Friday, April 13, 2007

A motley bunch of music

Can't really think of a theme here, a few are requests, but mostly this is just stuff I've been listening to. Some I've just recently gotten (and will therefore only comment briefly) and it's all pretty interesting. Some of it I had never even heard of before, some I have but had never heard the music before, such as this hard rock from 1975. A US band, and I know nothing about them other than what I need to know. And that is they rock. Fairly heavy for '75, but some of it does sound a bit dated hearing it for the first time some 32 years later. But finding stuff like this is what I live for--if you are the same, give this a shot. Hard rock with a bit of southern influence, especially those twin leads.

Another one I've had for years, and got a request for. This is the band Wings (obviously not the McCartney bunch) with their folk inflenced lone LP from 1969. Crazy Mama & Papas vibe on this one. If fact, if you played it for someone who had never heard Cass & crew, they would be hard pressed to tell them apart at points. They even do one old timey 30's sounding tune like the aforementioned band seemed to enjoy doing from time to time. So my caveat for this one is: if you dig Mamas and Papas, you'll dig, if you don't, you won't.

Way back in this blogs early daze, I did huge post of the Amon Duul stuff with the help of Microdot (you still out there bro?) and I got a cool letter from a fan of the band who asked if I could repost this one because it was one of the few he didn't have. Since it is one of my faves , here it is. This is probably the most diverse album the band had released, it still has the psychy leanings of the earlier stuff at points, but they have gotten a tinge heavier and there is no denying the band as composers and musicians had grown immeasurably by this time. Here is Wolf City from Amon Duul 2.

This is another new one to me. But it is great stuff!! As the Thunderhead above, this one was a great find. 1977 LP, as far as I can tell the sole output from these guys. No info on the net that I could find. But this one is definetly worth checking out. I hear some BTO inflences and it's just good ol 70s hard rock, I can say no more. Try it, you know you wanna!! And BigFootKit has added more to the story of this one in the comments section.

From the 1968 album Tanyet, here's some great psych from the Ceyleib People. Amazing stuff and sounds way ahead of it's time. 3 long songs, that go anywhere from hard rock to classical in the blink of an eye, all the while maintaining that druggy 60's vibe throughout. This one contains a 4th track which is actually the 2nd track supposedly "reprocessed" but it sounds the same to me. But I stuck it in here anyways.

And another request for my grande finale today. I think this came from the old Chrisgoesrock sight from about a year or so ago (so thanks to him, or if not him--whoever it was!!) . Great Dutch (standing corrected from my earlier pronouncment it was Krautrock) prog from 1972 ( I think--there is a text file in the rar) and has a bit of US inflence and a rock vibe going on.

Sorry bout this crappy pic.


Anonymous said...

Thanks TT, you really did find some new very obscure bands. So I'm gonna enjoy listening to the stuff!

About the Mr. Albert Show; their dutch. So they're from the Netherlands. They came from Eindhoven and they only made two records. They're good. But as they are from the Netherlands you can not call their music krautrock.
I only can recommend this music. Thanks for posting.

bigfootkit said...

Thanks for the Red Bud Thunder album Bryon, i've been trying to hunt this one down for a while. Apparently they were from Wisconsin, and the album came out in 1977 or 1979 (depending on who you believe) on the Feldergarb label, catalogue no. 41178. To nab yourself a mint vinyl copy expect to pay $350 or thereabouts.
Member Dave Hanson was once in the band that would become Cheap Trick before his time in RBT, later he formed The Blueshawks with whom he has recorded 4 albums.
There are some photos of RBT here:
I realize i'm probably the only person who cares about this minutae, but i really can't help myself. Hope this sheds a little light.
I've got that Thunderhead album too, it's a nice one, shades of Blackfoot here & there, especially on "Busted In Georgia". Give yourself a treat.

Time Traveller said...

I apologise for calling Mr. A krautrock. As usual I failed to do my homework. I could have sworn I saw Germany somewhere in the disscription. I will update the blog accordingly.

And thanks Kit for the enlightenment. I am also into finding out about the bands I really like, but oftentimes I come up empty handed. My friend in NYC says he can get me a decent copy (VG+)for about 250 bucks, but I liked the price tag on this one better!!

cosmowombo said...

Does either one of you have the Painter album (canada, '74, pre-Hammersmith)?

Anonymous said...

yeah man thunder head rocks cant get enough of that hard rock 7os stuff keep sending it dudes ,one request id like to see the self titled lp by reddy teddy ,it would rule if you could post it.cheers

Sadness said...

would love to see the Painter album as well..Hammersmith were great..
thanks for the albums..where do i get $350 for the mint lp Bigfootkit
all best sadness

Sadness said...

hi cosmowosmo, painter album if wanted email me
sorry have no covers..
all best sadness
email me at
to get link

bigfootkit said...

I tried to get that painter album for a long time & finally got it recently in a trade, but it's missing one song.
I got back in touch with the guy who i got it from thinking he'd missed a file, but his disc was the same, one track short of the full LP. Frustrating, as it's a nice little record with some good tight playing &
good songwriting.
I could post it like that if you're desperate to hear it, but it would irk me somewhat to post an incomplete album.

MegaPlatinum Entertainment said...

great music!! i wanted to share something with you and your readers, in my attempt to give back all i've been given. thank you.

The Nick Vivid Effect (2007) - 2 piece Garage/Psych/70's Arena from NYC

From the press release: "The theme is a celebration of superficially small, seemingly inconsequential victories with all of the vigor, sweat, passion, and lust of one where the hero has just achieved world peace. The setting is post glam 1977, 'cause why the hell not? And the power chords and throbbing beats courtesy of a modern day guitar slinging batman and his stick weilding sidekick robin. The label is MegaPlatinum. The band is the Nick Vivid Effect."

This is a freely spreadable release authorized by the record label, MegaPlatinum.

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Sadness said...
here is full 11-tracks of painter..enjoy

Anonymous said...

Thunderhead and Red Bud Thunder are really two fine albums. Thanks for sharing those with us!

Residentevil2 said...

Great stuff Time Traveller thank you very much.

sergey said...

Hi, TT! Thanks a lot for Thunderhead, Mr.AlbertShow and RedBudThunder. An excellent stuff. I love an old good hard-rock. I'm very glad. Great posts.
Thanks, bigfoot kit, for info about RBT.
Good luck, men!

Residentevil2 said...

Again thanks TT have been come across bands compared to SNAFU lately just wondering if you have their collection had them over 15 yrs, ago had forgotten all about them.Would be nice to reaquaint.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sadness, you've brought gladness to me by sharing Painter!
Thanks man!

Jan said...

Krautrock is a style (just like blues, jazz, psych, etc.), not a country, so it is perfectly valid to refer to Mr. Albert Show as Krautrock, but correct to say that they are form the Netherlands.

Thanks to TT for the nice posts. I think that I have the Thunderhead in the vinyl cellar and I think they did another that I have. If so, I'll try to rip it and post it for you. I'd never heard of Red Bud Thunder, so I'm looking forward to it.

And thanks to Sadness for the Painter - it saves me form having to rip my vinyl copy. As soon as I saw the name Painter, the cut "Roller Rink" came into my head and it's stuck there now. I used to have it on one of my numerous 'road mix tapes' (anyone remember cassettes?).



Jan said...

Oops - I got the Painter and Hammersmith albums confused (aging memory failing - sigh...). I believe 'Roller Rink' was on the first Hammersmith album. It was an ass-kicker and a great road tune - sort of BTO thump & drive meets Painter melody (I think Randy Bachman might have co-written it).

Anyway, the Painter album also has some great tunes, such as the minor Canadian hit 'West Coast Woman', 'Goin' Home to Rock'n'Roll' and the slightly Zeppelin-ish 'Crazy Feeling' (esp. the last half).

Byron, are you still looking for the first Hammersmith? I have the vinyl somewhere and if you'd like a vinyl rip, just say so. It would just take a few days to locate and rip.



Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the Ceyleib People Tanyet post. I have been looking for a copy of it for about 3 years. I was so excited to be able to finally listen to the entire album. You are very much appreciated by me, not only for this post but many others. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Chris C. , Los Angeles

Emmerich said...

I cannot get the music. Does the link work? I download bad rar files with that contain no data.

Time Traveller said...

Yes, the download is a small text file that gives the real rapidshare link. Open the rar and copy and paste the link written on the text file.

JAM said...

Red Bud Thunder's Scotty Hanum has Re-issued The album American Rock & Roll. You can buy it @