Saturday, June 16, 2007

Time for a new batch

Stuff mostly in a psych vein today, because that's where my head's been lately, listening to some mind expanding trippy sixties (and early 70's) vibrations. But as always a few surprises thrown in to hopefully give everyone a bit of enjoyment. First up for today is some psychy hard rock from the Floating Bridge. This Seattle, Washington band's only LP, released on Vault in 1969, is mainly good fuzzed out hard originals, and then two kinda Deadish jam cover tunes done as instrumentals. Although I could do without the cover tunes, the rest of the album is highly recommended.

I've probably said it before, but most of the so called Christian psych I hear sounds more like folk music to me, not that there's anything wrong with that, but when the word psych is thrown in, I wanna hear psych for Christian sake. That problem is not an issue here, however. This one, the Last Call of Shiloh, from 1969 ranks up there with People, Moonrakers and All Saved Freak Band on my list of dyed in the tye, hippie psych Jesus rock. Nice stuff with some good guitar licks and although the lyrics overbear a bit, it's some gosh darn good listenin'.

Here's an interesting rock album I picked up a few years ago based on cover (always a 50/50 chance of something good coming from it) and what I got turned out to an album with a bit of history. I'll share what I found out from an unknown (forgotten) site on the web:

Produced by Peter Schekeryk; Engineered by Eddie Kramer & Bruce Staple. Recorded at the Electric Lady Studios, NYC, NY in 1972. Is alleged to features Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley on backing vocals, BUT this has not been substantiated. Five dollar Shoes was: Gregg Diamond (drums, percussion, vocals), Tom Graves (keyboards, vocals), Jim Gregory (bass, vocals), Mike Millius (harmonica, vocals), and Scott Woody (guitar, vocals). As for the music, it's kinda "Allman Bros. Meets New York Dolls with a touch of Pink Floyd" early 70's rock.

R. Meltzer compared them to the VU with a west coast vibe on the title track, Hackamore Brick's LP from '70 called One Kiss Leads To Another. Very cool stuff.

Saw this on a want list from 60/70 rock and hopefully he'll catch this one. This is a very early shred album from either '81 or '83 from a band called Meat Phredd. It was recorded in Columbus, Ohio and I could kick my own ass, because I sold mine a year and half ago for 5 bucks and it gets 150+ on ebay!!!! This one is a vinyl rip from that said LP and is unfortunetly divided into side one and side two mp3s with no song titles listed. Being that it is instrumental guitar music, I guess the song titles really don't matter, but they can be found on the net if one were to look a bit. Recommended if you are into the Joe Satriani Steve Vai type wanking, otherwise you may wanna avoid.

I just found this the other day in a bargain bin at a local CD store!! 3 bucks for this one. Turned out to be some really cool hard proggy stuff. I haven't really done much digging on the band (again, check the 'net, there's probably more info on it) but I'm guessing from the dates on the CD it comes from 1975 originally.
Anywho, it's Brainstorm with their LP Last Smile.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Thanks much! Been looking for this for some time.

Anonymous said...

Could you please reup Little Boy Blues - In The Woodland Of Weir, heard it should be great, but cant find any CD release of it.

Thanks in advance.

tucker said...

An interesting selection, as always - especially liked the BRAINSTORM -- many thanks!

Anonymous said...

Blimey, Five Dollar Shoes! Never thought I'd get to hear them again. It's a great album, like a more straight rock New York Dolls, full of life with quite a bit of a snear. Thanks muchly for the share, as always greatly appreciated.

Thierry said...

Hello Mr. Traveller,
About Last Call of Shiloh : I was very exciting about this LP but the result is very poor, because, to my mind, this album is bored, even, if there are 2 or 3 parts of good guitar ; so, a big disappointment.
Another request, please : would you mind propose for the 2dn time the Smoke's album, Carry On Your Idea, because the old link is out now.
Thanks a lot.

Anonymous said...

Thank You Timetraveller
for the Brainstorm I was looking for it for years now.
One Information its their third LP,
after Smile A While and Second Smile, there's a obscure live tape too but I don't know it,
so thanx a lot,
Greetings Flo

Anonymous said...

SWEET lp would love if you could post the other two i bet they rock just as hard!

Anonymous said...

Been trying to get a clean copy of this for 15 years,


6070Rock !!!! said...

"If youre driftin on an empty ocean
With no wind to fill your sail,
The future, your horizon,
Its like searchin for the holy grail"

Thanks for the rare wine on the holy grail TT


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this, overheard in a record shop when I was in high school and, minor in the pantheon they may be, it changed my listening habits forever.

Anonymous said...

People are more than welcome to experience our music on the YOUTUBE Channel ARTFULDODGERSITE which even offers some rare live material. Hopefully that will provide a means for people to explore our recorded works without infringing on our copyrights.
This is what the BLOG "PowerPopAction" did and it was greatly appreciated.

Time Traveller said...

My intention is never to infringe on anyone's copyrights. I truly thought your material was out of print. Since it is not I sincerly hope the 15 or so people who downloaded it liked it enough to investigate further.

Since you are only the second band to ask me to remove music from this site, I think it proves my intentions are really good, and knowing what happened with the powerpop site, maybe powerpop is a genre to steer clear of in the future.

Good luck with the reissues.

Time Traveller said...

All others requests are duly noted. As far as Brainstorm goes, I don't think I have anything else by them, as I said in the blog entry, I lucked upon that one. But you never know what may happen in the future!


Residentevil2 said...

Thanks for the music you run a great blog here much appreciated. Think I asked but could you re-post the second HOOKFOOT again? Saw Artful Dodger backing KISS and BLUE OYSTER CULT many moons ago so as a curiosity wanted to hear them again , always be a backup band so,so

Anonymous said...

No need to post this, it's just food for thought.

Over 400 copies of "Honor Among Thieves" were downloaded from file sharing services just a couple weeks ago. The blog refused to pull it even after several requests were made. The file sharing service provided all the download statistics/IP addresses accessing the file once they were notified of the illegal file. It's now up to Sony Music if they want to seek damages.

"Out of print" does not mean the copyright has expired (check out For music, the original copyright exists for 70 years past the death of the artist (50 years international). In 1998, the Copyright Law was amended because of NAPSTER - to punish those distributing copyright material WITH or WITHOUT financial gain (such as giving it away). The minimum fine is $30,000. For more details, just check out that big blue screen that comes up everytime you watch a commercial DVD.

Finally, recognize that most of the artists posted on MP3 sharing blogs, whose material is "out of print", probably don't even access the internet or know how to find someone posting their music. Plus, not just the artist can give permission to host their material (unless they have bought the rights), the record label that published the work or RIAA can press charges as well.

Of course, it's completely your business what you decide to do, but recognize that information on the internet hangs around for a long time even after you removed it.

Time Traveller said...

I published this as I wished to respond to you, whoever you are.

What we do on these blogs is expose people to music they have probably never heard. We know copyrights exist, but we also that most major record companies could give two shits about any band that isn't going to move a million plus copies, or has the potentential to do so in the near future. If most bands put out three or four albums that stiff (ring bells?) they are released from their contracts and thrown to the scrap-heap. Yes, those record companies may still own the copyrights but they could care less (unless they see a potential lawsuit, suing their own customers for food out of their children's mouths to pad the linings of their overpaid CEO's new Armani's).

I'm not going to get into a big debate over weather what I do is right or wrong. Many bands seem to dig people finding out about them after many years. Some even regroup and go out on sucessful reunion tours playing to many people who never knew they existed before these blogs. Some bitch and moan and turn many previous fans against them, (see Metallica for a very large scale example of this) and never recover from it.

But the bottom line is---I am poor below poverty level single father of 3. Let any record company sue me. I will bet two things---(1)they will get nothing, because I have nothing to give and I will go to jail and (2) they will look like absolute dogshit after the public exposure I will cause them to get. I know all the right people to call and buttons to push.

And with the pile of shit life has handed me the last two years or so, three hots and a cot ain't lookin' all that bad.


the KIDD said...

Enjoyed Your New Batch!!! I bought 2 Artful Dodger albums at a local used record store,Babes on Broadway and Rave On.Maybe someone should give the guy who sold me these 2 albums a spanking???

jjspazuk said...

Dear TT,

Thanks once again for some ear openers.
Is there any chance you have the B-Side of Floating Bridge's single "Mr. Jaybird"?


Anonymous said...

How about trying to set the record straight.
First off, why don't you let the readers hear know that well before you posted the Artful Dodger debut that you were kindly asked not to do so after posting "Honor Among Thieves" in May 2006. Also let them know that you were POLITELY asked to remove the debut material the same day you posted it, no threats or foul language. While you were not receiving blog post comments or emails - would anyone else know that?
I will let you know that any official requests to remove Artful Dodger's material were polite, and I would appreciate you letting other visitors here know that - but I doubt that will stop the flames or defamation.

Just as you point out that you are not responsible for failing to get emails, how can Artful Dodger be responsible for someone who made rude requests. Why should someone take hits for protecting their property?

The attacks by other people are not appreciated, but they were expected. Every Google MP3 Sharing Blog out there operates the same way - they state that if an artist does not want their music posted, let them know. As soon as they do, they are flamed or mocked.

The excuse is always the same on every blog - let people explore the music. It's highly doubtful that any person who downloaded the music for free will actually purchase it once it's available.
I notice a Blog posted the late Phil Seymour's solo projects - yet I doubt that any person who downloads the music make a donation to the Cancer Society in his memory?
Why not post short clips of songs and encourage people to request a reissue of the material, direct them to official or fan sites?
At least if later you learn that the music has been reissued, that the band doesn't want their music posted, or whatever reason, you haven't infringed on someone's rights.
I truly doubt that each person that downloaded an album will send an email request to the record label to reissue the music - it doesn't cost anything to do it!
What about the blogs that have posted "in print" material (such as KISS, STARZ, ANGEL, SAMMY HAGAR) or those "grey areas" where the album is "out of print" yet some songs on the album are available on "in print" collections - (Greg Kihn, The Monroes, Squeeze, The Beat).
I saw requests and uploads on a Blog for STARZ material when the entire catalog is currently available directly from STARZ or the reissuing label - did the Blog direct them to purchase the music? Nope, they uploaded it.

Finally, not all people who work for the recording industry wear expensive suits, just as you point out that all people who work for the oil companies are enjoying huge salaries due to record profits on crude oil trading.

Anonymous said...

I heard about this and I have to say that you guys know absolutely nothing about Artful Dodger or the character of the guys in the band. They reunited 5 times in 2006 - 3 shows in Ohio - sold out. They greeted people before and after the shows, signing anything anyone wanted. They even wrote a song just to thank the fans for draggin' them back on stage. All this long before anyone posted their music.
Two shoews in Virginia were both benefit shows for charity that Bill and his family organized. One show's proceeds went to the Fisher House Organization (for wounded vets) the other for a terminally sick child in the community. One member left his recording studio business to work for a museum that informs people of the horrible abuses during the holocaust. I guess that makes them horrible people because they ask that you do not post their music. I wish this world had more terrible people like them!
I blessed that they consider me a friend!

Time Traveller said...

By the way, the two other bands that requested that I remove their albums from my blogs, one of which was Inga Rumpf, (whose secretary wrote a nice letter to my email address, not only did I comply, I posted a link to buy albums legitimately (and they weren't even the same albums--the ones I posted never had American releases) and sent a nice reply to her. And I never said a bad word about her-and again, none, I repeat none of her bands albums that I posted where in print--anywhere. True that's neither here nor there, but I as I said before I got an comment with your name signed to it (and how did that happen as none of the comments had been posted) threatening legal action and having a quite menacing tone to it. As I stated more than once--I am fully aware that could have been a coincidence--I deleted all emails at that point and complied with your request--admittedly late. And no I do not hold you responsible for my incompetence in not getting my comments moderated. But then more comments pour in and they weren't very nice, and as customary for me, i simply deleted them, but i did choose to respond, which is my right.

I don't buy your comment that most bands aren't computer literate enough to hop on the net and find their music. To the contrary, I've gotten several emails from bands I've posted saying thanks for remembering them and pointing me in the direction of their websites. No they probably weren't selling out concerts near their hometowns (which most bands can manage if they are half decent) but they nonetheless where happy to know people were digging their music.

I didn't set out to turn anyone against you or your band, and I will not mention it again. I don't want enemies, and I do like some of your songs--I did buy my copy legitamately (used for 99 cents as I stated in the comments to the other post). But when rouge anonymous comments come in--which by the way I did acknowlege as possible rouge spammers--my defenses go up, just as yours are.

If you want your music removed from blogs, do it by emailing the bloggers personally, or email the file hosts and have them deleted. Then no one directly blames you for it. Yeah, people are going to slag you, unfortunetly because of Cary Sherman and his cast of suits (yes suits) who wouldn't know a good song if it bit them on the ass, and who try to forcefeed their flavors of the week by any means necessary. Face it, those guys probably don't know who you are unless some corporate attorney smells a dime by sueing their customers and ruining their lives. Do you enjoy being a part of that? I hope you are trying to reissue your stuff through an indie. Regardless of what you think and what they tell you, unless you are selling 2 millions "units" of "product" (not music, mind you) Columbia records doesn't give a rats ass about you.

Believe it or not, that's a straight fact I'm giving you.

Time Traveller said...

And to the other guy--I never once said a thing about anyone's character. I don't know the band, its good they do charity shows, and they are to be commended for that. I did not start the fire here, and apperently neither did they, but I have never once made any derogatory statement against them personally. I feel it was a personal attack, and I said my piece. It had nothing to do with anyone's character or lack thereof.

As far as I'm concerned this is over and done with. I'm movin' on, how 'bout you?

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for Last Call of Shiloh.The music lives up to its great reputation.This is one of the rarest albums of all time and I never thought I'd have a chance to hear it. Thanks!-Bryan

Anonymous said...

Hi Time Traveller,
I'm having some trouble with downloading from Depositfiles, and need some help. I tried for Last Call of Shiloh, and after many tries when the download didn't come up at all, I got it to work in Mozilla Firefox but all that was downloaded was a 1kb text file. I tried again, and same result. Yet others are obviously having success in downloading. What could I be doing wrong?

And to anonymous from Artful Dodger... relax! I don't know if your back-catalogue is available legitimately on cd, but if it isn't, you should just be glad people want to hear your band even if they're downloading it for free. What TT said about record companies and their priorities is spot on in most cases. And just because something is out on cd doesn't mean the artists are getting shit. Take Joe Byrd for example [once in the band The United States of America]. He had to take Sony/Columbia to court, with a bunch of other allied artists, because his label was reissuing his stuff without his knowledge and not giving him the royalties he was due! And look at all the reissues that are available on cd only from bootleg/pirate labels - ie. most of them - and do you think the bigger labels who own the rights and the master tapes [if they bothered to keep them, which often doesn't happen if the band or artist wasn't that big] bother to chase down these bootleggers and sue them? No, because it's small fry and they couldn't give two shits, like TT said. Smaller labels who do give a shit have a hard time pursuing legal action when the offenders are based in another country that might have different laws [eg. Akarma in Italy, who do some legit stuff but also a lot of non-legit stuff]. In all these cases the artists themselves aren't getting anything. As a musician myself, I'd rather know that people were enjoying my music for free rather than paying someone else for it, who's put it out without paying my royalties, which let's face it, for most artists who aren't huge, amounts to peanuts anyway.
I object when blogs post stuff that is readily available on a legit release; but when they post stuff that is either un-reissued, or long since unavailable, they;re doing you and your art a favour whether you agree or not. Too many musicians think about the money all the time. Again, as a muso myself, I say, get over it - unless you're a total genius who everybody thinks is amazing, or some commercial artist who's sold your soul to 'make it' in the industry, or a highly-paid session muso, you're dreaming to think you're really going to make a living from being a musician. Just enjoy the music and be happy if others do too.