Wednesday, April 18, 2007

More hard rockin' stuff

Japanese hard rock and psych from 1971. Amazing stuff and supposedly their rarest. This is Mops with Iijanajka.
Great stuff.

This one really isn't hard rock stuff, but it is the band that led to one of the seventies biggest hard rock bands Queen. Some folks called them hard prog, but although it might apply to the first few albums, they seemed to go more in the hard rock direction (and unfortunetly disco toward the end of the decade). As the pic at the left denotes, this was Brian May & Roger Taylor's pre Queen band, and contains some pretty interesting psych and rock. And you can definetly tell it Brian May behind the six string being played here. Some quite tasty licks too, from time to time. From 1969.
This one smokes, folks. A band called Zarpa from Spain that I have become a huge fan of. This is from '78, and is called Los 4 Jinetes Del Apocalypsis. Lotsa fuzzed out space rock here, and was a surprising hidden gem. This one is from 1978.
And sent from a friend of the blog--here's the Nuge at his transition period. At this time with the Motor City being infiltrated by the likes of the Stooges and the MC5, Ted's music began to turn from the psych of the 60's to the sludgey hard rock of the aforementioned bands. Although he would soon refine this sound and tone it down a bit for two underappreciated LPs for Frank Zappa's DiscReet label and then refine it even further for a major label (Epic), this is raw, abrasive, primal scream performed live on a big Gibson ES-335. My favorite track on here, the title track, is probably one of the wildest songs the Nuge can claim responsibility for. Sounds like it was gonna be the live version of "Journey to the Center of the Mind" and Ted got a bit sidetracked. Thanks to PE_35 for this one, Ted Nugent & the Amboy Dukes - Survival of the Fittest : Live.


bigfootkit said...

Wow! "Survival Of The Fittest"!!!
I love those two Discreet albums, "Tooth Fang & Claw" & "Call Of The Wild", but i never did find a copy of this until now!
Many thank yous as per usual TT.
Lots of good new old rare stuff in a rockin' vein over at NILOOB as of last nite too in case you haven't checked.

andre said...

Hello Time Traveller
I never hear about Mops ore Smile,Good Sound Thanks

ps A great wish,Stray -Houdini,Move it,Stand up and be countet
Maybe you can help

Time Traveller said...

Hi Kit! When I was a kid around the time of Free For All and Cat Scratch Fever, I found Survival at the used record store. My first thought (at 10-11 years old) was "what a load of shite" but over the years have grown to love it. The only Amboy Dukes album I have never really gotten a grip on was the one that preceeded this called Marriage on the Rocks. The thing I can't figure out is how Ted made that album and Survival without using drugs, as he claims. They are both very drugged out sounding LPs!

Andre-- I don't have Houdini or Stand Up as far as I know, but I do have Move It and will post it next time, so keep an eye out for it.


Time Traveller said...

And if anyone has any wants or suggestions, I am open for them, so drop me a line or send a comment.

andre said...

Hello Timetraveller
Great that you can upload someting from Stay.Shure i lookout for it.Thank you
ps.Another Question,Dirty Blues Band mybe do you know

Anonymous said...

It's about time somone has posted this CD. THANKS!!! Mike

Jeff said...

Thanks for the Zarpa, a new/old group to find out about. In the Rar file there is a 6th song that doesn't belong here , it belongs on this album: En ruta hacia Europa (no editado) - 1987


Time Traveller said...

Krill--Don't know which one you mean, but thanks!!

Andre--Don't know Stay, but I may have something from Dirty Blues Band, I'll
add it to the list.

Jeff-until about a week ago I didn't even know about these guys. I just got it and was so impressed with it, I decided to share it. I'll ask around and maybe I can come up with that other album and possibly get it posted sometime in the near future.


Residentevil2 said...

Hey Time Traveller more great stuff Thanks greatly appreciated.
Looking For:
SHOOTING STAR - Selftitled
THE HUNT - Selftitled(Can. rockers)
THUNDERMUG - Bang That Drum
GROUNDHOGS - Crosscut Saw
T. S. McPhee
GEORDIE - Don't Be Fooled By The Name, No Sweat, Rockin' With The Boys & No Good Woman
FREEDOM - Through The Years
SPRING - Spring
STREETHEART - Drug Store Dancer & Quicksand Shoes

Time Traveller said...

I have a few of the titles mentioned. I will get started with at least one (possibly two) this weekend sometime. The Groundhogs, TS McPHee and Geordie spring to mind, may have more, will check.


Residentevil2 said...

Well thanks for the responce greatly appreciate any thing. Keep up the great blog mate

andre said...

Hello Timetraveller Not Stay" -Stray and Dirty Blues Band

My fault i wrote it wrong.Sorry
(My English is not so..)

Anonymous said...

Very Thanx for all your uploads,I almost downloaded all your posts;I'm looking for an album entitled "Unspoken Word - Tuesday, April 19th."...if you owned it please upload it and many thanx!

Kelsey said...

Yeah Geordie! Been lookin for that one too.

kingpossum said...

Hey Time Traveller, thanks for the Mops post! I would never have known about them without you.

Request: How about a re-up on Wallenstein's Blitzkrieg?

Three cheers for the mighty 'Traveller for giving good artists their due and we listeners a great time.


Les Singer said...

Hey- The Tuesday, April 19 album by the Unspoken Word (1969) can often be found on ebay in vinyl. Les (I was the drummer for that band.)

Anonymous said...

Very groovy early Nugent! I've even got the vinyl for this one! But my needle's been broken awhile! So let the rock begin digital style! Thanks for sharing TT!