Tuesday, June 26, 2007

News and music...........

I finally started that new blog I have been threatening to start to post news and views on the state of the world. If my posts on the subject earlier were of any interest to you, I would like to invite any and all of you to check it out and anyone is welcome to contribute to that blog. My email address is there so drop me a line if you have any worthwhile news, anecdotes or , hell, anything. If you can find it in your hearts (as you've all been so nice and done in the past) , click on an ad or two while you are there. And I am working to get a few affiliates signed up (nothing so far) but I will be adding them as time allows. No corporate whores like amazon, just some mom and pop businesses looking to survive like you and I.


As I said before, with it being summertime, music posts are probably going be slow, but I will continue to to add stuff as time allows (for those who don't know, an average post of 4 albums takes around 3 to 4 hours start to finish). I am working on one for tonight. And here it is.........

First up, and probably the most well known of all I am going to post tonight is Sky Saxon and his merry band of acidheads with their 1967 LP Future. I found covers for this but apparently it was only released in conjunction with another LP, but I stuck them in their anyway. Maybe the other album will turn up sometime soon, but I don't have it at this time.


The Unspoken Word is another in my line of cool West Coast psych I have been posting. This one was released in 1968.


A mega rarity here from Brazil. This is Bango's self titled release from 1971. Acid soaked psych with fuzz guitars and heavy tunes.


Some softer sounds from 1969. Mortimer were a psych folk group that released this one album on Philips. Good stuff to wind down a hectic day.


And finally for this fine summer eve is the self titled LP from Mike Pinera and Blues Image. Not as good as Open and nothing as significant as "Ride Captain Ride" on this one, but not too bad either. Mike would soon be heading to Iron Butterfly for one interesting album called Metamorphosis after one more (way more challenging) album with these guys.


That's all for tonight!! Back soon!


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6070Rock !!!! said...

Yes TT:

"I've got half a pound of rice, a beard full of lice,
Political retrogression.
I've got a pocket full of dust, and eating is a must
If you want to make a good impression... 'We are' the black sheep(s) of the family"


Anonymous said...

Why rapidshare?
Better sites is axifile.com, uploaded.to, sendspace.com, zharebee.com...

Time Traveller said...

(A)Because everyone else uses it

and (B)I get free premium service.


FM SHADES said...

Great posts, you should try out http://www.mediafire.com/ for a file host... That deposit files always has a million pop-up windows and doesn't always wor well. I've had great results with Mediafire on my blog.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for "blues image" and "unspoken word", very hard to find....
i am looking for "pollution" and "pollution II" - if you have any of these please share it - thans again - best regards - josh.

Knoxx said...

Thx for the music...and for using Rapidshare, the best file-host (if you got a Premium account!).

Paisley Panties said...

Deposit.files suck! Every time I try to download something, it times out almost immediately, leaving me with a useless, 1 kb file. Too bad--I would've liked to hear some of this stuff!