Friday, September 08, 2006

Just a "quickie"

When I did my update the other day I forgot to add the Budgie EP and I decided to throw one other nugget up with it. Here's the nugget first. The 2 Sides of Tony (T.S) McPhee by the Groundhogs leader.

And here is the rare 1980 EP from Budgie. 4 songs, one file.


1.Wild Fire
2.High School Girls
3.Panzer Division Destroyed
4.Lies of Jim (the E Type Lover)

I have finally been doing updates over at the live blog. There are several new "shows" over there. And you you like 'em gimme some clicks while you are there.
If you've never been "there" it's the first link in my list o links.

Back Saturday or Sunday with a real update!!!!


Anonymous said...

Two goodies. Thanks!

Matt said...

I'm still really digging that Groundhogs platter. It is just about perfect. Curious to hear how the Tony McPhee goes down. I'll report back, but thanks in advance.

Bigfoot Kit said...

A weird coincidence this, my friend phoned me an hour ago to see if i fancied going to see Budgie in Glasgow at the end of the month, then i come on here and see you've posted them.
Now i just have to work out if that's a good or bad omen for the gig as i've yet to decide if i'm going.

Time Traveller said...

Kit, I would go in a heartbeat if I had the chance. (Just a nudge in one direction for ya!!!)


Bigfoot Kit said...

Don't get me wrong, i love Budgie, but it's those 1st 6 albums that float my boat, with Tony Bourge on guitar.
Most underrated axe slinger of the '70's.
After he left, most of their stuff left me cold.
So "Budgie" now, is Burke Shelley and hired hands.
I don't want to see the name tarnished y'know?
Having said that, i went to see the Sensatinal Alex Harvey Band, (obviously without Alex), last Xmas and it stands as one of the best gigs i've ever seen.
You never can tell.
So many bands playing i can't decide who to see, Motorhead, Y&T, Saxon, Budgie, Opeth, Maiden, Wishbone Ash and SAHB again too.
Life's full of tough decisions.

Fritz said...


Thanks for Budgie!! Great underrated band!! Do you happen to have anything from Reggie Knighton, Beaugarde, Strapps, Laguna (The winds of alamar) or Ginger (early 80ties)?



Matt said...

Alright, so, the T.S. McPhee is an odd one. Worth it for "Dog me, bitch" and "3 x 7" but I don't know if I'll ever make it through "The Hunt." Any encouragement or advice to help me see the light?