Sunday, June 04, 2006

All ripped from vinyl

You read right, all of the following have been ripped from vinyl. Either a blessing or a curse, depending on your age and ablility to handle a few pops and cracks here and there. They all came out pretty good, I think, except the Fat Mattress 2 album which just about hit the bottom of what I consider decent enough to even put on my turntable.

First one is a great LP from the Blues Project. Ripping guitar throughout, and it seems you just don't hear much about this one anymore, but I actually listen to it more than the more popular ones like Projections and Live at the Cafe Au Go Go.
Give it a try! 1971 release on Capitol records.

This is a relatively obscure prog album also released on Capitol records and through Sovereign in the UK. Sovereign was famous for Flash, which was Peter Banks ex-Yes project. This album has moments which sound like early Yes, but it is a varied album, and has country rock moments, and just plain old rock songs too, but they always seem to add something special that makes it stand out. These guys become the Movies and have a few albums worthy of a listen or two that I may try to dig out soon. This one is from 1973.

Here's another one from Trooper, their 1978 LP Thick As Thieves. This has their best known song here in the U.S. "Raise A Little Hell". My favorite song on here is "One Good Reason" which sounds very Steely Dan-ish, especially the extended guitar solo by Brian Smith, which sounds like Jeff "Skunk" Baxter and really rocks. This one was produced by Randy Bachman of BTO and the Guess Who. Humour aside: I wish I could have found a better pic, cause while I was ripping the album, I guess I had too much time on my hands, because I noticed all the band members resemble other musicians. See if you can match the guys: Brian Smith - guitarist (Kevin DuBrow of Quiet Riot) / Doni Underhill - bass, vocals (Eddie Money) / Tommy Stewart - drums, vocals (Derek Smalls, Spinal Tap) / Frank Ludwig - keyboards,vocals (Rik Emmett, Triumph) / and Ra McGuire - lead vocals (Brian Johnson, AC/DC). Am I wrong?

A mellow affair, Jackson Heights' 1970 LP King Progress. Mr. Screw the leadoff track is fun, but I really don't play this album featuring Mr. Lee Jackson all that much. I though maybe some of you guys might find some enjoyment with it. I prefer Refugee more.

A bit rough, this one, but I found it at a thrift store and of course it looked good there, got it home and it didn't look quite as good. What the hell kinda lights do they use at thrift stores that make beat to shit albums look decent? I never have been able to figure that one out. Anyways, this was Noel Redding of Jimi Hendrix Experience's baby, and like almost every project the guys in that band started, he got bored with it and moved on. He did contribute guitar to several tracks here, but that's about it. I prefer this album to the first, so if anyone cleans this turd up, could ya send it my way?

I ripped this a week or so ago to post here eventually, and damn if a request for it didn't pop up over at groovy fab. So I uploaded it, and here it is. Stoner comedy from 1972. My favorite track is Cheech & Ernie which is dead ripoff of Cheech & Chong's "Dave" routine done Sesame Street style. This is the guy that worked with Soupy Sales on his radio show. Best pic of the Bob Dylan parody cover I could find.

Ant Trip Ceremony - 24 Hours. Recorded by hippies from Oberlin College in 1967 and produced by David Crosby (not the CSNY guy). A lot of people don't understand what the appeal of this folky LP is and if you've never heard this before don't base your opinion on the first track. It's actually the weakest among the bunch. There is nothing that is going to make you take a second mortgage on your house to own an original here, but repeated listens of this album (ripped from a bootleg reissue) will reveal some very above average folky psych that is quite charming and stands up to repeated listens.


60&70 Rock !!!! said...

WOW Time, thanks again !!!

bruce said...

i'll agree the blues project lazarus is a good lp. granted it a stripped down version of the band but rocks throughout and very underrated. Bruce

Anonymous said...


AL Kooper leaves the early Blues Project to form and then leave Blood Sweat and Tears. Half the rest of the band becomes Sea Train and Danny Kalb (guitar) puts together a new line-up and signs to Capitol/EMI to make two further albums in the early 1970s. The first (Lazarus) is produced by Shel Talmy (The Who, The Kinks).

Supernaut78 said...

Thanks for Trooper. Great feel-good music!

coffeepotman said...

Hey thanks for all the great music, I love the vinyl rips!!
Ever come across the Velvet Underground 1st and 2nd MONO lp's.
Keep up all the great work!

Aveek from India said...

Hi Bryon,

Nice post. Fat Matress II is great, I've been lookin' for it for sometime.

Could you please post
Beck, Bogert & Appice - 2nd LP (unreleased)? That wud be really nice! Any sign of Rhinoceros???


Donno said...

Thanks muchly for the Jackson Heights, an old favourite from way back - I may be the only person in the world who actually likes Lee jacksons vocal style! Looking forward to hearing the second Fat mattress also.

Time Traveller said...

Thanks everyone for the great comments!!

Aveek--I am going through all my stuff and compiling a list, so that Rhinocerus should hopefully turn up, I haven't forgotten either of those for you! The BBA I have to rip so it may take a couple days but I already have it in my stack o stuff to do!

coffeepotman--don't have the early mono VU stuff, but if someone does and contacts me, I will post it.

Hazy Dave said...

I like Lee's vox, too. Combined with Pat Moraz & Blinky's drums, hearing "Refugee" again would be fab and groovy!

bluesmutt said...

Thanks for the Lee Michaels 5!
I've been tryin to fill in his stuff along time. Might you have a high kbps copy of Barrel or his first?


Anonymous said...

can you please upload again THE BLUES PROJECT - Lazarus ,please