Saturday, October 28, 2006

Howdy folks

Cor is working on the E Costello stuff. I got an email earlier. I will add them here when he emails back with them.

I should be back up and posting Tuesday or Wednesday latest.

Just as an FYI all the links PW sent are toast too except the Beck.

As the late great Sinatra would've said "Thaaaaatttttssss liiiiiiife"


And away we go:


Anonymous said...

welcome back !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Very good music is always welcome.
Please, post the new album of Brian Setzer - 13

bigfoot kit said...

To the regular here, (sorry, your name escapes me right at this moment), the one who always requests Strapps.
The Strapps "Ball Of Fire" album is currently posted over at 6070rock.
Go getcha some!

Time Traveller said...

Yeah I grabbed that myself and then forgot to mention it here.

Good stuff! Thanks bf kit!!

Anonymous said...

very nice post.I'm looking for the Elvis Costello album SPIKE for a long time, if you have it please post it.Thank you for your time.