Sunday, June 10, 2007

Here's a few finally.......

More Detroit rock and roll. Dick Wagner led the Frost, and it's hard rock with maybe a slight RnB tinge. Dick as many of you know went on to play with Alice Cooper supplying tasty licks to some of Alice's post Cooper band LPs . This is Frost Music from 1969, originally released on Vanguard in the states.

This one I uploaded as a favor to a friend, and decided to include it here if anyone would like to check it out. In the late 60's Marshall Chess was trying to hop on trends, since his roster of 50's blues and RnB clients were considered passe and behind the times, he decided to pair them up with hip and happening new sounds (i.e: Chuck Berry with the Steve Miller band) and see if he couldn't score some action with it. This is Muddy's result. The gatefold LP's inner sleeve showing a picture of Muddy with a process hairdo and a long flowing robe says it all. He tried the same thing with Howlin' Wolf (the title was: Howlin' Wolf Does Not Like This Album.....) with mixed results. But Muddy's LP was actually pretty cool. He covers the Stones (logical choice bandwise since they were disciples of his, but song choice a bit iffy) and retooled some of his classics to "fit the times". A mixed bag, but one that is never boring.

Another LP from '69, this time some Canadian psych from the Rabble with their LP "Give Us Back Elaine"

And finally, some more mainstream rock, this being Brandywine's Aged LP from 1970. A few hard rock tunes intertwine with more mainstream rock sounds. Never bubblegummy or sappy, just nice AOR for the times and well worth checking out. I will admit I'd never heard this U.S. band until a couple weeks ago and was pleasently surprised.

Hopefully I get a few more up tonight. Been working way too much and finally got a couple days off.



Anonymous said...

Hey! Love your blog. I was wondering if you could recommend something like The Pinnacle, I downloaded it from here, and liked it very, very, very much.

Thanks in advance.


Anonymous said...

It's good to have you back! Enjoy your days off.
I'm curious about the stuff you'll surprise us!

Adam said...

Lately depositfiles service sucks.
Whenever I'm trying to download,on differnet hours,this note appears:
"We are sorry, but all downloading slots for your country are busy"

I hope something can be done,since I hate to loose Time Traveller.

BTW,most of the blogs are still using Rapidshare which is far better.


Robotic Arm said...

The Rabble is very good but i can't seem to find a single article on these guys and definetly not a wikipedia page or discography. do they have any more? do you happen to have any more? thanks VERY much for this one!

naps said...

Thanks for the Frost

Anonymous said...

the Rabble is a great album. i've listened through twice now and i am left wanting more, do they have anything besides this one? thanks alot!

Anonymous said...

downloaded the Frost file. Opened it. And extracted the text file which was a rapid share file.
Downloaded the rapid share file. There wasn't any encoded information within the file. There aren't any mp3's in the file:( Is the file corrupted? I'd love to hear this one:)

Richard said...

Thanks Time Traveller for all your great post and insights,I was hoping maybe you had Ursa Major,and if you could PLEASE post the first Nutz album the old link is dead.
Thanks Again:

Martin said...


could you upload the full BrandyWine? It´s only 173 kb file size. Would be very glad if you can do this my friend. Many thanks also for the great work, that you are doing!

Cheers from Germany


Anonymous said...

just a note about electric mud -it features guitar hero Pete Cosey who would later tear it up on Miles Davis' most extreme stuff from the 70's (Agharta, Dark Magus, etc)

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

the rabble was featured many years ago on rock talk. show still is on cfro co-op radio. hammered blues was a term used to describe them.

Anonymous said...

further on with the rabble. go to:
decent bio and discography