Thursday, April 26, 2007

It ain't 100% but it's working.......

UK studio musicians make a record. How many times has that happened? And turn out good? Yep that narrows it a bit. This is the 1971 LP from Ugly Custard. Instrumental stuff with a bluesy hard rock feel. Great hammond organ sounds!

More Burnin' Red Ivanhoe by request. We're still in '71 on this one. Danish prog with a Canterbury feel.

Another request for some UK hard boogie rock. Here's Stray's 1974 LP Move It. If you dig mid 70's Status Quo (like Piledriver) give this a try.

This is a really amazing unknown psych 45. Got this from a friend and had to share it. A new fave or mine.

Sorry 'bout that. Link is fixed!

And I've seen the 1st Salvation LP posted at several blogs over the past year or so, but I have yet to see this, their much harder to find 2nd LP, Gypsy Carnival Caravan, posted anywhere. I'm probably wrong, I don't every blog out there, but as far as I know..........

Anyways, here it is in all it's popsike glory. Handles of Care is great with lotsa fuzzed out guitar and Yuk Yuk is a psychedelic classic.

More later...........


andre said...

Hello Timetraveller
I am glad that your Computer is fixed.Also happy about the Stray and Salvation.Dammed good

great Thanks
ps dont forget the Dirty Blues Band,but i am patient.

Adam said...

The Stary album is a nice one.
Have you got their 1st album-"Stray",which considers to be their best??

Anonymous said...

The link for the unknown 45 is the same as Stary. Can you please advise as to the correct link? Thanks.


jim kosmicki said...

thanks -- but the link for the single is the same as for the Stray album!

and I need to find that first Salvation album now -- I don't know that i remember seeing it anywhere -- maybe I just overlooked it.

debcat said...

Thanks for the goodies.
The links to the psych single and the Stray album are identical. Would you please re-up? Thanks.

the KIDD said...

T.T. Hope everything is good in computer land!!! Not sure,seems that the STRAY-MOVE IT,and the 45 you posted are the same file?Hope all is Well in T.T.LAND!!!THANKS!!!

Time Traveller said...

The link is fixed. Sorry about that. Trying to get everything posted before my computer started acting up again.

I think I have it pretty much fixed now, but it's almost 6 years old now. That's about 60 to you and me.

I though at first maybe I posted a 45 someone else had posted.

More real soon........

Anonymous said...

yes, thanks for stray and salvation, great albums
do you happen to know where the first salvation album has been uploaded? I have never seen it on any blog that I know of (and I know quite a lot of them...)

Time Traveller said...

I cannot remember which blog(s) I saw the first Salvation posted at, but one was fairly recent. I will do some digging, and if I don't see it anywhere, I will try to rip my copy (it's a kinda scratchy LP) for a future post.

If anyone knows where it's at, could you drop us line here.



Anonymous said...

Hi Timetraveller,

This is a side question, any chance of you having Dirty Tricks self titled release?...which includes "Too much wine" or if you can, repost some Rockets and Cityboy albums. I've noticed you've had some interesting stuff around June 18th of last year. To my disappointment the download links were dead. I already have the Shooting Star but would love to have the rest of what you posted that day.



Time Traveller said...

I'll see what I can do.

Anonymous said...

Hey I know The Riders of Mark's song thanks to
the great Voxx comp Behind the Calico Wall!!!
Amazing tune!!!!!!

How's the B-Side?!?!?!!



Time Traveller said...

Hi Louis,

B Side is not quite as good as that unbelievable A-side, but it's no turd either :-)


Anonymous said...

I'm searching for the album with "Canaltrip" on it - I think it's their first album.

Anonymous said...

sorry, I was talking about "Burnin Red Ivanhoe" and their first album with "Canaltrip"