Saturday, August 26, 2006

Well I got three up today..better than nuthin' I guess

I will be adding albums as I am able, so more fun is in store!!!!

Here's a great proggy-rock album from Skin Alley called 2 Quid Deal. And seeing as they were on the Stax label in 1973 that's probably the deal they got too. Stax, primarily a soul label based in Memphis Tennesee, was way out of their element in releasing this one, and I've seen more white label promos of this LP than standard stock copies. Also it didn't help that the label was on it's last legs by this time, the top artists were either dead or out of vogue with the record buying public in the early to mid 70's. So with 2 strikes against the band (a third being progressive rock in general had no real U.S. following unless they had the names Yes or Emerson Lake & Palmer). They released this fantastic album that basically didn't get heard.
The album I have ripped (a U.S. promo copy of course) is a bit worse for wear but still very listenable. I have dug this LP ever since I first took a chance on it (who could refuse that cover?) for a couple bucks at a used store in the mid nineties. Not a bad track in the bunch and standouts (to my eardrums) are Graveyard Shuffle and the Demoagouge. Brillinat stuff!!!!

LIQUID SMOKE - same (Avco Embassy)

Kinda of a bummer on this one. The first track, a cover of I Who Have Nothing, luckily for me the weakest track among the bunch, had a skipping problem I just could not fix. If you want it, this is for sale right now on ebay for the budget price of 60 damn dollars. I got mine for .50 at a flea market a few years back and I'll take the 59.50 discount for the skips on track one. It could be fixed, because the all the parts are there (listen to figure that one out). I wonder if the Black Crowes heard the version of Hard to Handle on here because their version sounds awful close. But on this album it's the originals that are the best, with some nice fuzzy rippin' guitar and cool organ runs. Give it a shot.

Which came first? The album came out in 1971.

A band called Nutz. Hmmmm.......... An album called Hard Nutz. Double hmmmm. But actually this is some pretty cool hard rock with interesting production. The guitars sound like they are put through every effects box known to man all at the same time. Seems like the band is going for a heavy Queen vibe at times, especially with the background vocals but, at other times it's a more straightforward hard rock vibe. Only one downside to this was the bass heavy production, which is a bit strange considering the painstaking state of art sound they got otherwise. Well, just decrease the bottom end and you'll have a cool hard LP (for '77 anyways).
Enjoy, back with more tomorrow and will finally get the liveandotherwise blog updated too.


DJ Gordy said...

This is one of my favourite albums of all time. It was on the Transatlantic label here in the UK, which was primarily a folk outlet so Skin Alley didn't really sit comfortably with the rest of their roster. Although I suppose the band were 'proggy' to some extent I always thought them to be more jazzy. In fact I used to play some tracks from this album at early 1990s acid jazz nights. Although I still have the vinyl I recently bought the album on cd as it came packaged together with the follow up album (which wasn't so good to be honest but still worth getting). My fave track is "Bad Words and Evil People" but they are all brilliant. It is a shame that such a geat band is virtually unknown.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! You'll find Skin Alley's selftitled album is posted here:

Time Traveller said...

Yes! I got it a couple days ago. Thanks for the info for all else who want it!!


Anonymous said...

I also found Liquid Smoke at a flea market (a few years ago), but had to pay about €5 for it if I remember well. But when you the price they now ask for it, it's still a steal ... and I quite like the album, so ...

Danny, Belgium

Aveek from India said...

Here is another Skin Alley album from now-obsolete ChrisGoesRock blog:

Skin Alley - To Pagham and Beyond (2nd Album UK Progressive 1970)


The link is still alive, so, download it today!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey! Where is that promised Coven album?

Anonymous said...


Thanx for the `Skin Alley`, another one my collection is lacking, I have both `Skin Alley` & `To Pagham & Beyond `...are there more ?? I remember the first thing of there`s I heard was `Living In Sin` which was on a sampler called `Fill Your Head With Rock`...ah the memories come flooding back (then again it could just be an acid `flashback`) this convinced me to buy their albums... and as they say the rest is all history...


Bigfoot Kit said...

That's amazing, my first exposure to Skin Alley was that compilation album too.
"I've been living in sin, smoking cigars and drinking gin".
Great lyrics, lol.
Both of their first two albums are great, especially the long dark jazzy track on the first, the one that goes, "the lights of the city have gone out...".
The title eludes me at the moment.
I haven't heard this one before, am looking forward to it, thanks TT.
If anyone's interested, my name is linked to my bands webpage, if you fancy hearing some esoteric hard rock from Scotland, pay us a visit and listen to some of our songs.
All feedback, negative or positive, greatly appreciated.

Bigfoot Kit said...

Hmm, i screwed that up somehow, here's the Bigfoot URL here:

Chasbrell said...

Hi Traveller,
I am Chas Kimbrell, I played drums for Liquid Smoke. Nice to see there are still people out there listening. In answer to your "which came first" question. Liquid Smoke was born when members of "Orange" from Fayetteville, NC joined "The Nyte" from East Carolina U. The lead singer (and leader) Sandy Pantaleo was searching for a new name for the band; he was walking through a supermarket, saw the bottle and. . . the rest is history. btw, I have a blog on on Liquid Smoke. Feel free to check it out.

Tommy Pantaleo said...

Hey boys, Im Tommy Pantaleo, the younger brother of Liquids singer Sandy. Man is this cool, 35 years or so and we are still celebrating the music of the Smoke.
In answer to you Black Crowes question, I got it from the horsed mouth that the crowes got the million dollar idea from Liquid Smoke.
Did you know that we had a poster for Liquid Smoke and Spirit playing at will rogers stadium in texas, a freak house fire ruined that, I be my brother has one still. He lives in Moscow these days singing songs for the Russians and soon will be moving home to NY.

I thin Shelter of your arms is the best track, for my 50 cents. Great chrous and bridge, also Looking for T-row, the black crowes should re do that!

John said...

A really cool site... I haven't been here in a while but it's just like I never left.

I have a request, if that's possible... I really like Alice Cooper's album Muscle of Love, but it's pretty rare here in the states and has all but been forgotten due to the lack of exposure and appearance on Greatest Hits compilations and live performances. I always thought it was one of the original band's best achievements, and I actually rank it over School's Out. I was wondering if you had it, and if you did whether or not you could post it. Thanks,

In any case, keep up the good work!

Time Traveller said...

Hi John,

If Muscle is out of print, I will be happy to post it. I'll check.

Great to hear from the Liquid Smoke folks, that has been one of my favorite albums for a long time. I will post a link to your blog on my next update.

Anonymous said...

Hi everybody,

Guess what, I'm listening to the Liquid Smoke album at the moment. Nice stuff indeed! And it's true, 'Hard to handle' sounds awfully close to Black Crowes' version!

Take care everyone & greetings,
Danny, Belgium

John said...

Hey Time Traveller,

Re: Muscle of Love;

It's currently not in print here in the States and only available as an import. The first two pre-LOVE IT TO DEATH albums are in a similar situation.


Rafael said...


Harry F said...

Ahhh! Two Quid Deal one of those Lp's I have had for years and years, I thought Skin Alley where well forgotten, all their LP's are worth a listern :-)
There is a different version of Sun Music on the Glastonbury Fayre LP not live but an outtake(?) I would love to hear some live stuff by them as apparently that was where they really where top!