Saturday, August 12, 2006

Jim Dandy sez---let life be good to you

Hands down my favorite studio album from Dandy Jim and the boys. Only a couple weak tracks here and most are fairly original and energetic compared to some of their studio stuff. Back Door Man was the closest they ever came to a hit and Fancy Nancy, Cryan' Shame and Let Life Be Good To You should have been big.

From 1976 here's Focus' Ship of Memories. A fairly good one from these guys since by a friend.

Always dug Roy and this album is a pretty tasty platter of his guitar licks.

Some early Genesis. From 1972 here's Foxtrot. This is the definitive remastered edition (or so says the cover of it). It's done in 320k.

Also from a friend here's Blue Cheer's first LP Vincebus Eruptum.

And also from an anon source is Caravan's Songs For Oblivious Fisherman.


And from Bruce here are some more cool albums plus a track that was left off of one from the other day.


links for out here by LOVE. in my opinion this has the the best version of "Signed D.C." the version on the 1st lp is shorter.


Here's the missing Gravy Train track.


And also from Bruce:

this is the band "ollie and the gogos' they were a band from penn. around 1966. they recorded one 45 and were a regional success. i am freinds with one of the band members and made him this cd. it has the single and all unrealesed. this cd has never seen the light of day other than a couple people. larry has had quite a long career in the music buisness with several hit songs and populare tv theme songs. freddy barnett played in a number of bands over the years. this is deffinity low fi. but it has that feel of a band trying to make way back when. the band did have a reunion last year playing several shows in the penn. area.



napsmear said...

Black Oak........excellent.
saw this band in 1973.
1st time i ever saw a band smash there guitars live.
it was awesome.

I actually knew a guy who as in Ruby Jones...the band ruby starr was in before she ran off with BOA.

Thanx fer this one

Trevor said...

thanks for the caravan. any more please post. also, do you know when songs for oblivion fishermen was released? theres a 1998 date on wikipedia but that can't be an original date. thanks!

Adam said...

The Black Oak Arkansas album is great.
Have you got more of this stuff?

Anonymous said...

The link for missing track of Gravy train don´t works

Time Traveller said...

I have every Black Oak release before 1977 except Keep the Faith and a few after (I'd Rather Be Sailing, Jim Dandy's solo Ready As Hell, and a couple others that don't come to mind).

Trevor--I think the Caravan was released in '76. Not 100% but pretty sure.

Time Traveller said...

For the gravy train--copy the link all the way to the html. For some reason the link enabler wouldn't highlight the whole link.

Donno said...

Thanks muchly for the Caravan, an excellent album.
Trevor - The Caravan is a collection of tracks recorded for the BBC between 1970 - 74 and was released by Hux in 1998.
Thanks also for the Love, not heard that one and looking forward to it.

Anonymous said...

hey TT

Jim Dandy may have asked 'Ain't Life Grand` but if you keep posting the albums I`ve been after...FOREVER...I can say it too...cheerz brother...keep up the good work


bruce said...

any chance of posting the 1st black oak lp/ thanks bruce thanks for this one!

Time Traveller said...

Sure Bruce, I'll get the first BOA up on my next update!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Time Traveller & others,

Almost all Black Oak lp's are on this blog:

Now I hope you don't mind Time Traveller, Keep the faith is on there too ...

Also recommended is their dvd 'Live at Royal Albert Hall', from '73/'74 when they supporting Sabbath if I'm not mistaken.

Greetings, Danny (not Dandy)

Time Traveller said...

Don't mind at all Danny, in fact I appreciate it!! Saves me a rip!!! I will give that blog a glance right now.

Thanks Danny!

Another quote from Chairman Jim:

When you're feelin' down, tired & alone, keep on keepin' on!

(nothing earth shattering, just some good ol' down to earth good advice)

bruce said...

i grabbed the black oak at the other site posted and a couple others. thanks for the mentioning the site. Saved you a couple rips . thanks Bruce

Jeff said...

Thanks for the missing Gravy Train song.

Much Appreciated

ogmonster said...

Thanks for the Focus lp. I never knew about him until now. WOW! Jan Akkerman is one fine guiatr player.

napsmear said...

Almost all Black Oak lp's are on this blog:

Too bad they're all at 128 bitrate
anyone know anywhere with a better bitrate...lemme know