Friday, June 23, 2006

From Max Webster to Mother's Finest

Howdy blog readers. Got some new fun stuff for this Friday evening. A few more requests filled, and a couple off the top of my head. I just wanted to take a moment to let everyone know that all the links in the archives are still active (amazing!!) and ready for your enjoyment. As I stated on my other blog, I will probably slow things down a bit now that the weather is warm. But it will be slower here in frequency of updates, not in quantity of stuff in the updates so there will always be plenty of stuff from my crummy collection floating about this here blog. So without further ado (and without any of that damn adon't either) here are a few of my favorite tunes to do the charleston to.

These guys were requested by someone a long time ago. I have always held Kim Mitchell and his jolly band, Max Webster, in high regard, as they were the FIRST band I ever saw live. As I've mentioned before my first concert ever was Rush way back in 1980, but Kim and the boys were the opening act, so that is the way they became the holders of that coveted title. I still remember them cranking out "Check" from this album and of course "Battlescar" was being played all over the radio due to Geddy Lee's (and Rush's) appearance on the song. So I dug this album and played it many times as Rush were like gods to me at the tender age of 12. This is my favorite album by these guys and I hope you all dig it too. Anyone have Kim Mitchell's solo album Akimbo Alongo (or Alogo, I can't remember)? Please send a link my way if ya do!!!!

Here is another fun LP from Kim and the boys. Their 1977 LP High Class In Borrowed Shoes. A little less heavy than the above LP but still great in a different way. I think I actually enjoy the songs on this one more than Uni-Juvi but I wish they could have been a bit heavier at times. Oh well, can't have it all I suppose.

An interesting 1st LP from Ashton Gardner & Dyke. This one has 4 bonus tracks including their most popular song "Resurrection Shuffle". Tony Ashton made good by getting in good with the Deep Purple boys, first with the Green Bullfrog project, then as Jon Lord's sidekick on First of the Big Bands (see below), then with Paice Ashton and Lord. With any band Ashton was involved his R&B influence is always a prominent factor. This album is no exception.

And here is another Ashton incarnation, this time with Jon Lord, a friendship which would last at least until 1977's Paice Ashton and Lord supergroup with the brilliant Bernie Marsden on guitar. This album really doesn't fit with all the other Deep Purple side projects as it is not at all heavy but it should be judged on it's own merits, of which there are plenty. "Upside Down" or downside upside down as I always call it, and the Salvation Army Band song are longtime favorites and the whole album has moments of great fun. The album went nowhere I guess because the potential audience was fans of the Purp and only the most open minded of those got it. And those who did were rewarded with some great songs.

Another request, the funk metal of Mother's Finest, with Another Mother Further, a title that tried to tongue twist everyone into saying something naughty. Those dastardly devils. Baby Jean and company deliver a hard funkfest worthy of a few spins.

Sorry about the suckass picture, but there is nothing on the web and I don't have covers at all for this . This is Man's first LP 2 Oz. of Plastic with a Hole in the Middle from 1969. This is for Zebu over at the boize blog and if you are in need of some freakily rare 70's hardrock or some freakily freaky horror movies (and scantily clad scream queens if the first 2 don't grab ya) get over there and check it out at:


And if all the crap I just posted above don't do nuthin' for ya, here's some tunes from some friends that I've graciously been given permission to share with you:

From freyli : The Hard Meat I posted last week was a bit scratchy and for those who dug it here is the CD version (along with the 2nd and final LP) :

Note from freyli : I ripped it @ VBR 256 min and included the CD artwork

And from Bruce here's a few:

Frumpy Live

Jim Pepper "Pepper's Pow Wow" LP ' on EMBRYO .


That's all for now. Back with more before you know it!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for Max Webster!!!

Bruce said...

thanks to freyli for the hard meat. also tthanks for sharing the tony ashton. i think he also played on jeasus christ superstar also. always been a big purple fan. tnxs Bruce

Pope Leo said...

Thanks for the Max. I saw on them that same tour back in 1980. That was my 2nd concert (J Tull w/ Whitesnake was 1st). You got a great blog. Lots of surprises. Great choices. Keep it up, my son.

Aveek from India said...

Hi Bryon,

Here are 2 more excellent links by freyli:

Haze - Hazecolor-dia (fine German heavy progressive rock)

Spot - Same (Swedish heavy rock)

These albums are excellent & not to be missed by anyone! Please publish these links to the front page.


Anonymous said...

damn,i love your blogg.brings back huge thought of the yesterdays.thanks.
being from around the kansas city area i loved your shooting star post alot.please post more if you have them.i still get to see a reunion tour from them every now and then.huge band here in kc.along with the rainmakers,have any of them on hand.killer band also.

i'm looking for a old band i'm hoping you might have.
called whitewitch..i'm loooking for their first album..please.i beg you if you or any pass by fans of this website have this cd please post.

thanks again for all your great post.


Time Traveller said...

Thanks everyone!!

Aveek, will get those links moved to front page tonight.

Madman, you are in luck, if you look into my archive you will find both White Witch albums. I can't remember when I posted them but if you use the search function at the top of the page, you can go right to them.

Anonymous said...

you made my day.thanks so much for the whitewitch post.i knew inside after reviewing your blogg that you would have their album.thanks again you made my weekend