Friday, May 18, 2007

More Milky Way Revelations

Here's another great Lighthouse LP for you fans of the compilation I posted a few travels ago. This is probably their best album, One Fine Morning from 1971. Nice kick back and enjoy life type stuff here, positive and uplifting, and it just doesn't matter that the world is fucked up, because Lighthouse is on......

Yet another repost by request. Can't remember when I posted it, but it wasn't that long ago, and the reason I posted it then is the same as now. It's just a great psych excursion. Here's the Fredric with Phases and Faces.

Now for some hard prog. Got this not too long ago and was amazed by it. I can't believe this stuff was happening in 1974 (of course in 1974 my mind was being blown by Black Sabbath and Deep Purple and I had no clue about anything that wasn't on the radio, even though radio was much better then........). This is Pinnacle with Cyborg Assassin.
Since the Mops went over fairly well, I decided to post some more mindwrecking Jap-psych. This being Speed Glue & Shinki's 1971 album Eve. When the Japanese decide to take on a trend they either take it to new dimesions or totally warp the hell out of it, and I must say it is never less than intriguing. But this, friends, is fairly astonishing stuff. As Shinki would probably tell you "Pray Rowed" (sorry, had to do it)!!!

Some garage stuff up next, this being an LP I actually had uploaded for that megasuperoverkill post I did last time out, and the cover disappearedso I did the same with the link. Found a new cover so here's the link. This is the 2nd and last Leaves LP from 1967 (or early 8 maybe). The band was falling apart as the album was being constructed so some of the ideas here seem a bit half-baked or ill-constructed. The finished product is basically a mish mash of garage rock-folky type stuff and straight pop (abeit with psychy overtones, it was 1967 as this was being put together). But there are a few diamonds in the rough here and all in all it's not a bad rekkid, and generally a fun trip, especially with the forgiving hindsight of the band's dilema. Reished on One Way back in the mid 90's here in the States, this one is sadly out of print and growing rarer.

Rhino Handmade finally made the Fugs Reprise albums available to the CD market a year or two ago in a pricey boxset (now no longer available, I'm told)that had every note Tuli and crew tooted for the label. Nice for those folks with mucho dinero. For po' folks such as myself, who dig the Fugs, but not enough to go without groceries for week to own their CDs, here is a rip of my favorite (studio) Reprise album, 1968's Belle Of Avenue A. There are two camps of Fugs fans, those who thrive on the early ESP recordings, rough and amateurish minimalist readings, and those who like the more expertly recorded (both musically and technically) later stuff. I fall into the later camp and this one is just a great listen, and while it's not as risque and out of control as the early stuff, the fidelity more than makes up for it. And the band STILL had plenty on their minds.

Continuing with the seemingly popular West Coast psych I've been upping at a rate of about 1 elpee to a post, here is SanFrancisco's Day Blindness. Released in 1969, it is their sole platter, and is another great example of the style of tuneage that was seemingly created on a daily or weekly basis in the warm bay breeze of Frisco round these times. These guys were friends of the Dead and the music has more than a subtle hint of Deadhead vibe throughout, but still manages some originality and good ideas throughout.

That's all for this time out. Enjoy.


andre said...

Hello Byron
What a strong Album,i mean the Speed,Glue&Shinki.And also Day blindness.Thanks

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I am the person who requested the Fredric album and I´d like to say THANK YOU a million times for upload it again.
This is one of the best albums I´ve ever heard in my life,but the last time was 15 years ago!!!
Thanks to you I can hear once again this little (and unfortunately underrated) gem.

Thierry said...

I'd like to speak about The Leaves : what a disappointment! It's not at all a psy album but one of these pop LP made by US teenagers long long behind the Byrds or the Buffalo Springfield... But I thank you for your post. It's the interest of a good blog to propose all kinds of music.

Residentevil2 said...

Hey Time Traveller more excellent music as aways thanks greatly appreciated.
Could you please re-up HOOKFOOT - 2 "Good Times A Coming" never got a chance on that one and if you have Live in Memphis 72. Seeing as you seem to be the only blog that seems to remmember them and their great music. THANKS

Anonymous said...

Dear Time Traveller, you know how to surprise people. I just listened to Day Blindness. Awesome!
Thanks man! Great album!

Snoose Junction said...

Cool Fugs!

Joy and thanks