Monday, September 11, 2006

Better late than never.

Atomic Rooster's 1st with Carl Palmer. Great album.

Gary Moore's Live at the Marquee. Yeah, it's live. But it got a sort of legitimate release so I put it here. Is Gary one of the most smokin' hard rock guitarists ever? This disc makes a good argument for him. I personally think he is extremely underrated.

This is a weird import EP I got of Queensryche. I know it's not what I usually stick up here, but I'm just in a weird mood today so here it is if you want it. Some otherwise unavailable stuff here so, if you like Geoff Tate & co, it's worth the download.

Here's some stuff I'm posting tonight at the liveandotherwise blog:

Frank Zappa - Hollywood Bowl
Paul McCartney - Rockestra Sessions
Deep Purple - Unreleased Tracks
Rory Gallagher - Shepherd's Bush, London 03-02-76
Steve Hackett - Live Archive 3 (Rome 09-13-81)

And here's some stuff coming soon (hopefully tomorrow)

Coven - Witchcraft Destroys Minds (LP rip)
Zon - Astral Projection (LP rip)
Barclay James Harvest - Caught In the Light
Caravan - Cunning Stunts
Groundhogs - Black Diamond
Groundhogs - BBC on Air 1970 - 1972
John Entwhistle - Rigor Mortis Sets In
Zephyr - repost of album previously deleted by trolls


Anonymous said...

Thanks. Love the atomic rooster, and I'm looking forward to Some Groundhogs.


Anonymous said...

Zephyrs...Sunset Ride..?

Thanks for everything!

Anonymous said...

I agree, TT, Gary Moore very underrated as a rock guitarist. What year was that released? nice show.

Time Traveller said...

It was released in '92 but the show itself was from 1980 with Tommy Aldridge (ex-Black Oak Arkansas) on drums right before he joined forces with Ozzy Osbourne.

napsmear said...

I think you've had some bad luck with the friday the 13th track (i know bad pun)
on the atomic rooster......skips in several places...and there is a gaping space in the middle.
otherwise...great post

Anonymous said...

thanks. the atomic rooster is great, but it doesn't work...skips all the time. :( maybe a chance of repost?

Anonymous said...

Agree -- Atomic Rooster is great, but Friday 13th skips. Can you upload that one track?

Anonymous said...

look forward 2 Groundhogs - Black Diamond. use 2 have on vinyl....but alas no more!

thnx 4 hogs @ bbc!!