Thursday, October 12, 2006

A mixed bag of goodies for the weekend!!!!

Here's a boatload of various cool stuff. From garage rock to hard rock and everything in-between I think I've got it covered. First off, here's a great one from the NC6. In fact, the only album that is really of the garage genre from these guys as most of their other albums are more sunshine pop/bubblegummy type stuff.

One from vinyl here. This is Kracker's LP La Familia. The one I have has a box cover made to resemble a cigar box. Inside that cigar box is a mixed bag of hard rock, blues rock, latin rock, and good ol rock and roll. There are no bad tracks here at all, I really like this one!!!

Another one from vinyl, and this is one file (no track separation). It's the Weight with their '69 psychy One Man's Queen Is Another Man's Sweathog. Is that an ugly cover or what? Maybe where Jo Jo Gunne got the idea for their Jumpin' the Gunne LP.

I debated on sticking this up here and guess what...... why not? It's the first solo album from Roger Taylor, drummer for Queen, and in my opinion it's better than anything his band was releasing at the time. It's classic rock, maybe with a tinge of new wave, but done tastefully so as not to overpower a decent batch of songs.
Roger wasn't a bad singer! The album opener No Violins and the 50's influenced Let's Get Crazy are recommended.

A great LP from '69!! Keef Hartley Band's Halfbreed.

And for a bit of folky comic relief, here's the Moral Eels Eat the Holy Modal Rounders.

An underrated LP from Joe Cocker. This was released in 1976. Joe was in pretty bad shape around this time, but he shows he still has what it takes in the vocal department.

And last but not least from me, here is Eno's first solo album and also my favorite Here Come the Warm Jets. Baby's On Fire still freaks me out a bit and Robert Fripp's solo on it gives me chills. I've always liked Driving Me Backwards, Blank Frank and the 50's inspired Cindy Tells Me also. The latter kinda reminds me of a Robert Calvert song but the title escapes me.

I hope everyone enjoys all these, and if you do, please find it in your heart to go over to my other blog ( and give my ads at the top of the page a click or two. La familia and I would really appreciate it. I may even get and update done over there in the next day or so.

And just in case those above aren't something that you want, Cor who is quickly becoming a regular contributor here has sent even more great stuff. Thanks Cor, I really appreciate it!!!


Anonymous said...

Thank You for nice music. Specialy Caravan.
I hope You'll post some Wishbone Ash more.

kevin_m_27804 said...

The Roger Taylor is a real blast from the past...I featured cuts from this album regularly on my radio show at WFIT Melbourne, FL, in 1982.

Thanks for this great post!

DORIN said...

HI; CAN YOU TELL ME THE TRACK LIST FOR the Weight - One Man's Queen Is Another Man's Sweathog ?

my adress is:

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the"Weight" lp, I've noticed this is another AVCO EMBASSY lp, would you have "Vision Of
Sunshine" from that label???.

You have a great site, thanks for sharing all the great music.

Anonymous said...

If anyone needs the "Weight" songlist:



Anonymous said...

Thank you for the Caravan stuff.

Track No 7 of the Girls who grow seems to be corrupt - i downloaded it twice - it shows 9,3 MB file size, but plays only some seconds and end then immediately.
Is there any chance to get this track only again?


panos1 said...

Great stuff!thanks!

I was reading some earlier comments[in a block for city boys and other albums] and someone was refering to a group "SPOT" and their selftitle album,he was ready to upload that album!

Is there any link for it?
"Spot-s/t",as long i search the blog i did't find anything!

frumious banersnatch said...

The 2nd New Colony Six LP - I'm proud to own in its original pressing - is very good too, though more psych-orientated (with a terrific "Mr you're a better man than I" version).
It is only with their 3rd album, "Revelations" (that I own too) that they moved towards pop-MOR ballads.

Thanks for your blog!!

Anonymous said...

I've always had a soft spot for this Roger Taylor album - I think he's got a great rock voice. Plays the drums too, I gather...

Anonymous said...

I found another source for the

Anonymous said...

Hi, I always liked this Roger Taylor album since it was released. Roger plays almost all the instruments in it (drums, bass, guitars, vocals, 50% of the keyboards) and no doubt, this guy IS a great vocalist! remember his solo spots with Queen, and remember also that the high pitch vocals in "Bohemian Rhapsody" are his ("galileo" parts).

Anonymous said...

Keef Hartley Band...another great album. In it the late Gary Thain, pre-Uriah Heep, was the bass player. A funny fact: In the beginning of "Sacked Confusion Halfbreed" we can hear a telephonic dialog between Keef and John Mayall (firing Hartley from his band). Great post, great music.

Johnny Mosrite said...

Many thanks for Eno's "Warm Jets" - another album I've had up in the loft for many years........ An incredibly unerrated album from the man who was a lot more important to Roxy than Ferry ever realised......

Papa Bear said...

I have a soft spot for the Roger Taylor albums myself, although I liked "Strange Frontier" slightly better than "Fun In Space".

Stand by for URLs. "Strange Frontier", "Electric Fire" and "Happiness" are comin'....

Papa Bear said...
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Papa Bear said...

Strange Frontier:


Electric Fire:

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Eno.

Anonymous said...

Love the eno LP, sounds better than my scrachy vinyl, so the subtleties are revealed.

Cap'n Hawkeye said...

HOLY SHIT! I have been looking for "The Night The Pig Got Loose" for 37 Years!!!! I heard a portion of it a couple times on the radio back in the days of all that underground slush, and tried to tell friends about it. They thought I was making it up! THANKS!