Saturday, June 24, 2006

Is it "before ya know it" yet?

I promised this a while ago and finally got it finished. This is a vinyl rip, but you won't know it by listening. The vinyl looked stone mint and sounded that way too. Nice warm analog sound!!
The album kinda reminds me of a harder rock Al Stewart album and if you are an Al Stewart fan, give this a shot. Along with the hit "Driver's Seat" there are 2 other standout tracks, "Slide Away" and "Looking For You" and the others aren't slouches either.

And for Jonnhy Roberts blog. Here is Short Stories /Tall Tales from Horslips. This album originally released in 1979, turned out to be the final studio album from this celtic /folk/prog/rock band. This one is probably the hardest rocking of their repertoire. Enjoyable but far from their best. If anyone needs any others from the Horslips catalog, I have several, if not all of 'em.

Pretend there is a picture of some happy go lucky guys standing around in goofy poses wearing far out clothes with shit eating grins on their faces. You are probably close to what the cover that housed the music of Arc's self titled LP looked like. This is not the early seventies prog band, it is a one off LP released on the Lifesong label in 1978. Like almost every band that released an album on Lifesong that weren't Crack the Sky, Crack the Sky had quite a bit of input on this LP, mainly John Palumbo, who wrote or co-wrote about 80 percent of this thing. Problem is these songs are nowhere close to the caliber of songs on any of the CTSky albums, they are like throwaways. On the bright side, Arc is a talented band that polished these turds into highly entertaining mini-operatas (keeping in mind it's 70's rock) filled with multi-octave background vocals and thumping well produced music. About half the songs come off as bad disco, but the other half make up for it, standouts being leadoff track "I Feel Beautiful" , "Skindiver" and "Why Live For the Weekend" which is a great rocker. An album to listen to as an abstract, without paying too much attention to any detail too closely.


And a bunch of links from a friend who said to post these without credit:
Note : for the first two the links follow the title, after that, the links come before the title.

Neon Rose - Dust And Rust And... (Sweden, 1973-75) 117MB @224kbps with small covers plus website

A Foot In Cold Water - The Second Foot In Cold Water 49,5MB @192kbps

Valhalla - S/T (USA, 1972)
89MB @256 with covers

Condition Green - Life Of Change (Jap, 1977)
92MB @320 only front cover

Here's the other Bronco album at 192kbps with front cover:

Irish Coffee - S/T (reunion 2004) 84MB @320kbps with covers

Bronco - Country Home (UK, 1972)
47MB @192kbps c/covers

Brewer & Farm - Monumental Funk (1974) 32MB @160kbps w/small front cover (sorry, that's what I have...)

Bronco - Country Home (UK, 1972) 47MB @192kbps c/covers


jp said...

Wow, some really cool stuff here. Thanks Traveler (Byron?)! And thanks to the anonymous uploader (I'm especially grateful for a clean copy of Second Foot In Coldwater, since my vinyl copy is pretty warn and crackly).

BTW, I'm sure it's just a typo, but "Monumental Funk" is by Brewer and Farner (not Farm), aka Grand Funk.



freyli said...

Hy Bryon,

here´s the link for the first "A Foot In Coldwater":


Skaman said...

If you have the 1st Horslips
("Happy to Meet, Sorry to Part")
that'd be grrrreat!

Walknthabass said...

Is there a password for that Horslips album?

Or am I just blind?


jd said...

Well, now thaty you ask, Horslips live will do for me !



Time Traveller said...

Hi everyone. I will have to rip the Horslips LP Happy to Meet Sorry to Part from vinyl, but I don't think I have any live. I will check.

Hi walknthebass--shouldn't be any passwords on any of this stuff.

Donno said...

Thanks muchly for the Bronco albums, a big hole filled in my collection. A most underrated and almost forgotten band these days.

Yabatx said...

Love Horslips - Drive the Cold Winter Away is nice and if you got it I'd be interested thanks

Time Traveller said...

The only version I have of Drive The Cold Winter Away is the 2nd version on Book of Invasions that is part of a longer track and is only about 1 minute long. I was going to post that album soon, but the version you are probably looking for is the more traditional version on the album before Book and I don't have that one.

I'll pass your thanks along Donno!!

Bryon (TT)

mad4music said...

Time Traveler!

Thank you for all of the great music you've been sharing. You've turned me on to a lot of good stuff!

I haven't heard Sniff & The Tears in ages!

Check out my podcasts of vintage Sixties/Psych when you get a chance:

Keep the music flowing, my friend!

Anonymous said...

Already have the Horslips album. It's a great one though. I hope you post Aliens, The Book of Invasions and The Man Who Built America! Thanks! Great site!!!

ragnarok said...

Ooops, but the second part of Neon Rose archive is deleted from due to the abuse. :(
Could you, please, reupload the second part again?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great site. You've pointed me to some great music. Any chance you could repost Brewer & Farner's Monumental Funk and Love's Out There. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

can you please report the two Bonco albums...."Love" (from Bumpers sampler in 1970) is a rtue lost classic, thanks!

Anonymous said...

Great Blog! The Arc link is dead. Can you reload it?