Friday, August 25, 2006

Where have I been?

Yes, I know. Lax as hell, I am. I have a pretty good excuse. My friggin' back hurts. But here I am again to molest your ears with some groovy psychedelic ditties guaranteed to grow hair in places you just don't want it to.

We'll start slowly. Here is the American Revolution's sole LP from 1968. I had wanted to hear this puppy for years. I got ahold of a copy a year or so ago and let's just I was mildly disappointed. I had heard such good things. Never been told it was a monster or anything like that, but still I had my hopes up. So I will leave it at this: if you like bubble gum psych from the acid capital of the U.S.A. (yes, Wisconsin, just ask Hyde) you will be on cloud nine. If you like wild trippy fuzz fests then move on down the page, and I might be able to help you out.

Now we're getting closer to the type of stuff that makes my quest for all things psych worth the trouble. This here is the American Dream (rather have a Dream than a Revolution anyways). Produced by this cat named Todd (Rundgren), and released on Ampex in 1970, this has a sound kinda similar to Todd's band the Nazz (Todd sures loves that phase shifting) but I find I am reminded of a bit of Spirit here and there also. Good News, Big Brother and I Ain't Searchin' are faves, but what the hell is a Credemphels?!?!?!?

Now here is a platter done just the way I like it. You put this thing on whatever listening device you have handy, and the first track is this raga drum type thing, maybe. Okay pretty cool. Then the band does this sappy love shit and you say boo fuckity hoo, but before you can remove the pollution from your airspace, WHAM, here comes a freakout from the nether region of Xyplopagus (wherever the hell that is) and you start diggin' it again, then bam, more peace and love bs and you get disgusted and start for the device again, BOOM the drummer's acid kicked in and he goes off for a moment. That's the way this album goes, keeps you off balance in such a great way. Some of the songs segway into each other and you'll notice that I left some that way in my rip. Actual track list is below. I guess I needn't mention I luv this album, do I?

2-Witch Helen
3-Have You Seen Them Cry
4-Lake Of Sand
5-State of Confusion
6-Golden Lion
7-Pioneer Saint of Death
8-the Resurrection
10-So It Seems
11-Suite Classical #1

For Bigfoot Kit, who shared an album I was desperately searching for, is Good Rats From Rats to Riches. This has gotta be their hardest rocking album (all are worth hearing) and probably the one I dig out the most. I wore a cassette of this one out back in the eighties! Not my rip and I have no idea where I got it so thanks to you, o' sharer of great tunes.

And with Kit's permission I give you the great Captain Beyond tribute, with a killer version of Dancing Madly Backwards by Pentagram, and supremely cool cuts by Flower Kings, Locomotive Breath and many others. It is the first album done track by track and then has a few bonus cuts at the end. Thanks to Bigfoot Kit for this and no thanks to the asshead that stole my CD of it!!

Back later tonight or tomorrow with Hard Nutz, Liquid Smoke, 2 quid Deal by Skin Alley and more. Gonna update that live blog of mine too!!! Yippeee!!!


Aveek from India said...

Hi Bryon,

Thanks for today's post. The album Blue Epitaph - Distortions has been deleted by rapidshare. Could you please upload it?


Time Traveller said...

I just looked thru my posts and I can't find the album. Are you sure it was one I posted? I think I have the album--but its Blue Phantom - Distortions. I got it from somewhere else I think. Let me know which post it was in and I'll get it fixed.

Anonymous said...

sorry about your back pain. try chiropractic. it saved my life.

Aveek from India said...

Yes, Bryon! It's Phantom - Distortions. Can't remember when it was posted (sometime in April-May), but I had the links. Will be glad if you kindly re-upp this.


Time Traveller said...

That Blue Phanton isn't mine, but I'll get it too ya!! Watch for an email in the next couple days. It was from a blog that no longer exists to the best of my knowledge.


baba cool 2 said...

excuse me but how much songs are on american revolution? thanks for great job

Time Traveller said...

They are all there. I downloaded that from a CD with other stuff on it and the "ids" are wrong. A lot of my albums are self-burned to CD-r and I can usually fit 2 on a disc so the id's come out wrong when I rip them.

baba cool 2 said...

ok thanks i say that because i have 10 songs and the first is number 15! i m a old fan of your great blog allways pleasure to go on it! bye

Time Traveller said...

Not a problem, I should mention stuff like that but I always forget. Like my profile says, I'm just a big goofball!!!

Thanks for hangin' out!!!


bababcool 2 said...

don t know what is goofball but a man who love gallagher is sure a great guy!

Walknthabass said...

Thanks for the American Dream! I was just getting ready to rip my vinyl copy!

Time Traveller said...


Glad I could help you out!


Bigfoot Kit said...

Rapidsh*t finally stopped being an ass and i was able to d/l the Good Rats last night, great stuff!
Thank you so very much again TT, great work my friend!

neil said...

The American Dream LP is absolutely stunning !!! Great guitars & vocals, great production by Todd Rundgren, great songs ! This is a great discovery,
thanks a lot!!!

Anonymous said...

Felicitaciones, excelente lo de Captain Beyond, thanks

Anonymous said...

Hello,just wondering if you could repost the captain beyond tribute album?

Anonymous said...

Please repost "The American Dream".
I have not seen this elsewhere on Blogspot.


March 13th, 2007

- Ken

Anonymous said...

I second the repost of the captain beyond tribute album.