Wednesday, August 02, 2006


The first of several requests I'm working on. This one was real easy (I have the CD) and it's not the kind of music I usually post here, but I like it, and maybe some others will too! The original album came out sometime around 1980 on the Elektra label and these guys were marketed as another "Cars". The Bob Ezrin production of the the album was quite similar to Roy Thomas Baker's handling of that other somewhat similar group. They had a modest hit with "Beat Goes On/Switchin' To Glide" and were deemed new wave. The skinny tie set took to them, but only briefly as their second album Amazon Beach stiffed and the U.S. heard nothing further from the Kings. But apparently the band did do some other stuff, 5 examples are included on this expanded CD which came out in Canada in 1999.

And a friend of the blog, Maris sent me some great Max Webster-Kim Mitchell stuff along with permission to share with everyone here. I especially recommend Kim Mitchell's Akimbo Alogo, but all are worthy of a listen as Kim and Max Webster are definetly a great underrated hard rock band.

Max Webster - A Million Vacations

Kim Mitchell - Akimbo Alogo

Kim Mitchell - Itch

Kim Mitchell - S/T Ep

Kim Mitchell - Shakin' Like a Human Being

And finally over at the liveandotherwise blog which I have been neglecting lately:
Genesis from 1978, the Doors from 1970, and a great Van Halen demo set and 8 disc Marc Bolan/T.Rex set sent from another friend.


paul said...

Great timing -- currently in my vinyl conversion queue: Kings RSVP and the s/t Kim Mitchell. Down the road, The Kings Are Here and Akimbo Alogo.

You just saved me a couple hours digitizing time. Thanks!

paul said...

...and A Million Vacations as well. Dang!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the Kings again. You really made my day!

napsmear said...

Thanx for the Kings

Ron Nasty said...

If you like this stuff you should listen to radio Station from Toronto. They have to play Canadian music once an hour, so you can set your watch by "Switchin' to Glide", they play it every day at 9:40 |(