Sunday, March 04, 2007

Comments and Question time again!

Well it looks like everyone's friend the deleter is back and operating in full-force. I have some stuff to put up here but I'm afriad it would be a waste of time as it will be deleted in a matter of hours. I am looking into alternative methods of getting stuff out there but I am enforcing some new rules on myself.

I will no longer post in-print items here even if they are imports that cost an arm & a leg.

Why the fuck is this italicised?

I will be posting items with deposit files again. For some reason they just last longer. If you cannot use deposit files for whatever reason, I may be able to help you out but email me, don't leave comments, my email address is in my profile. I will not post comments related to the file host I use and I cannot respond to them except on blogger and then everyone sees the secondary link which will then be deleted. If the files start disappearing on deposit files then it is time to find something else, like torrents or multiply. I am sorry, but I just got severly expanded hours at work, and I don't have as much time to spend on blogging as I used to. Re-ups are a redundant pain in the ass, and I detest doing it. It's just like doing laundry except laundry has to be done but a repost doesn't. I am going to take care of those I already promised but no more re-ups after those.

I will have a post up in a day or two.

And finally I have a question for someone who may be a techie as far as computers go. This will probably be long and drawn out but bear with me.

I got a DVD-Rom for my computer as a gift. I installed it and everything seems to work great. It records discs fine and plays them back fine. But my computer will not show which files are on the discs. If I shut the PC down and reboot it, it will sometimes show me the contents of the first disc I put in, but after that every disc I insert comes up with the same data as the previous disc I inserted. Does anyone know what is going on? It also does the same thing on Roxio (my burning software) and Win Amp. I have taken them to a friends and they show up fine on his PC but on mine it doesn't seem to work.

Please help if you know because I cannot play the discs (they all have MP3 data on them and when I try win-amp I get nothing but weird noise).


Anonymous said...

It feels like shit to see what those guys (the deleters) are doing. There must be something wrong with them.

I hope it feels good to get reactions and thanks for what you are doing.

Thanx Time Traveller!
Thanx for the good music of which many of us otherwise never would have heard of!
Thanx a million times!
I don't think I'm the only one supporting you.

Sergey said...

On distance it is bad to define a defect...
Try to take from friends serviceable DVD-ROM and to install it, to understand, what to repair. Does Windows Media player plays your music (it understands many audio files)? Did you switch the crosspiece on the back panel of DVD-ROM ?
I hope you understand me (sorry for my bad English)

Residentevil2 said...

Glad to see ya still around and notice the deleter prick has attacked several other blogs check Heavy Rock Spectacular blog he has a deleter's email for people to give him hell posted.
As for your DVD try updating the ASPI Layer which help CD/DVD Roms read better (Not a pro but this has helped me a couple of times) First try any upates at manufacterers site and there is also this

All my best what ever you deside on the blog

jim kosmicki said...

ummm, actually, I couldn't find your email in your Blogger profile.

I've never yet found a mediafire upload to give me a "removed" message (and they're fast downloads too).

Anonymous said...

If i understand right,maybe there is a problem with the codec (mp3)
Otherwise the disk have another file system -Linux or Mac.
Greatings ANDRE

oldhippy said...

Sorry to hear about the trouble your having with all the files being deleted. I expect its the same asshole that has deleted many files from other blogs. How about having your own forum this might be a way of keeping your files active.

I'm sorry I can't help with the DVD ROM. Hope you get it sorted.

Time Traveller said...

I'm thinking about a forum, but I hate to go to all that trouble. As far as the deleter, he has sent me a few more F-You's so I know he is still going strong. It's just a shame when someone wants attention that badly. I almost feel sorry for the guy. Almost.

To the guy looking for the Cosmic Dealer LP (and the other guy who emailed about Axe and others), as soon as I can work out the problem with my DVD rom I will get back to posting requests. I can't see any files that are on my discs right now, and the web is proving futile. No info available. Or I'm wording my searches wrong. It is frustrating as hell. I have tried updates both from windows and Mad Dog (the maker of the DVD Rom) and I am still having the same problem. So it's either the DVD or the computer. Hopefully I'll get some help and get posting again very soon.


kqwiet said...

Yeah man,

It's complete BS. Thanks for all of your hard work that you've put into this blog. Cheers!


(PS. Any chance of still getting that missing Simon Stokes track?)

G-Man said...

Who are those dumbf***s who delete things that don't belong to them? May they suffer from incureable infections of their fingers! To you, Time Traveller, my sincere thanks for all you have done for us, for the music you shared. Hopefully you won't let the deleter get you down!
At the moment I don't have a solution for your DVD-Rom-problem but if I can think of something (or find something on the net) I'll be back.

Residentevil2 said...

You might have done this but my DVD (Sony) would only work if it was set as secondary Master and if there is another drive (CDRom or Second hard drive) hooked to it must be set as Slave.Mine would not work slaved to mine hard drive,
Think this is whar Sergey is saying about the little connectors at back of drives where you set either MASTER(MS), SLAVE(SL) or CS.
Or try new cable.

ARF said...

Hi TT,

feel so sorry but I missed the exactly date of your first blog anniversary (I'm a reader since the first post so I remember). Congratulations - you are now one of the neanderthals of music blogging ... :-)))

Instead of a bunch of flowers I will bring you other sweets - WOW (just found on the net). Don't found anything similar of the Runaways.

Three vids of WOW from 1985(hot) - please keep hands on the desk during watching:

WOW - Ain't none your business.avi (70 MB)

WOW - Fuck'n roll.avi (87 MB)
Oh dear - 1985 !!! Recommanded !!

WOW - Bumpngrind.avi (140 MB)

also a high resoultion WOW & Plasmatics:

Plasmatics (1982)- Coup de Graze @320
No Pass

Ok, that's it. If you sometimes have a higher resolution WOW (1984) - WOW (your rip was @128) or time to re-Up the Runaways (see comments Nordic winds) I will really enjoy it.

Champagner for everbody ..... and Candy goes to Hollywood.


jim kosmicki said...

Tuna Melt went to an email announcement forum where the blog discusses the shares, but the links are only available from the email that is sent out to subscribers. He's done at least one email announcement so far, and it seems to have worked okay.

I'm not sure that you'd have to create your own forum -- you could hop onto a pre-existing forum, as long as you let us know which one!

Walknthabass said...

Don't know if this will help or not but it might. I had a friend whose DVD drive won't not be recognized by Windows. I tried uninstalling it and reinstalling but no luck. I finally found this and edited the registry to remove the lowerfilters and upperfilters. Also had to uninstall the software he was using and reinstall it afterwards. Fixed it immediately. Might be worth a shot.

Read method #2

Hope this helps!

Anonymous said...

Hello! Could you re-post ISIS? Thanks in advance.

sturgut said...

It will be nice to see you here :


Time Traveller said...

Hey Walkin' Thanks, your idea sure helped. I had to remove the old Roxio prog I was using to burn, but in a way that was a blessing as I found a more streamlined burner that doesn't tax the resources of my puter so bad. Thanks very much!!

To anon--I'll get Isis back up this week sometime. I am hard at work on a real nice post to make up for my lack of one lately. And I will have that Simon Stokes missing track up in the next day or so too.

Sturgut--great blog my friend!! It's always nice to see another progressive blog pop up. Sweet stuff!!

Residentevil2 said...

Glad to see ya back

Anonymous said...

Could you put Wolf City by Amon Duul II back up? - thanks