Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Oh good God, here we go again........

I leave the blogsphere for a couple months and the whole place goes nuts. I have spent the last few weeks trying to dig up all my old links that I'd lost only to find that there is another (the same one?) so called deleter out there again and he/they are virtually destroying some of the best blogs out here.

It begs many questions. Why someone would waste time reporting and getting albums that sold about 5 copies in the last twenty years deleted? Don't they realise that they are all but eliminating any chance these albums have got? Are they just trying to ruin people's harmless enjoyment, of which there are so few left in this fucked up world?

I have said this before, and I have to say it again--you cannot stop this, and we will find other methods of sharing. You can't stop people buying used stuff, and you can't stop the liraries from loaning out the stuff. Give it up and get a life. Go fight against something you can actually win, or even better, something productive (God forbid!!). You are fighting something similar to a war on drugs here.

I just got an anonymus (of course) comment that said "We're stopping you from stealing from us......" and to that I say, why not let the artists decide for themselves if they want you to be their gatekeeper. Who made you king of the blogs? Myself and many others have gotten plenty of praise from artists who were just glad to be remembered (and also a few who asked their stuff to be removed--which all bloggers I know comply with A.S.A.P.). I don't recall any "we" becoming the appointed mayor(s) of blogtown.

I will be back in a couple days with some stuff, and it will probably only last a few hours so you'll have to grab it quick. Or possibly I will upload it twice and save one link for the good folks I know well to trust with them. We'll see how it goes. You know, if some people could just use the time they waste on petty nonsense for good, this world could be a better place.


Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you. With the blogs I discovered musics I woudn't have buy without this.
Thanks for your useful work.
JP, France

WOXX said...

The trouble with these people is that their single brain cell gets lonely and having thought up something moronic to do, any logical thought goes out of the window. Still, as they always say, don't let the bastards grind you down........ ;-)

Anonymous said...

Most of us appreciate what you are doing. We download the music, and if it's good, go buy our own copy. If not, we delete it. No harm, no foul. Thanks for making it available.

Anonymous said...

Man...what an adventure you had! lol
good luck in the near future. Looking forward to the stuff you got ready!


Lasse2112 70s Rock said...

You keep it up TT!
These people should focus on stopping child pornografi, or drug related sites.
Those are the sites that should be deleted and closed!!!
Cheers my friend!
Lasse2112 70s Rock.

Anonymous said...

the deleter is the owner of progrock records who probably has the authority to prtotect his clients copyrights.
it is what it is.

Anonymous said...

Its simple math.
These idiots have
1. no life = 0
2. mommas boys = 0
3. still virgin = 0
4. wannabees = 0

add it up = LOSERS

Great blog, Thankz

bigfootkit said...

Looking forward to seeing what goodies you'll be serving up my friend.
Just delivered a whole batch of hot oldies myself over @ NILOOB, hope you find something to make you smile amongst it.
All the best,

Sakalli said...

My blog was shutdown by blogspot a few weeks ago. I've opened a new blog to post a notice and ask for help. Would be glad if you could update the new link in your sidebar.


Time Traveller said...

I understand the owner of progrock records doing what he's doing for "his" artists (I wonder how many of them are REALLY behind him?) and I have seen his website, but he isn't the only one doing it, or he is going way overboard if it is. Some of the stuff getting deleted is rare old 60's and 70's vinyl shares that I don't think have ever seen the light of day on a CD. It's just some petty numbnut looking to be an asshole.

As for Mr. Progrock, I know one thing--people don't pay high dollars to go see newer bands that they've never heard, and most people don't shell out big bucks to buy CDs of bands they've never heard either. And I don't think I've ever bought a CD without knowing what it is, unless it's in a cutout bin for a buck or two (or less).

TRAMPje said...

Dear sir

We all know that some....let i say it nice, butt hole's are in the world.
Never mind them, just focus on us.
We like good music, you bring us good music........(wel not all ofcourse, i got a taste of my own ;-)
And yes, i buy some good records(vinyl) and cd after i pick them up from some blogs side's.
Maybe not every one do this, but i know a lot of us do.
So thank you and, please, go on!!!

And i also hope you give us Simon Stokes & the Black Whip Thrill Band again!!!
I realy got the original lp, but it is in a bad condition:(

Hmmmmm.....nowe i beg again!

Anonymous said...

It's always the same. They seem to forget that they need the fans. They cannot force the fans to buy this or that album at this or that price. It's each individual fan who decite wether to buy this or that record. And a album who is not known will not be bought. Is the industry that stupid? Don't they realize times have changed and will be changing even more.

Anonymous said...

If the owner of ProgRock Records think this will send people over to his company, I would like to state here & now that I WILL NEVER buy or support his label or the artists on it.

If he just deleted the albums found on his website or just ask them to be removed it's one thing, but he is taking it upon himself to shutting down Prog blogs period. Just ask the guys over at Sakalli & ProgNOtFrog. Would he like it if someone had shutdown his website on their terms, not his?

I've taken it upon myself to discourage fellow prog fans to avoid buying anything from this man and to seek elsewhere to buy their music. After all, if he's willing to destroy someones else's work, how can you trust him in his regular business dealings?

The infamous Zim

Anonymous said...

Use lix.in to protect your rapidshare links. This should solve the problem.

Neroon001 said...

I am afraid that I may not buy another "prog" related cd,since they seem to be closing down all the prog sites.I was tired of shelling out $20 a cd including tax then find out the music sucked only one good song etc etc etc then blogs came around you got to hear a whole record like back in the day when hip radio stations would play the whole album front to back then ask listners for comments (guess they didn't have tape recorders back then)my purchasing of cd's went through the roof(just ask my wife it's still a big thorn between us)so many new artists or old for that matter that I have never heard before because the record producers/company presidents do such a wonderful job of promoting the artists (they must have a heck of a fan base in Antartica).Guess what I am trying to say is I really do not need to buy anymore cd's and I don't like copys either give me the real thing,but I am damn tired of shelling out $15-20 a cd for something I have not heard then find out that either the music sucks because of a half- assed effort or that there is maybe 38-40 minutes of music on the cd.I think that if the people involved who make /promote whatever that a cd should contain over 60 minutes of music to even ask for full price otherwise it should be under $10.Much to my wife's glee the money I save on not buying cd's will now go to a night out,dinner,movie you get the picture.I am just a regular guy that likes music but also a consumer and if I can't hear before buying sorry not interested.

Sakalli said...

I've moved my blog to its (hopefully permanent) location
http://sakalli.blog.hr, after nearly a month after the fall of the
blogspot site.

I'd welcome your help to spread the new blog address across the
Internet. I'd appreciate if you could update your link section. Thanks
in advance.

Kerry said...

I’ve noticed lately that many of the blogs that I have been a devoted fan of have been locking themselves up from anybody that has not had an invite. I don’t want yours to be another statistic in this reoccurring problem. If I need an invite in the future please let me have one before all your great work is lost to me. I wouldn’t want to miss out on things to come. So far, I have lost http://xxxrockrula.blogspot.com/, http://heavyrockspectacular.blogspot.com/, http://lostintyme.blogspot.com/ from my blog list on my favorites and have noticed that others are falling off the board like dominos. If you have contact with these blog writers, is there any way that I might be able to relay the same message to them? Just so you know, my name is Kerry Saunders. I’m a big time rock fan in St. Louis, MO. Home of KSHE 95 radio. They play many of the same artists on their Sunday show 8:00 am to 12:00 pm streaming live online. They also have a real rock museum on their website spanning 40 years of rock. http://www.kshe95.com/

On a request note…any chance you might have a copy or Runner’s self titled release? I think it was released in 1978.