Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Just a couple til this weekend.

I have been working a bunch of hours so time has been really tight. Here are a couple requests I've had uploaded for awhile that I just thought I'd stick up until this weekend when I will get a serious post up that has been due for quite sometime now.
Here's another Buffalo, Average Rock N Roller, with one of my favorite seventies album covers. Did the hair metal bands of the 80s know about this one? It seems it would be the inspiration for many of their covers.
And this one I couldn't find a cover for. It's Japanese band Cosmo's Factory with their 1975 LP Black Hole. Really good heavy prog rock.
Sorry for the delay in the all the stuff I've been promising everyone, I will try my best to get it all taken care of this weekend.


Residentevil2 said...

Excellent thanks Time Traveller.

Have you heard of or have an old 70's band called HEAD OVER HEELS? Came across an old rough homemade cassette couple of months ago I had in a old box, they really rocked, just can not find anything of or about them.

Laruchis said...

Hi Time Traveller!

Thx a lot for all the music & all the effort you put into this.
I do appreciate.
Just one request.
If there is a chance to re-up Russ Ballard's titles, I'm going to be the happiest guy in the web.
Thx again.


Claude said...

Thanx for this one Bryon ... i'm just starting to explore Japanese prog, so this will be a lesson

150x150 cover scan:

Anonymous said...

For residentevil2:

Head over Heels is recently posted at the Lost-in-Tyme blog (prog-kraut-classic rock).

Roanan said...

For some reason you keep deleting my comments, so I will make them again as one post:

Thanks a lot for the Hammersmith, greatly appreciated. I could really use their debut album as well as the band Private Eye, if you have them.
Plus, I noticed the problems you were having with the download site. I use and have had NO problems whatsoever. Perhaps you should check it out.

Time Traveller said...

I didn't intentionally delete your comments, I did it accidentally with a bunch of others.

Glad you liked the Hammersmith, I am looking into as well as many other hosting solutions sent to me by readers. I really appreciate it.


Anonymous said...

Is it possible for a repost of the "Strikes" LP by Thundermug on MegaUpload - the DepositFiles link you posted in december requires installing Zango and that app is rife with spyware.

Also, was it a genuine CD-rip or an encode made from a (hopefully mint) vinyl copy?

Time Traveller said...

I think it is a vinyl rip. But I am no longer reposting anything. Deposit files doesn't require you to download zango (or whatever) it just tries to get you to. You can download it for free without any toolbars. I don't remember how but it never asks me to download anything.

destroyerrocks76 said...

dudd need rex 1st lp i really need to hear this its my hloy grail of hard rock pleeeeeeeeeeeeeze upload it

Roanan said...

Hey. Cosmos Factory ROCKS. I'm almost tempted to buy the two CD's that are listed here:

deb said...

Thanks for "The Baroques". Tracks 6 and 13 are missing. could you reupload them? Thanks.