Monday, October 09, 2006

Another Neil, one of my goofy vinyl posts and a good read

Another one from Cor!! This one is so hard to find, and at 320k no less!!! I love this album and as I played "Wonderin'", the great hilarious video (although by todays standards considered amateur at best) that Neil made started playing in my mind. Not typical Neil, but in my opinion very essential Neil. Thanks again Cor!

Also for you folk(s) who poo poo my "shoddy and inferior" (you know who you are!!!) vinyl rips don't download this fairly obscure Standells album from 1981. It was a nice overview of the group done on the mainly local and dance oriented AVI label that went belly-up not too long after this was released. I don't think a Vol.2 was ever released and if it was it's rare as hell. This is called An Anthology of Legendary Recordings Vol.1. (at 320k). It covers not only the garage stuff, but the harder to find psych stuff and the very late classic rockin' stuff.

And finally, to those holier than thou people who say bloggers are killing album sales and causing the artists to lose money here is a very informative article I ran across by accident a few years back and I thought it was a timely piece to give a link to here. If you've already read it pass the link along to a friend. It's a real eye opener. Janis is kind of in the same boat as the majority of the artists I post here and her article shows that artists that haven't had hits in many years need the kind of exposure we (bloggers & p2p) give them. Exposure is one of the best ways to get these bands message to the people.


Eric said...

Great album! I don't think this has ever been released on cd ... I look forward to hear it again.
Thanks for sharing !

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, it is still available on CD, hard to find, but available and not a vinyl rip being digitalized.

A louzy € 14,-

See you,