Oohhh, nooo!!!, I came too late,
It has expired in rapidshare,

Could you please, upload it again?

Iron Butterfly Promos & Rarities is very difficult to find.

Iron Butterfly - Live 5-3-88 too, I would like to listen.