Tuesday, September 12, 2006

I think I am more of a John Entwistle fan than I am a Who fan. I respect the Who but when you look back at their catalog, they really didn't put a whole lot out. And among that output, several are live, outtake and greatest hits. Essential? Nahhh!!! But the Ox solo, now those were some interesting albums. He always got great session players, his material was always interesting at the very least, and he had a sense of humor that for the most part didn't fit in with Townshend's coming of age tales and serio-tragic operas. I guess I dig John more because he (and of course Keith Moon) were the relief from the heavy subject matter of Pete & Roger. This is John's LP Rigor Mortis Sets In. It was a commercial flop but in my opinion a success in terms of an early 70's rock elpee!! Mine has the smaller cover, but when doing a search I found this larger too. So here they both are.


And the ever-popular Barclay James Harvest. This album took a few listens to sink in. The first time I played it, I was really disappointed. It sounded like some crappy 80's synth pop. I thought someone put the wrong music on the disc by accident. But with further investigation, I discovered an album with some deceptive complexities lying underneath the seemingly simplistic song structures. It's nowhere near perfect, definetly no Short Stories or Baby James Harvest, but an ultimately satisfying album that somehow fits into the BJH catalog.



Audience - Friends, Friends, Friend. Great prog album worth checking out.


I am still working on the vinyl rips (should be up here tomorrow) but here are couple more goodies.

GROUNDHOGS - BBC On Air 1970 - 1972



CARAVAN - Canterbury Comes To London




Anonymous said...


My heart skips a beat...Caravan & The Groundhogs...WOW!!...just when you think you`ll find nothing new excellent stuff like this is posted ...thanx for both of these...


arstider said...


Thanks for all nice things on your blog.

It seems that track 4 on Caravan is not complete.

Best wishes from Sweden

Anonymous said...

Many thanks for John Entwistle.
Been looking for this album for a long time. Keep up the good work.