Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Just a couple for a long slow week

More Popol Vul, this one from a 1977 soundtrack they did the music for. This is from my original German LP released on Egg records. Track listing follows:

1. Engel Der Gegenwart 2.Blatter Aus Dem Buch Der Kuhnheit 3.Das Lied Von Den Hohen Bergen
4.Huter Der Schwelle 5.Der Ruf 6.Singet, Denn Der Gesang Vertreibt Die Wolfe 7.Gemeinschaft


This is from a 2 for 1 CD I got recently of Nick Simper's (Deep Purple's bassist on their first 3 albums) post Warhorse band, Fandango (at least the next band he recorded for formally). I broke them up into 2 files devided by the albums so the first file is Slipstreaming from '79, the second is Future Times from 1980. Each album has one track omitted for timing reasons. All are tagged so I won't waste space listing the tracks here.




Before I bail out of here to go update my other blog, I thought I would jump upon my soapbox and toss a very interesting tidbit your way. As most of you know, I am not a very big fan of the RIAA and most record companies, because like most corporations rich beyond most people's comprehension, they rake in more and more money, corporate suits get richer and richer , while ripping off the little guys (which, yes, does include the artists) and cry and whine how THEY are being ripped off all the while. I found this little item while doing a google search for Cheap Trick. It seems that Sony is ripping them (and the Allman Brothers, as well as others) blind on internet downloads (does it ever end with these fuckers??!?!?!??) due to a discrepency over how those downloads are classified. If you don't know the details (and I know I am a bit behind the times on this story from late April) read this:


And if you want some great UNRELEASED Trick, as well as some live Mint Tattoo from 1968 go to the liveandotherwise blog.


Anonymous said...

it s always a pleasure to go on your blog you have grat music hard to find in my land!! thanks foryour great work and do you know something about the daughters of albion?i m looking for something from this band

Jay May said...

Why Do You Leave tracks Off, Its inane you douchebag

Time Traveller said...

I thought I'd leave this up here to show what kind of idiots send me wonderful comments. Usually I delete them, but since this subhuman at least had the balls to not be anonymous....

So which tracks did I leave off? If you would have just said excuse me you left "blah blah blah" off of "blah blah blah" I would fix it.

Wouldn't that be more productive for all of us than calling me an out of date feminine product. Most women use disposable these days.

And for the person that inquired about the Daughters of Albion, I think I might have something. Gimme a couple days and I'll see what I can dig up.

Anonymous said...

i was only ask you for the daughters of albion and that you make a good work that s all . bye. pat.

Time Traveller said...

The post I made above was to the second commenter ,not towards you. I knew I should've just removed it. I think I have a Daughters of Albion album and I will check and see.

Anonymous said...

thanks and don t listen this guys you make me happy with your music. pat

Anonymous said...

No doubt the RIAA rips off its members. That's part of what unions do. The other part is to defend their workers.
That's also what government does and big business, doesn't it? The CEO pays himself outrageously and the people you elect give favors and take bribes.
Best thing to do is blow the whistle on them as you did. Some bloggers (the Zinhof bunch) use this RIAA stuff as an excuse to do exactly what they accuse the RIAA of doing. Ripping off the musicians.

Jay May said...

Your Right Time Travler, I could have asked . Thanks anyway,and thanks for that Godz album(i think it was this blog )When Im wrong Ill admit it .

Time Traveller said...

And I in turn apologize for calling you subhuman. You obviously aren't! We all get mad sometimes and say stuff we shouldn't, myself especially.

And Pat, glad you read my explanation!!!

And to anon repsponding about the RIAA, get me started on those guys, and I have to be told to shut up. I collect stories about their abuses and betrayals of artists and I have so many examples of out and out lies they tell and cover ups and scams. They are like the mafia (of course they work within the law--mostly laws they bribe greedy politicians into making), taking from both sides and expecting all to sit back and be happy with it.

Unlike some blogs which use the RIAA's underhanded methods as excuses to do what they do (and I'm not naming names because....)I will admit that my hands are unclean in this endeavor, but I try to stick to harder to find stuff and live stuff (hard sometimes) but I still try to let people know most (not all) bands are making a hell of lot more money from people going to their shows and buying their mechandise there and from their websites where they actually get the money they deserve.