Sunday, October 01, 2006

New D.G. link and more to come

Here is a new link Cor sent for Diamond Girl.

Yet another one from Cor!! In his email he mentioned this is his favorite album by them. No Smoke Without Fire from Wishbone Ash.

And another vinyl rip. This is a strange little (about 30 minutes) record I have been threatening to stick up here for quite a while now. It is the Tingling Mother's Circus. The album is A Circus of the Mind. I categorize it as exploito psych, but some may call it sunshine pop with a little extra zing, or maybe even bubblegum. Any way you slice it, it's still a trippy album, with lots of blips and boings and other groovy sound effects layered on top of the run of the mill 60's pop tunes. Covers include theBeeGees (Mining Disaster), Beatles (Yellow Submarine), and even the Statler Brothers (Flowers on the Wall). It was produced and played on by a certain Elliot Randall, but other than that is all pseudonyms.


Anonymous said...

Thank You So Much

This was very kind of you to take time to upload once more, for those of us who was too slow to get it the first time..

I now how all of Seals & Crofts thanks to your kindness.

arbary said...

good to see you back, just checked in today...

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU and THANK YOU again. May the happiness You have given, multiply and return to You.

Anonymous said...

I love this album- I own a vinyl copy. I wish I could find some info on it! I even wrote to Elliot Randall but he never replied.


db said...

Wishbone Ash Postings

Just to say thanks for the two Wishbone Ash albums. Wonderful stuff..!!

panos1 said...

I say thanks from the deepest of my heart for this wishbone ash gift!
Efcharisto poly from greece!

jörg said...

very nice and friendly music.. not a milestone,but after listening you feel more positive! i say thanks to you!!

ian said...

for re-posting Diamond Girl. Collection is complete.

panos1 said...

i got it i am now listening to it and the only think i want to say is


oldhippy said...

Thank you for the two Wishbone Ash cd's.

It's always nice to see something different posted.

jim kosmicki said...

I love the Tingling Mothers album. one of my favorite thriftshop finds. i agree that it's difficult to categorize it, except that everyone who hears it the first time shakes their head -- whether in amazement, shock or frustration, it's hard to tell -- but they all shake their head.

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