Friday, March 23, 2007

Long Weekend. Okay that's a lie.

Yeah I admit it, I didn't pay my cable bill. So they shut me off. I would love to see some competition for those money grubbing sons-a-bitches come to my town, they rip me off and suck me dry. But I paid their sorry asses and I'm back, and this weekend I will do my best to make up for the neglect. Here's a little bit now and I'll have some more later.

Here's one that I've had several requests for a repost for and finally here it is. This is the Baroques only album from 1967. Released on Chess to little or no fanfare at the time due to Chess not giving it much promo. But it's top notch garage psych and this is the bootleg CD version which is really a nice vinyl rip (much better than the original I posted) plus 10 or so outtakes, single only sides and other stuff. This is not the compilation released a few years back that deletes a few of the original albums tracks. This one has all the original Lp tracks so I'm told.

Another request from a while ago. Lighthouse's 1970 LP One Fine Morning. Light psych and hippie folk rock done just right.

And here is Bloodrock 3. What can I tell you about this guys that hasn't already been said? Nothin' so I am saying exactly that. Just download it, it probably won't be up for long.

Try out this riddle: He wasn't old when he recorded this radio session for KQED in 1970, but in at least one way he is still young even though he had some old ways in the 80s.

Back soon with more.


Anonymous said...

Nice to see you back, man.Take care.

Adam said...

Thanks for Bloodrock 3.
Nice album!

Hector Superb said...

Ray Manzarek and Robbie Krieger of The Doors Fame were on the Johnny Walker Show today. It was a real treat to hear them - Ray stole the show, he waxed lyrical about Hippies, Underground Music, Jim Morrison, the Sixties, Politics. He was quite funny at times - sadly, he gave very little room to Robbie.

As for Johnny Walker - a British veteran dj of Rock Music - his music programmes are excellent. You can listen to the interview today on (click on "Listen Again")

Johnny Walker BBC Radio 2

You will have to scroll through around 35 minutes to hear Ray and Robbie but the rest of the show is quite good.

Or if you can't be arsed to do this
you can download the interview here

The Doors Interview

The sound quality on the songs is a bit swooshy due to having Audacity, the interview, however, is wall-to-wall door, music and comment, no commercial breaks and no bullshit.

the KIDD said...

T.T.: Thanks for the Lighthouse,ONE FINE ALBUM!!! Some Five Man Electrical Band would also,be very,very coool!!! You!!!ARE!!!WAY!!!TOOOOO!!!COOL!!!

Anonymous said...

POOR RIP as always. I hate you!!

Time Traveller said...

I'll see what I can do on the Five Man Electrical Band!!

And I just published this anonymous person's nice comment above because for some reason it struck me as funny! I began laughing at it and just had to post it. I'm hated by someone who doesn't know me or I them because I shared some music (for free) that wasn't up to his/her standard. What a beautiful world.......

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this music! I have the Baroques CD comp 'Purple Day' & it does indeed miss 3 original LP tracks. The Lighthouse album sounds interesting as well.
But this goddamn depositfile 'your country slotes are full blah blah' is a PITA - have a look at , it automatically mirrors the uploads to four filehosts & monitors & re-ups them if they get deleted!
Cheers!! - SCM

deb said...

You have some great stuff!

Do you have Fraternity of Man S/T 1968?

Bill said...

Great album, great blog. Thanks very much. Is there any chance you could renew the link to the Archie Whitewater lp?

wkc said...

Wonderful share! altho track 6 is missing on my download - anyone else?


P.S. - keep those poor rips coming ;-)

wkc said...

That was track 6 of Baroques lp, and track 13 also. Sorry about not catching that sooner.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Baroques, it's great stuff, don't suppose the original vinyl rip you did had the actual 1967 LP? The track listing is:

(side 1)
1.) Iowa, A Girl's Name
2.) Seasons
3.) Mary Jane
4.) Rose Colored Glasses
5.) Musical Tribute To the Oscar Mayer Weiner Wagon
6.) In Silver Light

(side 2)
1.) This Song Needs No Introduction
2.) There's Nothing Left To Do But Cry
3.) Bicycle
4.) Purple Day
5.) Boop
6.) Love In a Circle

grovermanor said...

hey Time Traveller- really appreciated that Baroques share, thanks a lot!!

zontar said...

Any chance of renewing the link to the Baroques LP? And does it actually have all the tracks?
I am still mising 3:
in Silver Light
This Song needs no Introduction


Dr. Freex said...


My cousin gave me his 8-track of this back in the day, when he got tiredof it.

Man, I forgot how good those guys were. Thanks so much for re-opening some great, great memories.