Sunday, February 11, 2007

Some news and some tunes

Sorry for the delay in posting. Been a trying week for me. Before I get into to this weeks tunes, I would like to address a few items. I am completely fed up with the stupid "fuck you" comments and people posting their "get rich quick scheme " and "buy our snake oil" links in the comments section. This is a music blog. If I wanted to get rich quick I'd rob a fucking bank, if I want to feel good I'd take some fucking drugs, okay? So comment moderation has been enabled. If your post relates to music, good or bad, I will post it. If it's to tell me my rips suck (I know they do) or the aforementioned bullshit I have a spam filter.

Secondly, I got so fed up with the nag screens I took the plunge and upgraded to the new blogger. It seems to work about 50 times better than the old one, so yippee for that.

Thirdly and lastly (more new words), I got tired of the emails to upload my stuff to rapidshare, so the last guy that emailed, I emailed back if you want rapidshare so goddamn bad, buy me an account. Well lo-and-behold, the person sent me 10 bucks to buy the damn thing so now I guess I'm back to rapidshare for awhile. If anyone asks me not to post to rapidshare and I'm going to lose whats left of my mind and start shooting.

Oh, and no, I still haven't uploaded that missing Simon Stokes track yet. I will soon, promise!

Sorry if I sound like Oscar the Grouch, but my fuse is very short and after that bunch of silliness that occured in the comments of the last post (take a look if you haven't seen it, but I delted most of the carnage), I have had enough. This is supposed to fun for christsakes. I've bitched enough now--sorry to the majority of you who don't deserve this shit.

Now on with the show------------

The last of the red hot Hookfoot LPs. This one is Communications from 1973. Very consistant band--if you liked the others I posted, you'll like this one. This one is on megaupload cuz it is ripped at 320k and was a bit too big for RS.

Had a request for this a long time ago and I told the guy I didn't have it. Well while scouring my MP3's looking for something else--there it was. I gotta get my shit cataloged.

This is kinda jazzy funky rock from 1974 and has a cool band history inside the rar file as well as front and back covers. Interesting cover too!

Ta-Daa! It's an album from Thundermug. Nice sized cover over at the left too. Sorry it was all I could scrounge up odd the web.

This was a request over at the other blog, but since Kit just posted a great set of cool shit, I decided to put it here. These guys were always highly touted 'round my town as a great seventies hard rock band. I was slightly disappointed at first listen, but I decided my expectations were set too high by hype and after judging them on their own merits have grown to really like these guys. If you like this one I have another so let me know. Good AOR-hard rock.

Another cool seventies hard rock album from Moxy. While I digging for a cover I found this concert ad floating on the net. Would this show have been cool or what?
Unbelievable line up there, bet the folks showing up for that show got their eardrums rattled.

And last but not least, trying to get back to basics of what this blog is all about, a great psych LP from the Third Power called Believe. Released late in the genre (1970) but still a sparkling example of it. Stunning stuff. And that wraps my post for today.

Link is fixed!!


Anonymous said...


Thanks from Brazil...

Link Third Power not found...

Great BLOG!!!!!!!!!!


Time Traveller said...

I missed a number in the link, it has been fixed.

Why is rapidshare not giving the link to me anymore? I have to copy it to a text file from the linkview at the bottom of my browser (which is why I missed that number).


Anonymous said...

Moxy is still alive and kicking

sub_commandante_marcos said...

The third power album sounds tasty, many thanks & don't let all the knobheads bother you :)
Cheers!! - SCM

jim kosmicki said...

well I appreciate everything that you put up here -- there are always ungrateful asshats. This is one of my essential stops when I surf the net.

SamIam said...

Hiya TT,

Good to see that you can still joke about it all, now you get to read the "why do you have comment moderation enabled? posts, sometimes you just can't win. And don't you just hate it when someone calls your RS bluff! Too funny.

All that being said I greatly appreciate your decision to soldier on, you've got a great blog and I can usually discover something that is new to me, even if I'm not a big fan of NWOBHM, grin.

This time around thanks for the Third Power share.

BTW, you can post on any provider you like as far as I am concerned, I'm always willing to go through at least a bit of effort if it means I get to hear new music.

Carry on up the jungle.

Cheers, SamIam

schraff said...

I'm looking for a long time Spooky Tooth's album "Witness" (1973).

bigfoot kit said...

Dunno Bryon, i've got a collectors account & i have to open the links to get the url in the collectors zone.
It's a pain in the arse.

bigfoot kit said...

Bryon, keep getting "unexpected end of archive" every time i try to d/l Diamond Reo.
Rar faulty maybe?

Hector Superb said...

Sad to hear that you have been blitzed by internet arseholes on your comment page.

You're doing a great job nevertheless.

There are some great things being uploaded in youtube - found Iron Butterfly playing Inagaddavida

and MC5's Kick Out the Jams

and this lovely piece by Can

playing their only hit single "spoon"

hoped I cheered you up.

All the best


Time Traveller said...

Hey Kit,

I'll check that rar on the Diamond REO.

Thanks all for the usual support when assholes make me do something stupid. I hate to have to moderate comments, but I don't want anyone to think I will censor them. I will post everything as long as it's civil (and not those stupid link posts that often make no sense).

I will look for the Spooky Tooth Witness, but I don't think I have it. I think I have just about every other one though.

Time Traveller said...

I downloaded the Diamond REO twice and I had no problems whatsoever. Maybe your download got interupted for a second or something. If anyone else has/had problems please let me know.

If you can't get it let me know and I will upload to mega or deposit for ya.

RM said...

Thanks Kiszmeth for all awesome music & rip. You will never forget !!

Thanks Byron, your friend rulz
Ta daa !!!

Thor of the Great White North said...

Aw sh!t. There were two main reasons that I liked your blog:

- You've got great taste and are a nice guy
- You didn't use !#@$ rapidshare

Megaupload works great, is usually 2x as fast for me, no 60 minute wait and you can resume halted downloads. By comparison, rapidshare not so great, IMO...

To Anonymous: Moxy is together (again) today, but it's not the same old band. Super vocalist Buzz Shearman died 20 years ago in a motorcycle accident and powerhouse drummer Billy Wade died of cancer in 2001.

Only guitarist Earl Muppet-Hair Johnson (if you knew him when they started out in the Picadilly Tube days, you’d get it) is present from the original band/album (the album that Tommy Bolin dubbed some leads on) and Guitarist Buddy Caine, who did not play on Moxy 1 (even though he's credited he joined after it was done) are from the old days.

The current vocalist is none other than the great Alex Machin who was lead vocalist for Canadian Heavy rock legends A Foot in Coldwater (Alex Machin replacing Buzz Shearman is like Brian Johnson replacing Bon Scott – each is a great belter/shouter/singer).

Wiki wiki:

Home page:

Time Traveller said...

I can't win! LOL

Time Traveller said...

Actually, I kinda made a promise to the guy that got me back on rapidshare that I would reup a few items just that he couldn't otherwise get because of the other services not being available in his country. I have no idea why. But anyways, the chances are, I won't be with rapidshare forever because I'm not paying for their service because they are too trigger happy on the delte button. And also, very small files and files bigger than 100 MB will still be on other services.


Donno said...

Thanks so much for the Hookfoot!! It's great to have the collection complete.

jim kosmicki said...

i think rapidshare changed some of its scripts -- I had direct download activated (I pay the premium fee -- it's more than worth it). But I was having to go through several pages for each download. When I went to the Premium Zone and checked the settings, they'd changed some items -- you now get to pick which mirror you want to use -- and the direct download had been turned off. I have it on again, and everything's working. So if you're having some problems with rapidshare, check your account settings.

Jim said...

Time Traveller, please don't let the b****rds grind you down. This is one of the classic blogs and a dead cert for me to look at when I'm online.
I decided to catalogue my own music collection recently even though it is tiny compared with yours. I downloaded MediaMonkey, got it to catalogue everything on my disc (all formats except real media) and exported it to Excel. The end result needed a little tweaking (sometimes transposed album and artist names, for example) but I was able to catalogue over 5000 tracks in less than an hour. Maybe worth a try?

Keep up the good work, please.

Anonymous said...

If you are ever in Greenwich, London - pay Essential Music a visit and buy some CD's and DVD's.

This little independent record is under threat of closure by the fact that the rent is due to increase by 15%; it has an awful lot of gems. I was talking to a member of staff about the closure - he felt that the internet was a main component in the shop's current misfortune.

It's these little shops which sells the kind of records that are available on sites such as these.

Keep the faith - support your local independent record store.

There are two other decent record stores that you may wish to peruse in London - Cheapo Cheapo - Rupert Street W1 and Sellanby - Northolt Road virtually next door to South Harrow Piccadilly Line tube (where you can find some collectable vinyl)

Time Traveller said...

Hi Donno--Hope you are doing well!

Jim K.-I will look into rapid's scripts--thanks for the heads up.

Jim "2"--I recently got Media Monkey myself. Hopefully soon I will have time to try it out. Sounds fairly easy the way you describe it!

Time Traveller said...

To the anon poster--I wanted to address your comments separately because I felt they deserve attention.

Unfortunetly the days of the independant record stores are unfortunetly becoming a thing of the past, but everyone wants to blame the net, P2P and blogs for their demise. But I think that is a bit shortsighted and even though I agree to an extent, I think there is a bigger picture to the story that often gets left out.

The enemies of the "mom & pop" (henceforth refered to as MP) record store in no particular order of importance are firstly the big chainstores(Wal Mart, and Best Buy come to mind) that can undercut and afford to sell new releases below the cost MP has to pay in the first place. They can do this because they sell so much other stuff at a huge profit they can use the CDs as loss leaders.

Secondly, the ridiculous cost of CD themselves. 18.98 to buy an item that costs about 1.00 to manufacture? And usually that is for shoddy inferior crap that only has 1-2 decent songs at most. So let's blame the RIAA and the record labels for that castastrophe because the kind of stuff most blogs and myself post have such a specialized audience anyway, no record store could depend on that fanbase to support a store, even with mailorder.

Which brings to the third problem of tiny indie stores, and yes that would be the blogs, P2P and the net itself.
As far as the net, legal downloading is killing the indies, see any or all of the reasons above. Why drive to a store when you can go to a site, plop a credit card number on a form, and have a CD come right to your door. Or better yet fire up a legal site save 16.00 by paying .99 a pop for the only two songs you are going to listen to on the damn thing in the first place. Or risk fines by going to P2P and getting them free, for some the fact that most new music is so disposable these days with a very short shelf life justifies the actions of the consumers of said product.

As far as the blogs go, it's the same thing. But blogs do offer rare and out of print stuff (I know some offer new releases) that is unobtainable or very hard to get and most people that come to these are collectors who try the stuff and if they like it go and buy it. (P2P too, to some extent.)

Here's the bottom line. If the type of stuff I offered here was readily available for a decent price (I nor many folks I know can afford 26-35 bucks to take a chance on a CD that make suck total ass, but if i download it and really like it, I would buy it, and have on several occasions).

And although it's unrelated to the above, I pose this:

If you download an album that you had no intention of buying in the first place, is anybody really losing anything?

And one final note--according to a friend at work, Rolling Stone magazine has brought the blogs out of the underground in their latest issue. Wonder what will happen next? I sense something really bad about to happen. Stay tuned!!!

Residentevil2 said...


Came across this blog (GREAT STUFF) and like everywhere I visit I ask if someone has a couple of albums(vinyl) stolen from me over 15 years ago. Been searching since.
Help - ST and Second Coming
Hustler - Play it Loud
Hydra - both
Freedom - 70's band
Lynx (Canadian) 1st
Thanks appreciate your time and help.

bigfoot kit said...

Ah, unfortunately, Uncut or Mojo magazine "outed" the wonderful world of the music blog last month on this side of the pond, i worried that international press would pick up the story.
Rolling Stone eh?
That's pretty international, now i'm really worried.

Time Traveller said...

So far they just mentioned a couple blogs, but they are high on the popularity list and once you find those, it ain't hard to find the rest. If it hasn't happened already you can say hello BMG, Universal, RIAA, Cema and the rest of the them.

The problem is just because a title is out of print, the label still may own the rights to it and bamm! Lawsuit.

Residentevil2 said...

Just a comment on the Moxy flyer you found. Yes it was a fantastic concert. Use to go to every show in every highschool and bar they play in and around Toronto.

!vinyljunkie! said...


First off just want to say nice Blog,only recently discovered it, so many Blogs so little time. I'm thinking some where in time our paths have crossed... someone mentioned the name Kiszmeth who I haven't talked too for some time now (were are you my friend)...

I appreciate the Canadian Content you have on this blog. I'm a big CanCon fan & have done my part to push it. Even found that my Great White North series of comps is listed on Rate Your Music

Just a note bout the Thundermug Lp... there were 2 different releases for this album (Canada & the US) the one you have is the US one & the cover is the Canuck version... check out CanConRox site for discog for the band

Anyways great site..keep on keeping on..


Time Traveller said...

I knew there were differences in the Strikes album (see my comments on the album in my post earlier) but just since posting Ta Daa found out there were two versions of it too. Someone over at the other blog mentioned it. Thanks for the info!!

As far as the cover goes, that was only one I could find except for some tiny 75 x 75 tiny ones, so I wanted to get something up there!


sub_commandante_marcos said...

sadly the Third Power has been had by the deleters. Perhaps you could do a re-up on one of the other filehosts when your RS account expires?
Cheers!! - SCM

Anonymous said...

thanks for all the cool stuff, mate.Your blog is great.
If possible, could you please post Diamond Reo's self-titled album?
thks !!!