Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Frijid Pink's first 2 plus a couple more

A few more albums for you all. I'm really tired tonight so I won't bore you with my usual blather about them. Suffice it to say, I think they are good or I wouldn't have ripped them. I have more coming either tomorrow or Friday.

Frijid Pink - same (1st LP) 1970. This is the Repertoire CD reissue with 2 bonus tracks.

Frijid Pink - Defrosted. The 2nd LP. CD reissue as above with 4 bonus tracks.

By request, here is the Grass Roots Greatest Hits Vol.1. I bought this CD for a buck because I love the song Temptation Eyes and it turned out I liked several others too.

I actually had this ripped and uploaded for the last update, but I forgot to put it up here. Great album by the Electric Prunes called Underground. It is not the Collector's Choice version. That was the best looking cover I could find.


Adam said...

Thanks for posting the Grass Roots album.
It sure brings back some memories...

Anonymous said...

this is the best electric prunes lp, Bruce

mad4music said...

I agree---the best Electric Prunes album! And thank you for the Frijid Pink---I've been wanting to hear these albums for a long time!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your great posts. Blogging has gone to shit these days between cheap copy sites and Trolls killing old fav's. I am v glad you're still out there!


Dr Debaser

Time Traveller said...

Dr. Debaser, I hope my luck continues, the groovy fab blog and forum died today. Real bummer.

Everyone, glad you are enjoying the stuff I post. I think Underground is the Prunes strongest also, but I also like Mass in F Minor a lot too. I may get that up sometime soon.

Hanszun said...

The Groovy Fab Forum and Blog folded due to my big lard assed ego.

I am the deleter and fooled you all !

What a clever arrogant Dutch git I am.

I love you all - here is my gift to you probably the best music forum on the net totally wiped out by me.

Don't you just love me ? I do

Who's is next - I know but you don't


napsmear said...

Frijid Pink!!!......very cool.....tysm (Detroit Rocks)

Anonymous said...

Hard to spread the word to 100 people but any of the Groovy Fab members who want to re-connect without a nutjob moderator here it is:

This forum will not suddenly close up. It'll dry up if nobody joins but if you met some pals at the forums maybe they will all come back to this one.

Another Anonymous ex Groovy said...

Dear Anonymous,

Are you anonymous Hans or anonymous Albert or maybe even anonymous Jiltz ?

Thanks but no thanks