Sunday, October 22, 2006


I have done all I am going to do. It's too ridiculous. I have a few more posts to fix over at the live blog and I'm done with this noise. I will have also decided after favorable feedback from the skypilot to switch over to megaupload as soon as possible. If I get enough points to renew either rapidshare account I will do so. I can't promise anything with those accounts except they will be expiring on the 26th so the .de side now deletes after 10 days of no download, which now says 45 days so I would suggest grabbing the ".de" stuff first if there is anything you still need.

Roger Glover - Butterfly Ball


panos1 said...

Unfortunately rapidshare counts on thousants of files they host,and their abillities,exactly as allthe "major" companies do against smaller!
Well keep going,if we have health and good will we will survive from this![lol]!

arbary said...

megaupload doesn't have free lines for greece

panos1 said...

Unfortunately arbary you are right,greece is the "poor relative",or the "black sheep",on internet,but just to remind you,we have also problems with our providers,i feel so "idiot'',when i saw downloads with premium account from megaupload at 50-60kbs,with a 2048mbits connections,and thats for sure [i checked] problem of!
Also they give us 2mbts for download but only 256 kbs for upload but when i try to upload the speed reminds me the primitive pstn!

By the way the good friend here have great stuff so i bought just to test a premium on megaupload for 8,2euros for a month using a "smart" visa card you can invest only 30 euros in so no problem whatever it happens!so i advise you to do the same thing!
Megaupload is worst than[the new one],but the albums our friend is uploading are fantastic so we have to follow,and helping him to improve his great blog!

Regards from "suffering' greek psych-prog fans!
Geia sou arbary kouragio!

Time Traveller said...

Don't worry I'll figure out a way to keep everyone happy. I'm still working on things.

Anonymous said...

Fuck you!

Time Traveller said...

Such lovely folks visit my humble little abode.

Thank you anonymous for your wonderful sentiments!