Saturday, April 07, 2007

Holy shit!!! Two days in a row!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

You know every once in awhile I just get in one those postin' moods. And I think I have some goodies for ya today. Mostly bands with a "A" but I threw a "C" in there to bumfuddle that whole thing.

Here's the last album to carry the Argent name (except for those Hits LPs and comps and the like). This one is 1975's Counterpoints, and while not their best, it certainly deserves a spin or two. Hindsight being twenty twenty you can kinda hear the end being near on this one. And you know Russ Ballard was the visionary of the group because all the really great songs around this time were on his solo albums. Jim Rodford shines on this album (he soon migrated to arguably the 2nd best lineup of the Kinks after this) with some nice groovin' basslines. Fave of mine is the closer "Road Back Home".

Here's another good 'un from the Rooster. This is 1973's Nice 'N' Greasy. "Ear in the Snow" and "Take One Toke" standout, but a fine platter of heavy keyboard ladden tuneage abounds.

Now for a bit of popsike to groove into Easter Sunday with. The Comfortable Chair, discovered by this cat named Jim Morrison that a few of you knowledgeable readers may have heard of once or twice and produced by his bandmate Robby Kreiger, this is some interesting stuff to be sure. The sole platter executed by these guys and gal, some West Coast sunshine for those cold East coast days.

Here's something you don't see on my blog too often. Latin influenced jazz rock. This was basically an offshoot of the early Santana band and featured Coke Escovado and Neal Schon who we all know left this for a journey that started out promising and then turned into some pretty insipid pop pap thanks to a guy named Steve. But this stuff is some fairly potent latino groovin' by a 14 piece band that made a self titled debut and then this their 2nd and final. Coke went a more jazz-pop direction for the Mercury label after this.

Happy Easter!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Comfortable Chair album.Been hunting for that one for nearly 20 years now!
They were in the Bob Hope film How to Commit Marriage (1969).You run an excellent blog which i have visited often.I wonder what the chances are of you crossing another album off my list ? : Curtis Knight Zeus - 2nd Coming (With Eddie Clarke of Motorhead).
Stay Metal
Stu the Occupier

Time Traveller said...

I think I may have gotten that Curtis Knight Zeus LP from KaZaa or WinMX a long time ago. I will check and see I can find it. I make no promises but I will do my best.


Anonymous said...

If you have it that would be fantastic,if you dont - then thanks anyway!
Keep A Rockin.
Stu the Occupier