Monday, April 30, 2007

Monday Monday

Some soulful rock to start your work week (unless you are one of those lucky enough not to have to work). These guys are another band from the label that gave us Big Star (Ardent). Nice stuff, not too soft, not hard by any means, just really good acoustic based rock. From 1973 here's the Hot Dogs with Say What You Mean.

Now on to harder stuff. Here's Babe Ruth's self titled 1975 LP with their great version of the theme from Fistful of Dollars. I guess a logical progression from their intriguing "the Mexican" from the First Base LP. Always liked these guys, from Jenny Hahn's powerful vocals to the general tightness of the band.

Fear Itself's self titled (and only) LP from 1969 treads the same waters as most early San Fran bands (wheater or not they were from that neck of the woods or not). Ellen McIlwaine definetly sounds like Grace from the Airplane a time or two (if not more) and the band pulls a lot of the same moves as many of those Haight Ashbury type bands (including the annoying habit of feeling the need to do one goofy novelty type tune with that 30's ragtime or jugband sound. I cannot count how many great psych albums are marred by that unnerving penchant by these bands). Anyways, some nice West Coast groovin' contained herein.

Couldn't find a cover for this one, nor do I know if it exists. This band (the) Shag being a notable presence on many festival bills during the late sixties and for sure releasing at least one single during their existance (the one pictured, sadly not contained on this album) this album maybe a comp of sorts or a reissue. This one kinda threw me for a loop as the first track, "Gypsies In the Forest" sounds like it might have been a Jethro Tull outtake with a different singer during the Mick Abrahams period. Bluesy prog/psych stuff with quite a bit of charm. Then the second track began. Whoa....if it weren't for the singer being so recognizable, I'd swear it was a different band!! Hard rock, actually quite jammin' hard rock with loud fuzzy guitars up high in the mix, blastin' forth some grade A tunes. Stunned I tried to find some info on the band, as usual other that what I gave you above I couldn't find out much. But here's another of those finds I get so happy about. Any info? Please share!!

And finally, I am finally getting my album collection posted on a site called GEMM. I have about 50 on there already, but I plan on getting several hundred up by this weekend. I am going to be moving before summer ends and I would like to avoid moving as many of these as possible. Some have been posted here, some will surprise. I didn't just collect psych, prog and hard rock (although there are plenty of those) but there are many genres (country, jazz, new wave--all kinds of stuff). Next post I will give the address of the website and hopefully you can grab some goodies cheap (by no means am I giving them away, but I'm not pricing them anywhere near book values, there will be lots of 1-2 dollar albums there).

Back soon.



Anonymous said...

hi, great blog with some very good bands. could you reup the Morgan's Nova Solis, link is out

Sakalli said...

I have a music blog in

I'd be glad if you could add it to your blog links section.

Residentevil2 said...

Agree with your opinon of Babe Ruth really good band have liked them for 30 years. Wow! Feeling old but good memories :)

Thanks for Fear Itself cool stuff.

andre said...

Hello timetraveller

Nice Album-Fear itself,great guitar and voices.

Time Traveller said...

BSB--I am working on a trade to get a much better version of the Morgan album than I posted. If/when I get it (my original rip was from LP, this one is from the rare CD issued a few years back) I will repost it for you.

Sakilli--I will add your blog on my next update.

res & andre--

Glad you guys are diggin' the Fear Itself. I was impressed myself. I had been searching a long time for that one.

I have all the babe Ruth LPs so I may get the others up eventually. I was about 6 or 7 years old the first time I heard Jenny Hahn belting out Wells Fargo from the First Base LP and I have been a fan ever since. No disappointments from that band, ever. Very consistant and good stuff.

Time Traveller said...

Oh, I almost forgot. For all those folks looking for more Stray Lps, check out Heavy Rock Spectacular blog. Damn near everything (if not everything) is up over there. A feast, and they have just recently posted all the Left End stuff too, which if you've never heard them, and are into great midwestern seventies hard rock, should definetly check out.


Heavy Rock said...


Thanks a lot for your comments here, Bryon! I hope by now, you can link my blog to yours! Glad you've liked Stray & Left End retrospectives. I've just posted B.F.Trike & JPT Scare Band - everyone must check them out. Both are awesome albums.

You know me thru this blog from the earliest days...think about a guy who used to knock you sometimes, requesting most rare heavy psych-prog albums.

Guess who I am?

Shine On,
Heavy Rock

Time Traveller said...

Hey freyli,

I didn't know you were posting over at H-R-S. I cheated and looked! I will put a link up on the next update.

Glad to see you are still on the scene.

I love B.F. Trike, smokin' stuff!!
Highly recommended.


Scott said...

Wow, guy. Fabulous blog. I've been searching high and low for that Hot Dogs record, and here it is... with several more goodies to boot! in a world with MP3 blogs aplenty, yours is a public service.

Heavy said...

Hey Bryon! Freyli is there with me on HRS, but, I'm not Freyli!!! Anyway, I got to know him through a comment section of your post where I put up a request for Haze - Haze-colour Dia & he came up with a link. And we became friends!

Guess Who I Am?? He he..

All the best,
Heavy Rock

P.S. Still love your blog very much.

Time Traveller said...

Could it be Aveek? If not I will have to do my homework a bit. Let me know.

Heavy said...

Yes Bryon,

Here I Am - Aveek - who used to request you for Stonehouse Creek & White Witch albums? But, hey, how did you guess that currectly?

Thanks a lot!

Time Traveller said...

My list wasn't too long. :-)

Actually I remembered the Haze request so I went back to my request list and looked.

Glad to see you are still around too!


Marc said...

Cool stuff, thanks. While surfing on the net I found more info on The Shag:
What about the adress for your collection on GEMM?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your effort. I have all the Babe Ruth releases on LP. Really interesting band.
I'm having difficulty downloading from depositfiles. Any suggestions? Do I need to register? When I click on the download link, I get taken to an upload page?